Joey Ho Meng Guet

Freelance Writer


A Singaporean who enjoys travelling and chronicles her family travel stories. I have worked with travel media and partners in Asia to research and curate travel content to a wider audience on the digital platform.

A former business and communications executive in media and technology firms in the last 2 decades, I am currently residing in Thailand and is working towards expanding my writing portfolio to include outdoor adventure education, nutrition and well being

Travel Growing Up
Chiang Mai - A Hill Tribe Adventure With The People Of Lisu.

Chiang Mai - A rich melting pot of culture where old wonders intersect with its modern contemporary Chiang Mai is a charming and spell binding destination. A city where old wonders intersect with its modern contemporary. Legend had it that, the once powerful "Lanna" kingdom in northern Thailand was an Indianized state that had endured...

Travel Growing Up
Khao Sok, Thailand - Feeling Every Pulse Of The Jungle

In the vastness of the Andaman Seas, a deep dense jungle hugs the mid-section of southern Thailand. If your muscles have somehow atrophied after too many days on Thailand's renowned white sandy beaches, look no further than Khao Sok. The endless trails complete with astonishing views, up to the dramatic limestone karst formations and...

Travel Growing Up
When The Gibbons Took Flight From Above Us - Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park - A UNESCO World Heritage Site Near Bangkok Neither were we expecting anything like this nor dressed for the adventure that lies ahead of us at Khao Yai National Park. When we first visited Khao Yai National Park some years ago, we decided this will be the de facto destination to...

Chasing The Unexpected
Top 15 Things To Do In Oman For A Perfect Family Trip

Flew over the Andaman Sea, crossed the Bay of Bengal and then the Arabian Sea. Oman, a supposedly safe haven in the Persian gulf bestowed with breathtaking landscapes and beautiful culture had felt like an unlikely destination. Political unrest and tensions have left many misunderstood destinations barely discovered.

Family Travel in the Middle East
How to Enjoy the Best of Oman with Kids * Family Travel in the Middle East

Explore the Jewel of Arabia with its pristine white beaches, rolling desert dunes and dramatic mountains. A country steeped in tradition but embracing of the 21st century; home to legends such as Sinbad the Sailor and the Queen of Sheba, ready to be explored and leave a spot in the heart of the next generation of travellers.

A La Siesta Trendy in the cultural heart of Hanoi

The scorching heat is fast approaching in Thailand where we reside. Drawn by cooler April temperatures and fueled by our love for Vietnamese food, we embarked on a 4-day vacation to Hanoi with our two young children Impeccable Service From World's Hospitality Finest Just less than an hour car ride from Noi Bai International Airport, we arrived at where was recently accoladed as the world's 10th best hotel on Tripadvisor travellers' choice award.