Jorge Dominguez

Retired Harvard University Professor

United States of America

Dr. Jorge Dominguez, a retired professor, pursued an academic career at Harvard University for more than four decades. Most recently, in the role of Antonio Madero Professor for the Study of Mexico, Dr. Jorge Dominguez taught courses that included Mexico: Revolution, Authoritarianism, and Democracy: 100 Years.

Moreover, Dr. Jorge Dominguez whose research focused on Cuba, was instructor for the course, The Cuban Revolution, 1956-1971: A Self-Debate. He authored a number of papers and articles on the subject, including a June 27, 2017, New York Times opinion piece on the Trump administration’s and the Obama administration’s approaches to foreign policy with Cuba.

Dr. Dominguez has earned a number of recognitions over the years, including the Lifetime Academic Achievement award from the Cuba Section of the Latin American Studies Association. He has also served as Latin American Studies Association president and sat on the association’s Academic Freedom and Human Rights Committee. Moreover, Dr. Dominguez has been a contributing editor to Foreign Policy and has done considerable work on comparative Latin American politics.

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