Jeffrey Fox


United States of America

I write for a variety of platforms and styles. I personally love writing travel and lifestyle pieces, but also have the ability to do SEO content writing and health/surgical writing.

The G4 Alliance
Surgical Care Deficiencies and Workarounds

This blog post, focused on essential surgical inputs, is the first in a series looking at innovative solutions to fundamental challenges in the provision of safe surgical care in low-resource settings. At the G4 Alliance, our mission is to advocate for the neglected surgical patient.

The Culture Trip
Take A Day Trip To Wilder Ranch State Park

Living in San Francisco can get a bit overwhelming at times. Even on the weekends it can be hard to relax with all that is going on throughout the city. If you ever find yourself in the mood to get active, and not just in the Saturday brunch kind of way, you might want to explore beyond the city limits.

The Culture Trip
The Top 8 Places To Grab A Drink In Redwood City

Looking to avoid another foggy day in San Francisco? Head down to Redwood City this summer where the weather is warmer and the drinks are colder. Located about 30 minutes from both San Francisco and San Jose, Redwood City serves as a great middle ground to enjoy a night outside of the busy cities.

Official Website of ProCare Restoration
Why We Install Engineered Hardwood Over Solid Hardwood | Official Website of ProCare Restoration

When clients come to ProCare Restoration in need of hardwood flooring installation, we aim to answers any questions they might have. Quite often, we hear our clients wonder about the difference between engineered hardwood and solid hardwood. Over the years, there's been this preconceived notion that solid hardwood reigns supreme in quality.

The Culture Trip
The Best Things To Do & See In San Mateo, CA

Most people don't associate suburbs with a plethora of outdoor activities. However, when coming to San Mateo, get ready to venture beyond the downtown shops and restaurants. There's plenty to do outside that can keep you entertained without having to spend a dime.

The Culture Trip
The Top 7 Bars To Quench Your Thirst In Burlingame

If you ever find yourself south of San Francisco and in need of a drink, don't panic, we've got you covered. Just a few miles down the Peninsula lies Burlingame, a small town gaining notoriety for its wonderful up-and-coming food and drink scene.