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Jenny Brown is a vegan educator, lecturer and published author. Prior to her pursuits in Animal Rights Activism, she worked in television and film production.

Jenny Brown Woodstock
Small Ways You Can Make a Positive Impact on Animal Habitats

Many people care about animal wellbeing but often think it is too difficult to find simple ways they can make positive contributions to animal welfare in everyday life. Animal rights activist Jenny Brown suggests some small but impactful ways we can change our routines in order to protect animals and simultaneously reduce our waste in...

Jenny Brown Woodstock
Long-Term Benefits of a Vegan Diet

We've all heard about different cultures of people around the world living to well over their eighties and nineties, and the common thread amongst them is a mostly plant-based diet! In this post, vegan advocate Jenny Brown shares her perspective on what the long-term benefits of adopting a vegan diet can be in your body.

Jenny Brown
Jenny Brown Animal Rights

Revered for her work with Woodstock Sanctuary, Jenny Brown, Animal Rights Activist, is a fierce advocate for the protection of animals. Now, as a published author and vegan lecturer, Jenny is doing her part to fight back against factory farming through educational efforts. Growing up in a conservative, Southern Baptist family in Kentucky, Jenny Brown's...

Jenny Brown
Jenny Brown Vegan Educator

Jenny Brown, Vegan Educator, has been dedicated to shining a spotlight on plant-based living for most of her life. Inspired by her own firsthand experience in uncovering the horrors of factory farming, Jenny aims to educate others about the positive effects of veganism through her writing and public speaking.

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Jenny Brown Woodstock Sanctuary

Jenny Brown is the co-founder of Woodstock Sanctuary. True to its name, Woodstock Sanctuary is a farm sanctuary for animals who have been rescued from abuse. Inspired by her own story as a cancer survivor and amputee, Jenny initially set the Sanctuary's focus on taking in rescued farm animals who have physical disabilities.

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Meet the Woman Who Gives Rescued Farm Animals a Second Chance at Life

Many of the animals at Jenny Brown's Woodstock Farm Sanctuary had been abandoned, injured, and at death's door. Now, they live a charmed life. Mike McGregor for Reader's Digest Shortly after doctors diagnosed ten-year-old Jenny Brown with bone cancer, they had to amputate her right leg below the knee to save her life.

Jenny Brown Woodstock Sanctuary

While working in film and television, Jenny Brown went undercover at a factory farm in Texas to document and expose the severe cruelties of factory farming. A lifelong animal rights activist, Jenny isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and get down to business in the fight against animal abuse.

Jenny Brown
Jenny Brown

Jenny Brown is a longtime animal rights activist and co-founder of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in New York. She previously worked in film and television, until she went undercover in Texas to document farmed animal abuse. That experience led her to dedicate her life to helping farmed animals.

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