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Jerrad Peters

Writer & editor, sports & culture

Location icon Canada

Ever since a cold call to my local newspaper yielded a regular column space in 2007—one I still maintain—I have been privileged to write for many outlets around the world on numerous platforms and edit publications big and small.

I have covered soccer for more than 12 years now, but my varied interests have also allowed me to contribute articles concerning news, literature, music, theatre and film. Travelling widely, I have filed from places such as Barcelona’s Camp Nou and the refugee camps of northeast Myanmar. As an editor, I have overseen the start-to-finish publication of monthly newspapers, university viewbooks, specialty magazines and mobile app content.

Publications that have carried my articles include The New York Times, ESPN, beIN Sports, The Mirror, Sportsnet, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Bleacher Report and the Winnipeg Free Press. I have also participated in radio shows and podcasts for TSN 1290, ESPN Radio, talkSPORT and BBC Radio 5 Live.

Back to the future in Myanmar

"There were tens of thousands of people in the streets. The demonstration was from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m." I can hardly fathom it. Then again, I can hear his downplayed, matter-of-fact way of speaking as I read his email. It’s the same voice that, slightly more than three years ago, calmly warned me that "there will be soldiers on the other side of the river; don’t look at them."

Winnipeg Free Press
Soccer fans' Cup about to runneth over

Lionel Messi's recent photo shoot for PAPER is slaying the web. In the New York-based pop culture magazine's Sports Issue the Barcelona forward and Argentina captain - popularly styled the Greatest Of All Time - is shown petting a goat, holding a goat and playing football with 12 goats.

QAnon Conspiracies Are Taking Over Canadian Conservatism

It may be tempting to laugh at Michael Caputo, the top communications official at the United States' Health and Services Department, who recently accused Center for Disease Control scientists of "sedition" and predicted a socialist uprising would follow the November election. "Remember the Trump supporter who was shot and killed [in Portland late last month]?

Winnipeg Free Press
Kachin people want to go home

MYITKYINA, MYANMAR - People in northeast Myanmar know disappointment. They're also all too familiar with gunfire, with fleeing their homes and with what they feel is the systematic suppression of their ethnic Kachin culture.

The New York Times
Copa chaos in Brazil

Sometimes you know something is going to happen. Sometimes the stadium is alight with fireworks and heavy with sound and there has been a nasty buildup between two sides that went to battle the previous week and are about to go to battle again.

The antisocial dilemma

Near the beginning of Netflix docudrama The Social Dilemma, former high-level employees of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are asked to identify the single underlying problem with big tech. To a man - and most of the interviewees/co-stars are white men - the onetime executives and engineers are stunned silent.

Winnipeg Free Press
Captain, leader and legend

The hero has pink hair. She is gay, she loathes Donald Trump and she fights for women's rights. She scores goals. She leads. She inspires. She is - after lifting the World Cup in France - the leading figure in women's sport, and, for a refreshing moment, however brief, in American sport generally.

Winnipeg Free Press
Mystical Mutton

"Alarmingly humanoid" was how the Smithsonian Magazine described the lamb’s facial features in a December article, published shortly after the completed restoration. That it took almost exactly a month for the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb to go viral is somewhat surprising, given the haste of social media. But for whatever reason, people decided they wanted to gawk at a "cartoonish" ovine in late January. And, naturally, to make memes.

Soccer 360 Magazine
Football has a moral imperative to help refugees

In 1938, while battling Francoist forces during the height of the Spanish Civil War, Pierre Raurich sustained injuries that required treatment in France. He and his wife found refuse in the tiny commune of St-Priese, in the Ardeche department, before settling permanently in Marseille. It was in Marseille, 18 years later, that their grandson Eric was born.

The Uniter: University of Winnipeg's Urban Journal
Passing it off

Sport and mental wellness have always had a complicated relationship. It's no secret that physical activity, above and beyond the obvious benefits to the body, is beneficial to the mind as well - just ask anyone addicted to endorphin stimulation.

Bleacher Report UK
1998 World Cup Final conspiracy theories

Edmundo: "Hitting out a lot." Congressman: "Lying down?" Edmundo: "Lying down and hitting himself with his hands like this (demonstrates), with his teeth..." Congressman: (interrupts) "Together?" Edmundo: "Locked together and with his mouth foaming." Congressman: "His whole body hitting itself?" Edmundo: "The whole body, yes."

Yugoslavia and the breakup of its soccer team

There's an image from the 2006 World Cup that remains prominent in the minds of many, even four years later. It's not Fabio Cannavaro lifting the trophy after Italy's penalty shootout victory in the final, and it's not England's David Beckham leaving the pitch in tears.

Mennonite Central Committee Canada
MCC provides assistance after Cyclone Idai

Issa Ebombolo was not expecting the level of malnutrition he encountered among people displaced by flooding in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai.

The New York Times
Brazil wraps itself in Scolari's embrace again

Jose Maria Marin left little doubt that Luiz Felipe Scolari would be appointed Brazil's manager for a second time when, having relieved the team's former boss Mano Menezes of his duties on Friday, he revealed that the next national team trainer would be Brazilian, have a "winning profile" and be best suited to help the Selecão "realise the dream of a home championship."

Erratic Barcelona flattering to deceive

BARCELONA - Talk about a tease. In the space of a week FC Barcelona have, like a long-time crush, turned its head and offered a quick, enticing smile before flirtatiously spinning back around, providing its admirer the back of its head for projections of interest, affection and even a love that is as hopeful as it is unrequited.

Spectator Tribune
A railway nation of Grace, Too

Tom Thomson drowned in 1917 while canoeing in Algonquin Park, which he had previously depicted in many of his sketches and paintings. A post-impressionist landscape artist, his legacy was, and is, the Group of Seven school of painters who committed the far reaches of Canada to canvas between 1920 and 1933.

Astana adds rich narrative to Champions League

The story of Champions League newcomers FC Astana is the story of the fast development of a petro-state; of a glitzy, planned capital in a land whose complicated narrative weaves early human history with ancient Scythia, Genghis Kahn and the Soviet Union.

Winnipeg Free Press
Hope arises at Notre Dame

A few years ago, during a stay in Barcelona's Eixample district, I discovered the sound of centuries. "Tink-tink-tink," hammer to chisel to stone. My apartment looked directly onto the apse of Sagrada Familia, the back of the spectacular, unfinished basilica, whereupon the spire - one of more than a dozen that will have ascended upon completion in 2026 - is the text of Ave Maria.

Spectator Tribune
The Revenant: a river runs through it

There is a Mexican saying: "If the river sounds, it's because it has water." One can almost imagine Mexico City-born Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, who crossed an ocean on a cargo ship as a teenager, reflecting on this proverb throughout the making of his latest film.

Daily Mirror
A modern-day Jairzinho?

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted the Red Devils are closing in on a deal for Brazil sensation Lucas Moura. It is the fourth offer the Red Devils have made for the teenage sensation with Sir Alex Ferguson desperate to get his man. There is a faction within the club hierarchy that would like to complete a transfer while interest in Lucas is high - partly because time is running out.

Winnipeg Free Press
Collective Soul happy to find new ways to Shine

Just before speaking to the Free Press from his home in Venice Beach, Calif., Dean Roland sent his brother, Ed, a text recommending the psychedelic folk group Shearwater.

Bleacher Report UK
X-Men's Patrick Stewart talks England, World Cup and that Liverpool-Palace match

Sir Patrick Stewart has high hopes for England at the upcoming World Cup. Or at least higher than those of some prognosticators who have given the Three Lions little chance of progressing beyond the group stage. "I would like to see them in the last eight," the film, television and stage actor told Bleacher Report in a recent interview.

Winnipeg Free Press
Fictional Chernobyl delivers chilling reality

"What is the cost of lies? It's not that we'll mistake them for the truth. The real danger is that if we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize the truth at all. What can we do then?"

The Englewood Review of Books
Umberto Eco - Numero Zero

In Numero Zero Umberto Eco describes the debauched practice of news-making, and in so doing the renowned semiotician, prominent thinker and celebrated author of The Name of the Rose, The Prague Cemetery and Foucault's Pendulum delivers a novel as shallow as the exercise he satirizes.

Winnipeg Free Press

"You can't possibly do this job and be a good person." Anna, played by Christina Heather, has a bachelor's degree but finds herself stuck in the retail world as a sales associate.

Bleacher Report UK
20 stunning Copa America goals

The Copa America has delivered some spectacular goals over the years-many of them, as is characteristic of the tournament, produced at top speed.

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