Isabel Martinez

Journalist, feature writer, essayist, content writer

Isa Martinez is a writer and journalist based in the Philippines. She writes about health, literature, social justice, news, and lifestyle. She wakes up early and likes the outdoors and bread. You can reach her through here: [email protected]

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Norway to block UK, EU fishing vessels in absence of trilateral deal

Norway's government said it will block EU and U.K. vessels from entering the Norwegian Economic Zone from Jan. 1, 2021, unless the parties reach a trilateral agreement for long-term cooperation on fisheries management. Similarly, Norwegian vessels cannot expect to be allowed access to EU waters or U.K.
COVID-19's attempt to sink feminism

by Isa Martinez Many false claims regarding COVID-19 continue to circulate, but few so glaringly flawed as this: that the disease is the great equalizer. While the disease will not discriminate in selecting its victims, its reach will claw open and enlarge the gaps of inequality in our social fabric.

The Manila Times
S&P Global teaches biodiversity to Malanday students - The Manila Times

Most campaigns against climate change frame it as a threat to our survival - plant trees, take the bus, and give up plastic before we all die. The extinction angle is straightforward and true, injecting the public with a renewed sense of urgency. However, mankind's panicked rush to save themselves brushes aside one important thing [...]

Standard and Poors Global Market Intelligence
Data Insights: Beverage deals sustain consumer staples M&A growth in Q4'20

Multibillion-dollar deals in the beverages sector helped drive year-over-year growth in consumer staples M&A activity in the fourth quarter of 2020. A total of 480 transactions worth $19.30 billion took place from Oct. 1, 2020, to Dec. 31, 2020. Deal volume rose 25% from 384 deals in the fourth quarter of 2019 while deal value surged 148.7% from $7.76 billion.

California fines Uber $59.1M for not disclosing information on sexual assaults

Uber Technologies Inc. on Dec. 14 was fined $59.1 million by the California Public Utilities Commission for its refusal to provide information on sexual assault cases that occurred during ride-hailing trips, and it was warned that its permit to operate in California would be suspended if it fails to comply with the judgment within 30 days.