Howard Swains

Freelance journalist

Reporter, feature writer and sub-editor in news, sport, arts and travel, with experience across print and digital titles, including The Times, Guardian, Independent, Newsweek, Sunday Times Magazine and CNN.


A man's best foe: Why the US turned to Hitler's hounds
Inside the Slovak training camp for Britain and America's strongest, most reliable service dogs
From prodigy to poker king
At the age of eight, Jeff Sarwer was a chess champion. By his mid-teens he had vanished into the clutches of his abusive, Svengali-like father. Where did he go?
How Scotland's St. Andrews Became a Top American School
It's a popular choice for students from the U.S.—and that's not just because Will and Kate went there.
London's Loot: The Legacy of Robin Symes
How the world’s largest accumulation of illicit antiquities got stuck in the UK, and why nobody can shift them
Depersonalisation disorder: the condition you've never heard of that affects millions
It's a debilitating and incredibly common condition – and yet even doctors have to Google it. Now one sufferer is intent on helping millions out of their torment
Khat fight: Harmless recreational drug or a recruitment tool for
It is a rainy Sunday afternoon in Peckham, south-east London, and if recent sensational reports are to be believed, I am shortly going to risk my life. Behind a blue door on an...
White pygmy: 30 years in the rainforest
Louis Sarno left New Jersey to record the music of the pygmies in the Central African Republic. Thirty years later, he is still there - and has produced one of the world's most...
How Warhol's world became a soup opera
Andy Warhol said he came from nowhere, but his family's roots lie in a small town in Slovakia. More than 20 years after his death, relatives and neighbours are locked in a...
Free football streaming: how illegal sites keep outpacing broadcasters
As this weekend's Community Shield heralds a new Premier League season, more people than ever will be watching it online - without paying a penny. Is this plain old piracy, or...
Better than prison: life inside the UK's secure hospitals
A rare glance inside one of Britain's secure mental health hospitals

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