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James T. Chido

Writer, Editor, and Strategic Communications Planner

Location icon United States

I craft articles, speeches and tell stories. I also am a crack researcher, editor and strategic communications planner.

I have more than 30 years'​ experience in corporate communications and reporting, in fields such as energy, IT, cybersecurity, heath, and international relations. I design, lead and implement successful communications campaigns that boost employee morale and productivity, influence customers, and inform shareholders. I also mentor and train staff, network, and stay abreast of best practices. My analytical, research, and writing/editing skills are well honed. I translate technical writing into layman's language. In addition, I have authored a book and several short stories, and edited a book as well.

The MITRE Corporation
Synthetic Patient Records Help Deliver Real Health Outcomes

At past health IT developers' conferences, there was limited focus on the methods of data analytics: showing actual methods, actual data, and actual results. That's because analytics are run primarily on real data-but real patient data sets cannot be shared due to privacy laws and ethical issues.

The MITRE Corporation
MITRE Staff Cultivates Los Angeles' Science Ecosystem

As part of MITRE's effort to nurture new expertise to help solve problems for a safer world, employees at MITRE's Los Angeles (LA) site are helping grow the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) ecosystem in southern California. Many of their efforts focus on the region's universities.

MITRE Hackathon Examines the Impact of Emerging Mobile Technologies

The 42 staffers and interns who participated in MITRE's 2017 Hackathon aimed to connect around problems not projects. and connect they did, using [email protected], Github, Hackathon.io, Slack, our internal wiki (MITREpedia)-and these are just the tools. The teams won awards for spirit and motivation, knowledge sharing, innovation, collaboration, team solution, team building, and a judges shout out.

The MITRE Corporation
Tool for Chronically Ill Patients to Manage Illnesses Available to License

More than half of Americans deal with one or more chronic conditions, either as a patient or as a relative, friend, or caregiver. To help patients become effective members of their own healthcare team, MITRE is now offering our Patient Toolkit to our government sponsors and for commercial licensing.

The MITRE Corporation
Using Big Data Analytics to Predict Impacts of Arctic Climate Change

Sometimes you have to go far afield to understand what's happening right at home. That's why MITRE's Lisa Kerby and her colleagues headed to Alaska last year to discuss the environment. "Our goal is to develop strong, predictive analytics based on the real events taking place in the Arctic that might also occur across the country," says Kerby.

The MITRE Corporation
Using Storytelling to Connect People with Complex Topics

Analyst. Storyteller. Innovator. Connection builder. Those are just a few facets of Dr. Nahum Gershon, whose expertise and outreach activities extend across MITRE, our sponsors, and international boundaries. His "day job" involves data and information organization and visualization, with a specialty in analyzing medical, environmental, and other multi-dimensional data.

The MITRE Corporation
On a Quest to Field Better Cyber Awareness Tools for Warfighters

U.S. Army soldiers participating in Cyber Quest 2018 monitor activities in the field. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. TaMaya Eberhart) Cyberattacks by adversaries could cripple the networks and systems our nation's warfighters rely on to protect themselves and to project power on the battlefield.

The MITRE Corporation
Gaining Ground Against Human Trafficking with Targeted Analytics

By most counts, human trafficking is the second-most profitable transnational crime, just behind illegal drug trafficking. But behind that statistic is the ugly reality of human suffering, as thousands of these people are being trafficked against their will, and far too many of them are children.

The MITRE Corporation
New Technologies Send Data Sailing Across the Cloud

Cloud computing has become a game changer worldwide. And it's obvious why: It connects vast numbers of servers over the internet rather than using servers at an organization's physical location, making IT resources more efficient and accessible. For many years, MITRE has assisted our sponsors in choosing the best way to move to the cloud, securely.

The MITRE Corporation
A Cybersecurity Expert Joins the "Super Brains"

"I love information security," Terri Phillips says. "Cybersecurity, computer security-all the iterations it's gone through. I find it fascinating because I like the art and the science of it-the fact that it's not just about technology, there are policy, process, and people issues to consider as well."

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