Jules Montague

Writer and Neurologist

Guardian, Aeon, Granta, Mosaic, BBC, Independent, The Verge, Lancet, and NME.

Author of "LOST AND FOUND". Published by Sceptre, March 2018. As featured on BBC Radio 4, Sky News and in the Guardian, Telegraph, and Sunday Times.


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United Kingdom



the Guardian

What happens when doctors change your diagnosis?

Suzy Syrett suddenly stopped going to her bipolar support group. Nobody had thrown her out, but one day she had bipolar and the next day she didn't. Her symptoms had begun at...


The 'river people' under threat

Monai Doley is telling me how he cures snake bites. We are standing in a paddy field: scorching sun, cloudless sky. This is the island of Bhekeli 1 in Assam, north-eastern...


Who Am I? The Brain and Personality, Start the Week - BBC Radio 4

Tom Sutcliffe with Jules Montague, Anthony David, Nick Chater and Stephen Beresford.

the Guardian

How design is helping people with dementia find their way around

One sunflower painting looks like another here, each numberless door is identical and I am hopelessly disoriented; desperate to find an exit, a shaft of light, even. I turn...


The sex workers who are stopping HIV

Sex workers in Mozambique are providing health support to those at the margins of society. They face political and financial challenges, but against the odds they are helping...

Granta Magazine

Possessed | Jules Montague | Granta

'I feel my Spectre rising upon me! . . . The Spectre is, in Giant Man; insane, and most deform'd' - William Blake The man squats on my chest. His palms stretch across my...

the Guardian

Trust me, I'm a fake doctor: how medical imposters thrive in the real world

Within the first half-hour of the BBC's psychological thriller Trust Me, Cath (a former nurse) had stolen her doctor friend's identity, picked up some suturing skills from...

the Guardian

Why doctors get it wrong about when you will die

A blind teenager with a brain tumour is at the centre of a UK court case that pits the hopes of his parents against medical opinion. In February, doctors argued that the...

the Guardian

The eyes have it: how technology allows you to speak when all you can do is blink

Steve Thomas and I are talking about brain implants. Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out For a Hero is playing in the background and for a moment I almost forget that a disease has...

BBC Future

How your social media betrays your mood

There it is in your Facebook timeline or Instagram gallery - a digital footprint of your mental health. It's not hidden in the obvious parts: the emojis, hashtags and...

The Verge

Apple's 2017 Webby-nominated ad featured autism pseudoscience

As part of 2016's Autism Acceptance Month, Apple released an uplifting video called Dillan's Voice, in which a nonverbal teenager delivers a speech at his graduation, his text...


Why is the brain prone to florid forms of confabulation? - Jules Montague | Aeon Ideas

Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.Voltaire (1770)She had visited Madonna's mansion the week before, Maggie told me during my ward round. Helped her...

the Guardian

Memory loss: what makes people forget who they are?

She was missing but police knew where she was. She could not remember her name, her family or her childhood. She knew that she was dying, but only that. Interpol released a...

the Guardian

Do our memories make us who we are? - books podcast

On this week's show, we take a look at the brain and how it relates to our sense of self. Wendy Mitchell, who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's at 58, talks about her...

the Guardian

We should listen to Roald Dahl, not Jenny McCarthy, on vaccinating our children | Jules Montague

In 1998, the Lancet published a paper on a putative link between the MMR vaccine and autism. That summer I was a medical student rotating though a hospital elective in Dublin....

the Guardian

M√ľnchausen by internet: the sickness bloggers who fake it online

How would you fake cancer? Shave your head? Pluck your eyebrows? Install a chemo port into your neck? These days you don't need to. Belle Gibson's story is a masterclass on...

the Guardian

From dream to nightmare: when your sperm donor has secrets

Sperm donor 9623 looked good on paper. An IQ of 160. A bachelor's degree in neuroscience, a master's in artificial intelligence, en route to a PhD in neuroscience engineering. A...

the Guardian

Do lung cancer scans deter smokers from giving up?

These days, even the most defiant smoker is unlikely to be ignorant of the health risks associated with a 40-a-day habit. But what if you could have an annual Cat scan of your...

the Guardian

Measles outbreaks at festivals can't be blamed wholly on anti-vaxxers | Jules Montague

Your main concerns when you attend a festival might include any of the following: how will I identify my tent at 5am? Is glamping worth it? Will Este from Haim do bassface? But...