Janos Honkonen

Writer and Narrative Designer


A versatile writer and narrative designer comfortable with scripting, implementing dialogue, and other technical tasks. A people person with a rich work history ranging from journalism and scientific diving to film industry. Seeking a project where I can combine my love of speculative fiction, world-building, and writing memorable dialogue.


Scripts / Screenplays

Game Writing
Game Writing Sample (please see description)

The Game Writing Sample contains a script for a cutscene, excerpts from a long dialogue, and sample item LookAts. The sample can't be published on the open net, but a link will be provided in my cover letter. Otherwise, please contact me via janos at iki dot fi.

Comic Script (Weird, Playful)
The Big Wind-Up

Published in Torsobear: Yarns from Toyburg, an anthology of hard boiled crime stories in the land of toys.

Comic Script (Realistic, Contemporary)
Good Meat

A group of friends steal the body of their biologist friend to give her the burial she wanted.

Narrative Design

Narrative Design
Sample Quest Visualization

This Miro board contains a visualization of the structure of a quest. Its purpose is to give a clear human-readable idea of what happens and where. The sample quest is based on my award-winning IF game The Rocket Man From the Sea.

Narrative Design
Bark Sheet

A sample bark sheet with some automation, such as automatically created descriptive IDs and a length check.

Short Stories

Short Story (Psychological Horror, Magical Realism)
A Void Within the Eyeholes

Originally published in Finnish in a mask-themed anthology called Naamiot.

Short Story (Alternative History, Fantastic)
The Air Itself Caught Fire

A story about the invention of nuclear weapons, but with dragons. Published in the Never Stop anthology.