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5 Companies Getting Employee Engagement Right

Some companies are revered for the way they keep employees engaged and passionate about their work. Here, we share with you five of the best organizations with the most engaged staff who go the extra mile, and share the strategies and practices that keep them at the top of the employee engagement game.

Glassdoor for Employers
The A-Z of Feedback - Glassdoor for Employers

It's no secret that feedback is hugely important in the workplace. Giving and receiving useful feedback is a key part of both personal and organisational development. It impacts individual growth and allows people to work on self-improvement, while also pushing people towards organisational goals.

How To Give 360-Degree Feedback To Different Personality Types

Personality has a huge impact in the workplace: from a first impression during the interview stage, to everyday interactions, to giving and receiving performance feedback. In one survey, 78% of respondents rated personality as the most important criteria when hiring someone, voting it even more important than a potential candidate's' skill set.

Impraise Blog - Employee performance management, reviews and 360 feedback
How to Receive Feedback Based on Your Personality Type

Recently, we showed you how to give great feedback to your team members, whatever their personality type. But with 360-degree feedback on the rise, it's likely you're also receiving upward feedback from your team.

Impraise Blog - Employee performance management, reviews and 360 feedback
Communicating Expectations As a Manager

There are few things more important as a manager than being able to communicate effectively. Ensuring that your team members know what's expected of them is key in being able to lead an efficient, successful and happy team. If expectations aren't communicated clearly, it can be detrimental to the success of your team.

Impraise Blog - Employee performance management, reviews and 360 feedback
The Trello Story: How Atlassian's Latest Acquisition Achieves Their Success

Trello is an organization that has found great success in the past few years. With over 19 million users worldwide, and companies such as Google, National Geographic and The Red Cross using the collaborative organizational tool, it's fair to say they're a pretty big name.

Impraise Blog - Employee performance management, reviews and 360 feedback
Docusign's Founder on Leadership, Company Growth & Performance Reviews

We caught up with Tom Gonser, co-founder of U.S based electronic signature company Docusign, and got his take on leadership, performance management and how to keep team morale at an all time high even when things aren't going so smoothly.

Moveo Racing

We can all be guilty of staying a little too connected, and too preoccupied with life at times. Cycling provides an escape: there's no checking your phone, refreshing those emails, or scrolling...

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