Jordan Brunel

Freelance Copywriter & Editor

United Kingdom

First-class English Literature graduate from The University of Manchester with a range of editorial and copywriting experience.

Interested in, and enjoying writing on, all things historical and literary, as well as business, marketing and socioeconomic affairs.

Check out my WordPress blog where I review whatever I've been reading - anything from post-modernist novels to historical non-fiction:

The Content Architects
Tips and Examples to Help Ambush Tokyo 2021 Olympics Legally

The countdown to Tokyo 2021 is underway, brands are gearing up for perhaps the most marketable, commercialised and social media-friendly Olympics to date. So, how exactly can non-sponsors slip through the net of Olympic advertising regulations and exploit the hype surrounding the Games?

Private Client
Rigged Elections in Belarus

Article exploring the rigged ballot that saw Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus' premier, returned to power for a sixth term.

How to Make an App like Tinder For Free? - Make Dating App

With over 50 million users worldwide spread over 190 countries, Tinder is one of the most recognizable and accessible apps on the planet. Last year, Tinder's revenue was just shy of 1.2$ billion. And estimators value the company in the region of $10 billion.

Private Client
Copyright Fraud

Web page for a Scottish solicitor's website.

Private Client
The Battle of Saipan

Historical article exploring the stages of the Battle of Saipan.