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How-to: Building the Perfect Applicant Funnel

The funnel model is a great way to map your candidate journey from the first contact via your content marketing efforts, all the way through a happy new hire. Today we're going to go over building the perfect applicant funnel, learn more!

What NOT to Do On Social Media: Startup Edition

Your startup just got round 2 funding and you're itching to go. Job assignments have been handed out, everyone is multitasking since you're still just 8 people, and you've just been put in charge of social media and marketing, congratulations! Wait, what?!?! The internet is chockablock with tips and tricks for marketing your new startup on social media.

How Your ATS Can Help (or Hurt) Your Recruitment Marketing

When most people talk about their recruitment software ecosystem, they're basically just talking about their ATS. Sometimes, the ATS is just the beginning, and there are integrated layers of smart technology connected to it that make recruiters' (and job candidates') lives easier.

Content Marketing Trends to Watch for in the Second Half of 2019

Content marketing is growing by leaps and bounds in 2019, and with good reason. The internet surfing public is tired of companies forcing products in their faces when all they're looking for is some help solving a problem. And that's exactly where content marketing enters the picture.