Ivor Levene

Writer, Photographer, Music Junkie

I've been into music in one way or another for most of my life. I love to interview musicians, write about music, and read about music. When it comes to writing my credo is "Be nice, be honest, and be interesting. If you stick to this, everything will always work out". When I write, I write with a purose, to inform and entertain. My articles have appeared in Relix.com, JoniMitchell.com, EastCoastRocker.com and The Los Angeles Beat. I'm going to enjoy every single minute of what I do!

United States of America


Goldmine Magazine

10 Albums That Changed My Life: Nancy Wilson - Goldmine Magazine

Intro by Patrick Prince; Compiled by Ivor Levene Nancy Wilson gained her fame as the lead guitarist of the classic rock band, Heart. With Nancy and her mega-vocalist sister Ann...

The LA Beat

Exclusive Interview: Tina Turner - Strength, Dignity, And Awakening Beyond

In the world of popular music, there is perhaps no one that personifies subtle strength, dignity in the face of adversity, and self-awareness in the way that our subject has.

Bass Musician Magazine, The Face of Bass

Brian Wilson - Take 3

Brian Wilson - Take 3 The interview was conducted in the midst of his "Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary World Tour", a grueling sojourn around the world that began in 2016, was...

Goldmine Magazine

10 Albums That Changed My Life: Tony Franklin - Goldmine Magazine

Tony Franklin rose to prominence in the '80s as the bassist with The Firm, the supergroup that grew out of the ashes of the mighty Led Zeppelin, with Jimmy Page leading on...

The LA Beat

Led Zeppelin In Court (Again) In Los Angeles

Attorneys for Led Zeppelin were supposed to have battled this case out in a courtroom in downtown Los Angeles this week, but the case has been given a continuance. What is at...

The LA Beat

Lawyers In Led Zeppelin Case "Ramble On" In Stairway To Heaven Trial

It's 6:50am on a hot Los Angeles morning outside of the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building and Courthouse, and I'm standing in line with twenty or so of my brethren from the...

The LA Beat

Let's Rock This Joint! The Mick Rock Interview At The Morrison Hotel Gallery

Were the earth to suddenly start spitting out creative geniuses in the world of music photography, surely they would materialize at the Morrison Hotel Gallery. The works of some...

The LA Beat

Interview: Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind - "The Inclusiveness Of It All"

Yesterday Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind was kind enough to chat with the LA Beat between sound check and his pre-show bike ride. What follows is an engaging, meaningful...

The LA Beat

Behind The Lens with Pattie Boyd and Henry Diltz

Baseball fans have Cooperstown, dog lovers have the Westminster show, and the religious have their mecca. If you are a photographer and a music junkie like me, you have The...

The LA Beat

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This - Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you're walking down a long hallway with many doors, and you stop and open each door one by one, and there are strangers behind each...

The LA Beat

Backstage Takes Centerstage, When You're Strange - Ray Manzarek Tribute

When you're at the Fonda theater to see The Rolling Stones, the only thing separating you from the stage is that pit filled with photographers (or one if it's The Stones). Last...

The LA Beat

2nd Annual Voice Arts Awards Gala/William Shatner Interview

Last night was the second annual VoiceArts awards gala in Hollywood. One can be forgiven for not being aware that this event even existed, it is after all, only the second time...

East Coast Rocker

Keith Levene, Founder of The Clash and PIL, Talks

Interview © 2016 IVOR LEVENE, Photos © MELANIE SMITH I recently sat down for a long discussion of happenings past and present with the founder of The Clash and Public Image...

California Rocker

The Clash Founder Keith Levene Talks Joe Strummer, Punk Rock

Keith Levene Part 2 - Interview © 2016 IVOR LEVENE, Photos © MELANIE SMITH I recently sat down for a long discussion of happenings past and present with the founder of The Clash...


Rearview Mirror: Burton Cummings Reflects on The Guess Who

Rearview Mirror: Burton Cummings Reflects on The Guess Who Every country has its own seminal band or artist that everyone can look to, lift up, and point to as that which...