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London-based music and culture freelance journalist
Bylines in: the Guardian | Bandcamp | Wired | FACT | Mixmag | The Vinyl Factory | Narrative.ly | Dazed | RBMA
Sound Engineer and DJ - High Fashion Technique
Former festival programmer and booking agent
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United Kingdom



The Beastie Boys have grown older, but they'll never grow up

"Quick question," asks Adam 'Ad-Rock' Horovitz, speaking over the phone from London. "When you get dressed in the morning, do you take your pyjamas off, naked, then put your...


Intergalactic soundtrack: 10 of the best songs inspired by space

6 Music's A Brief History of Apollo 8 marks the 50th anniversary of the first mission to take humans to the moon and back.'


Ice Music

Jazz musician Terje Isungset on why a trumpet made from a Greenland glacier will sound different to one made from a polluted frozen lake.


The vigilante detectives tracking down crowdfunding scams

Crowdfunding can make a business, but occasionally, it forges a Jeffrey Batio. The inventor of a bizarre laptop-smartphone-tablet hybrid known as The Dragonfly Futurefön raised...


Meet Fallout's philosophers who are obsessed with the game's intense political feuds

With every theorised apocalypse - biblical, nuclear or otherwise - comes the inevitable question of, 'How would you survive in the wasteland?' Set 200 years after global nuclear...


BBC - What does technology mean for the future of music?

From gramophones to smartphones, our listening experience has come a long way - and audio technology is not only becoming more immersive, but personalised too. You only have to...


EBM: Electronic Body Music - 4:3

Wearable tech, electrodes and human-controlled robotics in sound


Meet the fanatics using Football Manager to beat the bookies

The 2018 World Cup threw a few curveballs. An early German exit, England winning a penalty shoot-out and Croatia reaching the final all categorised a gloriously bizarre...


BBC - 30 tracks that shaped dance music over the last 30 years

Produced by the Leeds duo Gez Varley and the late Mark Bell, LFO is four-minutes of mind-dizzying electronica that still sounds like the future to this day, reworking the sci-fi...


Inside the disturbing world of YouTube vigilantes

skip to main content Shortlist logo Open site navigation Close site navigation Copyright © 2010-2018 ShortList News YouTubers claim to be acting in the public interest by...


Ross From Friends navigated a whirlwind of hype to emerge on a world famous label

Artists He's about to release his debut album 'Family Portrait' on Brainfeeder Words: Jack Needham | Photography: Alexander Popelier 2 July 2018 Felix Clary Weatherall is having...


Meet the DJs of the new Parisian underground

Lists French Touch 2.0, anyone? Words: Jack Needham | Photos: Sentimental Rave 7 June 2018 When, in the 90s, a group of French DJs and producers brought Gallic magic to disco,...

Bandcamp Daily

How Kwaito's Unique Take on House Music Soundtracked South Africa in the '90s

The early '90s signaled change for South Africa. Bubblegum pop had been bubbling over across South Africa for some years, fusing disco and boogie with the sounds of mbaqanga and...

Bandcamp Daily

Found Sounds from the Edge of Earth

There are certain sounds that can't be born in the confines of a studio or created after countless hours spent fiddling with expensive synthesizers. The meditative drone of a...


Can you find the voice of God in a Moog performance of Bach?

"I think Bach would have gone into orbit with these instruments," says Will Gregory, who, over 200 years since the composer's death, is reinventing Johann Sebastian Bach via...


Slow Pixel is a ballet performed entirely by LED-wielding snails

On a Friday night in central London, 176 shelled gastropods "dance" around me. Few times before has a ballet moved so slowly - but then it's not often that the choreography is...

The Vinyl Factory

Paying homage to London's beloved Lucky Seven record shop

As Stoke Newington record shop Lucky Seven is forced to close next month in the face of rampant gentrification, local luminaries share their memories of the beautifully chaotic...


The Pain and Pride of Britain's Wildest Ballgame

Every Shrove Tuesday, the entire town of Ashbourne erupts in a brutal football match where almost anything goes and the rare glory of scoring a goal is savored for generations.

Bandcamp Daily

Following the Hippie Trail: How Psychedelia Crept Onto the Dancefloor

For many Western tourists, the 1960s pilgrimage known as The Hippie Trail -which stretched through Turkey, via Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal and ended in...