Janey Colbourne

Freelance nonfiction writer & performance poet

United Kingdom

Janey Colbourne is a performance poet and freelance nonfiction writer, with a science degree and a diploma in proofreading and editing. She has a particular interest in environmental humanities, an exciting new field at the intersection of science and the humanities. As a poet, her recent featured performances include Manchester Histories Soapbox, Truth To Power Café, Wigan Diggers’ Festival 2019, and That's What She Said, Manchester. She is the curator and host of Rise! Spoken Word at The Bureau, in Blackburn, Lancashire. She has been published in various magazines, has a poem in the anthology Peterloo Poems by Manchester People published by Seven Arches Publishing, and is a regular contributor writer for Earth Pathways Diary.

Janey is currently available for poetry commissions, to write features and essays on subjects such as science, health, nature and culture, to host or perform at online poetry events, or for proofreading and editing commissions.

Child of War #spokenword by Janey Colbourne

I wrote this before lockdown, for the Blackburn College Small Stories Poetry Slam, on the theme of War. The event had to be postponed due to the covid outbre...

Testimony by Janey Colbourne

©️Janey Colbourne 2019 originally written and performed for the Truth To Power Cafe in answer to the question, 'Who has power over you, and what would you li...

Lessons from Nettles

Nettles flourish on disturbed ground or highly fertile land, liking high levels of nitrogen, so they grow in abundance where human activity such as intensive farming or waste dumping has enriched the soil. The more we artificially fertilise the soil, the more nettles will grow. Every child quickly learns to recognise nettles through the...