Jessica A. Knoblauch


I am currently the senior staff writer at Earthjustice, an environmental nonprofit that sues polluters who threaten our environment and our health. Previously, I worked as an editorial assistant at Plenty magazine and as a freelance journalist. My writing has appeared in several publications including Grist, Scientific American, Environmental Health News and Earth Island Journal. I'm a big believer in the power of storytelling to make a positive difference in this world.

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Out for Blood: Legislators Escalate Their War on Wolves

One dead wolf, every three hours. That's how quickly a dozen wolves were shot and killed during the first 40 hours of Wyoming's inaugural wolf hunt last fall. The...


How Two Women Teamed Up to Take on the Chemical Industry-and Won

In the early 2000s, scientist Arlene Blum set out on a quest to reduce the amount of flame retardants in homes across America. Research showed that these chemicals-found in many...


Island Revival: Water Returns to Hawaii's People

As Big Sugar plantations release their grip on the islands, local and Native Hawaiian communities are reclaiming their water rights and restoring their deep-rooted ties to the...


A Fossil Fuel Company Tried to Put a Dirty Gas Plant on a Beautiful Coastline. It Failed.

This week, the city of Oxnard, California, became known for being more than just one of the strawberry capitals of the world. The coastal town, which lies between the more...


Tired of Dirty Energy Winning, This Government Insider Tipped Off Earthjustice

Imagine Los Angeles without smog. No dirty haze dimming streetlights, no film obscuring the Hollywood sign on the hill. Electric vehicles have evolved beyond status symbols;...


Judges to EPA: Get the Lead Out (on Protecting Children's Brains)

After dragging its heels for almost two decades, the EPA was recently ordered by a court to update its standards on allowable lead levels in paint and dust, which are some of...


New York's Governor Wants to Run Roughshod Over the Adirondacks. We Just Stopped Him.

As we continue our fight against Trump's recent decision to slash the size of two national monuments in Utah, Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears, Earthjustice attorneys...


Trump's Consumer Advocate Nominee Often Fights Consumers

Most people probably don't think or hear much about the Consumer Product Safety Commission-that is, unless their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ignites or loose blade pieces from their...


Trump Admin Just Lost Another Attempt to Nix Commonsense Rules on Methane

An Obama-era rule meant to improve air quality, curb climate emissions and bring millions of dollars into the public coffers is back in effect once again. Recently, a U.S.


Grassroots Activists Just Proved Big Oil Can't Buy Its Way Into America's Hometowns

"Their first mistake was in trying to talk down to us," says Linda Garcia, a community leader in Vancouver, Washington, a scrappy, former timber town that sits just across the...


Climate Change Forces Quinault Tribe to Seek Higher Ground

There's nothing more powerful than the ocean. Tribal member Larry Ralston is reminded of that simple fact every time he visits the 23 miles of foggy, windswept coastline on the...


The Next Battle in the Fight to Stop Dirty Pipelines

Recently, a federal district judge found that a 162-mile long crude oil pipeline known as the Bayou Bridge would "irreparably harm" the Atchafalaya Basin-one of the nation's...


EPA's Message to the Public: Stop Talking Because We're Not Listening

Earthjustice attorney Lisa Evans was preparing to leave her house for an evening workout last month when her phone rang with a call from the Environmental Protection Agency. She...


In First for Consumer Safety, Federal Commission Moves to Ban Entire Class of Toxic Flame Retardants

A recent, groundbreaking decision by the Consumer Product Safety Commission may signal a major shift in how consumer products are regulated to keep us safe from toxic chemicals....



Happy Cows and Tighty-Whitey Tests: Welcome to the Future of Farming

Farmer and rancher Seth Watkins is a numbers guy-but with dirt under his fingernails and a heart as golden as the corn cobs on his 3,200-acre farm in southwest Iowa. In 1998,...


Why Patagonia Joined the National Monuments Fight

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recommended today that the Trump administration shrink the size of Bears Ears National Monument. If Trump follows Zinke's recommendation, the fight...


Grizzlies 'Saved His Life' and Now He Fights To Save Theirs

After naturalist and author Doug Peacock served two tours as a Green Beret medic in Vietnam, he went into the American wilderness to confront his demons. There, he closely...


Pesticides in Paradise

Genetically engineered crops testing in Hawai'i has reinvigorated a larger debate over whether communities should have a say in what happens within their own borders. Malia Chun...

Environmental Health News

Europe leads effort to push for design of "green" drugs - Environmental Health News

The European Union requires environmental review of new drugs. Sweden leads the way, creating database so doctors can check whether medications are "green" before prescribing them.