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John S. Owens is a reliable, creative copywriter based in Southern California. Born with the gift of gab and trained to put it down on the page, John is an old-school scribbler with advanced weaponry. An SEO specialist, he'll deliver relevant information, entertain, and turn a lead into a conversion - all in the same piece.

Equally adept at solo reconnaissance as he is with collaboration, John works diligently to produce effective content on any given topic or medium. Throw him an assignment, receive high-quality content reliably delivered on time, and watch the results go to work for your brand.

Specialty industries include real estate, CBD, digital marketing strategies, photography, dogs, green energy and eco-conscious living strategies, personal finance, the outdoors, travel, hockey, and more.

The Hockey Writers
John Owens

Hockey is a lifelong passion of mine and I had the opportunity to contribute to The Hockey Writers for a while, covering first the Vegas Golden Knights, then the Anaheim Ducks.

Picture KC
Picture KC Real Estate Photography: Samantha Ward

Does your bio need an update? I can help with that, too. Here's an example of a recent bio I worked on. All I need is a quick phone call to get to know you and your unique personality/history/services offered and I'll take it from there.


I created the website copy for this product launch. It addresses the problem and how Vac-Hack solves the problem, driving readers down the sales funnel to take action.

Power Digital
What is Data-driven PR and Why Should You Be Using It? | Power Digital

In today's marketing world, you need to use every tool at your disposal to keep up with your competition. And while you might not think of public relations as a data-driven field, at least not when compared to other areas of marketing, there is actually plenty of tangible data you can use to measure your efforts.

Pure Financial
Convert Your IRA to a Roth IRA

Need personal finance content? I have written as a contributor to Pure Financial, writing on finance strategies and am well-versed in retirement, personal savings, investing, and the art of the side-hustle.

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