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Hi! Thanks for checking out my writing portfolio. I'm a born and bred New Yorker with a knack for uncovering fascinating true stories, staying on top of trends, developing trustworthy and reliable sources through my vast network, and lover of words.

Confessions of a Phone Sex Operator

Almost no one uses their phone to make calls anymore-except for a growing number of lonely men who call women like me.

How 2 Taylor Swift Fans Turned Tailgate Parties Into A Full-Blown Business

Early on in the pandemic, Courtney Gibson and Caitie Phillips dreamed of going to a local bar with some girlfriends, throwing back a few White Claws and belting out a bunch of Taylor Swift tunes at the top of their lungs. That might have been a regular Saturday night for these two millennials before COVID.

The Cut
Outsourcing My Orgasm

After weight gain made my sex drive weaker than a dial-up modem, a friend jokingly suggested finding someone willing to give me a happy ending. It's not that much of a stretch when you think about it, I figured. I already outsource everything else.

Meet the man who spent $50,000 decorating his yard for Halloween

The unexpected appearance of two commercial semitrailers in Ace Rogers's driveway earlier this week triggered a series of concerned voicemails from friends wondering if the 47-year-old had suddenly decided to pack up and move his family from out of the sprawling La Jolla home he'd purchased just 18 months ago.

Business Insider
I'm a cruise expert. Here's why I think now is the perfect time to sail.

Joanna Kuther works as a travel agent and has been on more than 100 cruises. Kuther told Insider that despite staff shortages, it could be the ideal time to book a cruise due to cheaper rates and additional perks. This is her story, as told to writer Jenny Powers.

Business Insider
3 parents reveal what it's like job-hunting during the pandemic: 'We're all on our own'

Many parents trying to return to the workforce have new demands for what their future job entails. More want to find remote work, like single mom Cari Gerber who cares for her son attending virtual elementary school. Others, like dad of two Michael Kidd, are choosing to go back to school over starting another minimum-wage job.

Business Insider
In the summer of 'vaxed and waxed,' some salon owners face a shortage of waxing specialists

Customers are finding themselves waiting weeks for waxing appointments or being turned away. Two salon owners told Insider they've had trouble hiring specialists back. They've leaned on sign-on and referral bonuses and increased wages. "Vaxed and waxed" is the unofficial slogan of the season for vaccinated Americans making up for lost time by hitting the beach, hanging poolside, and finding their latest hookups.

Business Insider
2020's wild ride for sex work: Insiders report fiercer competition and an uptick in...

Sex work - an industry that encompasses those in the porn sector as well as those who provide phone-sex and adult-companion services and erotic content - is booming during the pandemic as more people seek intimacy and comfort from home. Business Insider spoke with more than a half dozen sex workers and a sex therapist about the changing landscape.

Business Insider
'The Queen's Gambit' effect: Chess-related experiences and merch are in high demand as the...

"The Queen's Gambit" became a streaming sensation, breaking viewer numbers and encouraging an interest in chess. Three months after its release, the show has revived some tourism industries and retail sales. Ecommerce exploded, while one streamer reported jumping from 20,000 followers to 259,000 today. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.
Job diary: I'm a 'white hat' hacker. Here's what my job is like, and 5 things I think everyone...

Frank Villani is a 53-year-old information security specialist based in New Jersey who's worked in information technology for 24 years and IT security for 12 years. He's a 'white hat' hacker, someone who works on the inside of an organization to protect its internet systems from 'black hat' hackers who want to violate computer security for personal gain.

Business Insider
I'm a celebrity dog groomer in NYC who charges $300 an hour to pamper pets - I even give henna...

Jorge Bendersky, 52, is a New York-based dog groomer who says his clientele includes Ralph Lauren, Sean Combs, and Gisele Bündchen. He's also the best-selling author of DIY Dog Grooming: From Puppy Cuts to Best in Show, Everything You Need to Know and has appeared on the Animal Planet shows "Groomer Has It" and "Dogs 101" and as a judge on TLC's "Extreme Poodles."

Business Insider
The ultimate guide to setting up an Etsy store that instantly draws in customers and makes you...

There are almost five million active buyers on the marketplace Etsy, making it the perfect platform for sellers looking to attract customers to their shops. Real sellers reveal the secrets to setting up a profile that garners plenty of attention and revenue. Their tips include making your products super search friendly by using popular keywords and descriptive tags.

Top 10 U.S. Cities To Live In Without A Car

Over the years, owning a car has gone from being considered a luxury to being deemed a burden for many. When you take into account the rising costs of insurance, gasoline and maintenance paired with the increased levels of traffic congestion around the country, it's no wonder more and more American's are opting to live in cities that don't require them to have a car where they can rely on their own two feet, two wheels or public transit.

A Retiree's Guide to the Best U.S. Cities to Live

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The Top 10 U.S. Cities to Raise a Family Right Now

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The Naked Cowboy exposed: A day in the life of Times Square's most famous one-man-show

It's a Monday morning in Times Square, and the place is bustling. Throngs of selfie stick-toting tourists weave in and out of the paths of costumed cartoon characters looking to pose for photos in exchange for tips. Meanwhile, taxi drivers and double-decker tour bus operators lean on their horns in unison, cursing the bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Wedding Crashers: Brooklyn's best wedding fair is headed to the Hudson Valley
What's baked into your catering costs

A Cocktail Party relies on heavy passed hors d'oeuvres and requires one waiter per 20-25 guests and fewer rental costs. Ryan Brown encourages people on a tighter budget to consider this option because food costs are lower by about 40%.

Wedding Crashers: Brooklyn's Best Wedding Fair
What we spent on our Giando on the Water wedding

We met online before the app era. I was done with dating but left my profile up in case someone really great just happened to be out there. My profile ended in "P.S. I can dance better than you" and in Matthew's thoughtful message he wrote back "P.S. I'll take that challenge."

Wedding Crashers: Brooklyn's Best Wedding Fair
What we spent on our Bowery Hotel wedding

As part of our real weddings series, "The Cost of Tying the Knot," we ask couples to share their real wedding costs with us. It's part of our mission to inform our Wedding Crashers attendees of the true costs involved in marrying in the NYC region.

Hadassah Magazine
Shopping as Therapy With Ania Schwartzman | Hadassah Magazine

"Loehmann's was our mecca," Ania Schwartzman said reverently. "We were devastated when they closed their doors. Me, my mother and my grandmother-a Holocaust survivor-loved spending weekends there, searching for deals, offering unsolicited advice to strangers in the communal dressing room."

Hadassah Magazine
On Film, Countering Anti-West, Anti-Jewish Hate | Hadassah Magazine

Nothing less than a clash of civilizations is the topic of documentary filmmaker Gloria Z. Greenfield's latest film. The Fight of Our Lives: Defeating the Ideological War examines the anti-West sentiments penetrating modern-day society, politics and academia that threaten to infiltrate and undermine Western civilization.

Hadassah Magazine
Haftorah Across America | Hadassah Magazine

In a span of 18 years, Oklahoma resident Richard Borg chanted all 80 haftorah portions, the biblical readings from the Prophets that accompany the weekly and holiday Torah portions. It's a feat few laymen can claim. When friends and family asked what he would do next, he set a goal to chant haftorah in all 50 states.

The Forward
Meet The Rockettes Who Light Hanukkah Menorahs Backstage

While the audience gets settled into their seats for the evening performances of this week's Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular - tucked behind the curtain, several cast- and crew-members recite Hanukkah prayers in unison and light a menorah to celebrate the holiday.

The Forward
Celebrating The High Holidays - While Deployed In Afghanistan

Children's grape juice boxes. Swedish gummy fish. Honey sticks. Dried apples. Pomegranate candies. A kazoo. You Tube and WhatsApp. And relying on the sun's rays to heat up a holiday meal wrapped in tin foil. Sometimes celebrating Rosh Hashanah can take on MacGyver-like proportions for American Jewish servicemen and women on military deployment.

The Forward
She Discovered What The Homeless Lack Most: Socks.

Socks are the "single most-needed article of clothing in homeless shelters" - and remain the least-donated items, according to Adina Lichtman, the twenty-five year old founder of Knock, Knock Give a Sock (KKGS), the non-profit dedicated to reducing the stigma of homelessness.

The Forward
Meet The World's Only Hasidic Bagpipe Player

Not every bagpipe-playing altar boy considering joining the priesthood grows up to be a Hasidic Jew - but Ian Sherman did. Ian, known today in many circles by his Hebrew name Ephraim Eliyahu, was born to a Scottish Catholic mother and an Eastern European Jewish father, and was raised in Goshen, New York.

The Forward
Breaking The Glass Ceiling For Female Cantors

Rebecca Garfein was fifteen years old when the man seated in front of her turned around, at the sound of her pleasant singing voice, and offered her an opportunity that would lead her on the path to become a cantor. At the time, Garfein didn't even know what a cantor was.

B'klyn Heights showhouse welcomes public

The borough's inaugural Designer Showhouse has swung open its mahogany doors to the general public, treating both local residents and out-of-towners to a rare glimpse of 21st century living inside a historic 19th century Brooklyn Heights home.

Brooklyn Heights gets its first-ever designer showhouse this month

The Brooklyn Heights Association (BHA) will publicly debut the borough's first-ever Designer Showhouse on Sept. 29 in a historic 150-year-old townhouse on Livingston Street, replacing its long-standing annual house tour fundraising initiative.

Renewal of family faith brings growth of synagogues in Brownstone Brooklyn

Welcoming Shabbat, the free weekly sing-along for toddlers hosted by Brooklyn Heights Synagogue was recently named one of the Top 5 "Absolute Best Kids Music Classes in New York" by New York magazine, making it the only faith-based class to receive the honor and even ranking above popular mainstream offerings like Music Together.

Bushwick Daily
Secret Dungeon Is a Closet-Sized Art Gallery in an East Williamsburg Garage

What do a bunch of struggling young artists do when they can't afford to rent exhibit space? They do what they do best. They get creative. In the case of the Secret Dungeon, an artist collaborative located in the East Williamsburg industrial business zone, that means leasing a 166-square-foot storage unit inside an old garage and converting it into a micro-gallery with everything from livestream poetry to painting and sculpture.

Bushwick Daily
A Bushwick Artist Prepares for Death by Offering Her Possessions to Strangers in a New Art Exhibit

Lisa Levy is not dying. She's not even under the weather. In fact, she's feeling pretty good; however one day like the rest of us, she's going to die. Having turned 61 this year, Levy says her new show "You Can Get My Stuff When I'm Dead" debuting in Bushwick's Art During Occupation Gallery (ADO), is about normalizing death in a society that is very uncomfortable with the concept.

Bushwick Daily
Everything is Not OK: Bushwick Graffiti Artist's Mural on Wyckoff Decries Trump Administration

Two weeks ago, the spray painted phrase "Everything is Not Ok" appeared on the bumpy metal gate on Wyckoff Avenue and Troutman Street in Bushwick. The artist and Bushwick resident Adam Kiyoshi Fujita, aka Adam Fu, says he wanted to remind the society not to allow the irrationality of present-day politics to become normalized, even as it builds and snowballs in front of us.

Bushwick Daily
Kick Off a Sweet Jewish New Year, Bushwick Style

Rosh Hashanah begins tonight at sundown so if you're ready to kick off the Jewish New Year and party like it's 5778, we've got plans for you to welcome in the holiday, Bushwick-style.

Brooklyn Based
An under $25,000 wedding in Brooklyn (with the help of some friends)

Alex Dragan, left, and Jonah Lichtash, right, under the Archway in DUMBO. Photo: Dream Life Photography It was February 4, 2012 when entrepreneur Alex Dragan went to a friend's dinner party for self-proclaimed "gay nerds" at a tapas bar in Park Slope.

Brooklyn Based
What does a Brooklyn wedding actually cost?

"Wedding-affordable and real-life affordable, especially in New York, are two very different things," laughs wedding planner Lara G. Mahler. She may be laughing but she definitely isn't kidding. After all, the inspiration for launching her own wedding planning business, THE PRIVILEGE IS MINE, came in 2015 after watching good friends take on loads of stress and hefty bank loans to pay for their wedding day.

Brooklyn Based
Industrial chic venue 99 Scott now open and hosting weddings

Discreetly tucked between the intersection of East Williamsburg and Bushwick, 99 Scott, a former historic warehouse-turned-industrial chic event space named for its address, officially opened its doors to the public last week.
How to build a powerful network to help land your ideal nanny job

You wouldn’t think of taking a child to the playground without packing up a diaper bag or lunch box containing the basic essentials, would you? Imagine waiting until your charge was hungry or needed a diaper change and then running around the playground in a mad scramble to find ...
Does Your Dog Suffer From Separation Anxiety?

When you head out for the day, it’s natural for your pet to follow you to the front door and maybe bark, whine or get into a little mischief while you’re out. However, if it continues for prolonged periods of time, your pet causes damage to your home or ...
What Is Home Daycare and How Much Will It Cost Me?

Consider factors like location, experience, licensing, and more when calculating the cost of a home daycare provider. Home daycare -- or family daycare, as it is also commonly known -- is a childcare service that takes place within a caregiver’s home rather than in a commercial daycare center. Home daycare ...
Here's How To Write a Personal Assistant Job Description

Use this customizable template and detailed list of responsibilities to write a personal assistant job description for posting on online job boards or careers pages. A personal assistant is a dedicated individual whose main role is to serve as their employer’s liaison and handle administrative tasks, freeing up their employer’s ...
The 70 Best Tutor Apps for Students of All Ages

We searched the iTunes and Android stores for the top tutoring apps in math, science, reading, geography, and foreign languages. While many students benefit from a traditional tutoring setting, using the power of modern technology allows us to present learning in a variety of different formats -- doing more “showing” ...
The Top 5 Spots for Apple Picking Near NYC

Whether you want a bushel or a peck, we’ve got an orchard for you! With Labor Day right around the corner, it’s only a matter of time until the air turns crisp and our Facebook feeds are flooded with traditional back-to-school images of adorable little haircuts and first-day smiles. Most ...
5 Great Community Service Ideas for Kids in New York City

Let’s teach our kids they’re never too young to make a difference. As parents, guardians, and child care professionals, we often find ourselves wearing many different hats at once: We are chauffeurs, short-order cooks, social planners, nurses, and referees. We search for missing action figures, monitor computer usage, check homework, ...
The Top 10 Places for a Kid's Tea Party in New York City

Here are the best spots for a spot of tea for the little ones! If your cup of tea is channeling Eloise -- The Plaza’s most famous resident, taking a journey down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, marching in line with Madeline, playing dress up and sipping tea with pinkies ...
The Top 10 Date Night Ideas for Couples in New York City

Get off the couch and go on a date with your spouse! The job, the kids, the housework, the mortgage. No wonder we can only muster up enough energy to throw on sweatpants and turn to Netflix when it comes to a little quality time with our significant other. Remember ...
The 10 Best Places for Kids Birthday Parties in Brooklyn

Blow out the candles at one of these top local birthday venues. You swore this was going to be the year you’d host a Pinterest-worthy party for your kid’s birthday. You even went so far as to create a Pinterest board filled with clever, whimsical themes and seemingly easy DIY ...
The 5 Best Outdoor and Indoor Mini Golf Courses in New York City

Score with the little ones at these fun, innovative miniature golf courses in Brooklyn and Manhattan! This city has so much to offer mini-golf aficionados, from Brooklyn to Manhattan! Our list includes places for your family to enjoy year-round indoor fun, see cool special effects and miniature replicas of NYC ...
Drag Queen Story Hour: The Best Children's Storytime in Brooklyn

The queens are holding court to help teach creative diversity. Drag Queen Story Hour, which launched last year in San Francisco, is the brainchild of author Michelle Tea and Radar Productions. Due to its popularity, events at schools, bookstores, and public libraries are popping up in different cities, including Los ...
The 10 Best Local Mom Blogs for New York City Moms

Good news, Big Apple moms: We cut through the internet noise and found your new online BFFs. 'You forgot to sign the field trip permission slip (again!), still need to run out to buy something for tomorrow’s school bake sale, have nothing to wear to the fundraising gala next week, and ...
Brooklyn's 5 Best Kid-Friendly Ice Cream Shops

We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the very best ice cream in Brooklyn for you and your family. Brooklyn’s ice cream scene has something for everyone, especially families trying to keep cool this summer. Would you like ice cream, sorbet, or gelato? One scoop or two? Cup or waffle, ...
The 10 Best Donut Shops in New York City

Classic, artisanal, organic: There’s a doughnut for everyone! Cupcakes were once all the rage, showing up in all different sizes from oversized to miniature, different flavors and fillings, and even being doled out at a cupcake ATM in Manhattan. Then there were the much-publicized cronuts, which sent New Yorkers into ...
Here Are the 10 Best Free Things to Do in Brooklyn When Your Kids Say 'I'm Bored'

Go from zero to hero by using this lineup of fun Brooklyn-area activities the next time your kids announce that they're bored. “I’m bored.” If you’re a parent -- or even a babysitter or nanny -- there’s absolutely no way to avoid these two dreaded words, no matter how hard you ...

New York Jewish Life
Holy Roller: The Tale of a Nice Jewish (Roller Derby) Girl - New York Jewish Life

By Jenny Powers She blocks. She passes. She scores. She also speaks Hebrew, went on Birthright Israel and sports a Star of David painted over her eye during exhibition derby games, a less-than-subtle nod to her Conservative Jewish upbringing. Born Dara Fineman and blessed Dorit Chanah at her baby-naming, these days the 28-year-old West Coast ...

New York Jewish Life
Maccabeats: From Virtually Unknown to Pop Sensation - New York Jewish Life

It's a Saturday night, and the sold-out concert venue is packed with impatient teenage girls screaming for their favorite boy band to hit the stage. Wearing band T-shirts-some bought, others homemade-holding "We Love You" signs and posting selfies on social media to pass the time, the fans wait.

New York Post
Confessions of a Butterball Turkey Talk-Line operator

It's Thanksgiving morning and you haven't defrosted the turkey. Who ya gonna call? Probably Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line, where 50 professionally trained operators are standing by to field phone calls and texts, some of them frantic. "We've heard it all," says Nicole Johnson, the hotline's co-director.

New York Post
I return everything - even my wedding dress

Every year when Susan takes her place at the Thanksgiving table in her Brooklyn home alongside friends and family, she is filled with gratitude. One of things she is particularly grateful for is Target's 90-day return policy as the past three holidays she's bought, used and returned chairs to accommodate her extra dinner guests.

New York Post
Santa: My paychecks sleigh

Being Santa isn't always the jolliest or most dignified position. "I even had a supermodel break wind on my lap and Dolly Parton pinch my backside one Christmas Eve," three-time Macy's Santa Glen Heroy, a 54-year-old New Yorker, tells The Post.

New York Post
Becoming a pro Pokémon Go player was maybe not the best career move

Four months, 500 million downloads and $500 million in revenue later, it's pretty much back to life as usual for even the most die-hard Pokémon Go players. Though the mobile game was planted firmly at the top of the App Store charts after its release in July, reaching an estimated 50.2 million daily users in August, numbers have dipped drastically since, an estimated 32.4 million in September.

New York Post
Adults are lining up to act like kids again at summer camp

The time-honored summer camp rituals of sunburned noses and bunk loyalties, arts and crafts and promises to write after the summer is over are alive and well, but not all campers are being picked up at the end of the session by Mom and Dad, ready for a new school year.

New York Post
I use my iPhone to hide that I'm homeless

It's the doldrums of an overnight Sunday shift at a Brooklyn men's homeless shelter, after dinner but before the 10 p.m. lights-out call. On this particular night, the guys are chatty and cracking jokes, except for the youngest of the bunch, 30-year-old Robert, who is staring intently at his phone and swiping away.

The Huffington Post
It's a Two Way Street as Uber Drivers Rate Passengers

Floyd is seventeen years old and despite his family moving from the East Nineties in Manhattan to East 72nd Street, he still goes back to his old neighborhood to get his haircut. When the time comes, he takes Uber to see his stylist Sandy and afterwards takes another Uber home.

The Huffington Post
My 9/11 Confession

This post is hosted on the Huffington Post's Contributor platform. Contributors control their own work and post freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. I have a confession to make. I stopped watching the 9/11 memorial tribute on television years ago.

The Huffington Post
When Your Networking Is Not Working

Photo credit: Catherine Yeulet, iStock By Jenny Powers, Founder and CEO, Running With Heels, LLC In today's society, networking is considered one of the most crucial steps to getting ahead, both professionally and personally. The problem is, for most of us it feels inauthentic and we wind up slapping a nametag on, and milling about a room aimlessly with no plan.

Why Adults Can't Get Enough of Coloring Books

In 2013, Secret Garden , an adult coloring book created by U.K.-based illustrator and self-proclaimed "ink evangelist" Johanna Basfor d, hit the shelves. I recently spoke with Basford about what inspired her to create coloring books for adults, and why she believes they struck a chord with grown-ups.

What Zip-lining Taught Me About Procrastination

I recently returned from a week in Las Vegas with my husband and our daughter. We had a terrific time exploring what turned out to be quite a family-friendly town, much to our surprise and relief. One night, we visited Fremont Street, Vegas' version of Times Square.

What I Learned From My Favorite Bar Owner

When I was younger, like many twentysomethings, I spent more time than I'd like to admit in bars. After class in college and then after work when I got my first real job, I'd come home, take a disco nap, and head to my favorite Manhattan bar to hang with friends - and on most nights, make more of them.

How One Word Can Impact Your Entire Year

It's February, and by now, I'm guessing some of those New Year's resolutions have gone by the wayside. Every year it's the same: We make them, we break them, we amend them, we forget about them, and then as we toast to new beginnings, we start the process over.

What Mick Jagger Taught My Daughter

Between the news and social media, there are mornings when we know what Kim Kardashian ate for breakfast before we even get out of bed to make our own. We, as a society, are always watching celebrities, fascinated by their every move, whether it's what they eat, wear, say, or do.

5 Ways to Position Yourself as an Industry Authority

Whatever product you sell or service you offer, chances are you're not the only one. How do you differentiate yourself from the next lawyer, chiropractor, florist, or widget maker? By putting yourself out there and establishing yourself as the foremost expert in your field.

7 Strategies for Conquering Black Friday With Ease

With the annual onslaught of all things pumpkin spice appearing, it can only mean one thing: The holidays are fast approaching. It seems we only just packed away our summer wardrobe and yet, fall foliage is in effect, the Rockettes are in full swing with their signature high-kicks, and our mailboxes (both actual and virtual) are bursting at the seams with store catalogues and promotions.

How to Break Up With Your Nanny and Remain Friends

When it comes to ending relationships, both personally and professionally, I'm usually the initiator. It's a role I've often found myself in from a young age, whether it was breaking hearts in the schoolyard, ending my miserable starter marriage, or firing staff members. It's not that I enjoy letting people go, because I don't.

Second Time's the Charm: The Beauty of the Do-Over

We all make mistakes. We all have regrets. And, as adults, we tend to accept those mistakes and regrets as the end all and be all. When we were kids, though, our mentality was totally different: We kept that magic word "do-over" in our back pockets and used it frequently.

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

I'm going to ask you a question that I have personally pondered quite a bit over the past couple of years. Think about this for a moment: When you die, how do you want to be remembered? It may sound morbid at first, but I assure you that is not my intent.

Forget Summer Fridays - Pack Your Bags and Go to Camp!

If you're on Facebook, chances are you've seen at least a few posts from your friends about their kids' summer camp experiences over the past couple months. There are the pictures of kids with toothless grins, boarding buses with their sleeping bags in tow, and hilarious snippets from those "The counselor said I had to write" notes.

How to Turn Around a Bad Day

It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon here in New York City, with the kind of wind and rain that turns your umbrella inside out. I was slowly navigating my way down the city streets when suddenly a $10 bill blew right in front of the guy walking ahead of me.

What Is a Mastermind?

The term "mastermind" was first introduced in Napoleon Hill's 1925 book The Law of Success , which was commissioned by business magnate and industrialist Andrew Carnegie. Hill spent two decades researching and interviewing more than 100 millionaires and incorporating his findings - including Carnegie's own "10 Rules of Success" - into this book.

Spring Clean Your Network

Each year as we excitedly bid a fond farewell to winter and welcome spring, we hear the term "spring cleaning" being tossed around. This activity is most often viewed as the annual process of cleaning our homes from top to bottom and getting things in order.

Are You Networking or Net-Winging It?

We've all been there before: We show up to an event, trade business cards with a roomful of strangers, stay the obligatory hour, then leave. The next morning we send off a missive of vague emails telling these strangers how delightful it was to meet them and that we should do something, sometime in the future together.

3 Ways to Rock Your Reentry Into the Workplace

Think for a minute about a company that brought its brand back to market. What is the first thing they told us? "We're back and better than ever!" They let us know what changed and how the new-and-improved version of the company will rock our world.

Blood, Sweat and Beers: Escape Your Cubicle and Get In the Game

You’re the first one in every morning. You’re on a first-name basis with the evening cleaning crew. Most days you chow down lunch at your desk while on a muted conference call. You never need to put your “out of office” on because you’re never actually out of the office. Unless you count weekends. Sometimes.

A Child Grows in Brooklyn
Become a School Volunteer! | A Child Grows in Brooklyn

Go from Zero to Hero by becoming a volunteer at your kid's school! The day my daughter brought a flyer home in her backpack encouraging parents to volunteer at her school, I immediately launched into panic mode. Between my full-time job and taking care of our household, I barely had enough time to remove my makeup before bed.

How the Question 'Why Can't We, Mama?' Changed Our Family

If you've ever been around a 5-year-old for longer than a minute or two, you know one of their favorite things to ask is "Why?" Long after you have answered, or at least tried to, they will continue to pepper you with a string of "Whys" until you forget how you even got onto a certain topic.

Youshare Project
The Best Worst Day of My Life - Youshare Project

July had always been my favorite month, but July 2004 changed all that. I'd been married two years and was headed toward Splitsville. One minute I was daydreaming about buying our first home together and thinking of baby names, and the next I was looking for an apartment to rent and divvying up our wedding china.

These Jewish Grandparents Throw Down at Wendy's Every Friday

If you walk into the Sun City Palm Desert Wendy's location in California at six o'clock on a Friday night, prepare to do a double take at the sight of twenty or so Jewish senior citizens hunched over a set of reserved tables holding hands and reciting Hebrew blessings over grape juice and Baconators, welcoming in the Sabbath.

I Never Met Kate Spade

Kate Spade came into my life as I entered adulthood. The year was 1993 and she had just launched her line of handbags. I was twenty-two years old, living at home and starting to interview for my first real office job .

Grok Nation
Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman provides Passover recipes and tips

Deb Perelman dishes on hosting her first Passover celebration It may feel like just yesterday you were the youngest child at the Passover table asking the four questions and scrambling to find the , yet somehow here you are: An adult, gearing up to host your very own Passover Seder.

I Lost Weight by Betting on Myself-Here's How

Let me be clear: I'm not a gambler. Sure, I've reluctantly joined in on office Super Bowl square pools and Oscar ballots because it was easier than saying "no," but as a general rule, I don't gamble. Even when the lottery recently hit a billion dollars, I didn't buy a single ticket.

Inside Out
Soundwave Tattoos: The Body Art You Can See and Hear - Inside Out

Every tattoo tells a story and now with the help of augmented reality, tattoos can finally speak for themselves. The brainchild of tech whiz-turned-tattoo artist Nate Siggard of Los Angeles, soundwave tattoos are ones that bring tattoos to life through pre-recorded audio clips that can be played back through a mobile app.

How Spending the Night in a Homeless Shelter Made Me a Better Networker

For as long as I can remember community service has been an integral part of my life. The simple act of giving back keeps me firmly grounded in reality and I attribute my unique ability to interact and adapt to a variety of situations and people to my experience as volunteer.

In 'Coitus Chronicles,' Olive Persimmon Dives In To The Sex-Positive Community

Olive Persimmon was 14 years old when she crashed her parent's home computer during an ill-fated attempt to download illegal anime porn on Napster. While other teenagers were beginning to discover sex and develop crushes, Persimmon, a self-proclaimed "Danny DeVito lookalike," was disappointed that no one seemed to be particularly interested in her.

Spain's Jewish Community Releases New Rosh Hashanah Cookbook

Just in time to celebrate the Jewish New Year, 5779, the second largest Reform Jewish community in Spain has released a new cookbook. It offers insight into the ancient Sephardic tradition of a Rosh Hashanah Seder along with tips on Read More

Unearth Women
How She is the Universe Empowers Teenage Girls | Unearth Women

We've all heard the age-old philosophical question about the tree falling in the forest. If no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? What if we apply that same thinking to today's young women? What if they ask for help but no one is around to hear them?

Mommy Nearest
9 Wallet-Friendly Sporting Events for NYC Families

Let's face it: Taking your family to a sporting event can be a losing proposition for your wallet. Tickets prices are at an all-time high for most professional sports and even if you do shell out the big bucks for tickets, there are other factors to consider.