Heather Moore Niver

Editor | Writer | Wild Word Wielder

United States

Constantly converting my curiosity into creative content. Unabashed alliteration aficionado.

I've written and researched more than 100 original nonfiction children's books, including several National Science Teaching Association–recommended titles.

As an accomplished editor, writer, editorial director, and creative thinker, I am intrigued and inspired by the evolution of literature and language. I am constantly converting my curiosity into creative content. I deliver text that engages, sparks conversation, and educates through careful, compassionate, and innovative writing and editing. In the future I'm looking to leverage my love of language and crisp, creative content to captivate readers.

Here you'll find a small sampling of written and edited works for your perusal. Click on the titles below to read a snippet.

Rosen Publishing Group
Dracula and Other Vampires (Writing)

Reading Level: 5-6; Interest Level: 5-8. As dark as they are dazzling, vampires have transfixed readers and theatergoers alike.

Enslow Publishing
When Monkeys Laugh (Writing)

Grade Level: 3–5. Monkeys have been compared to human beings in so many ways. Find out more about what's behind the monkeys' seeming mirth!

Gareth Stevens
Fun Fact File: Fierce Fish! 20 Fun Facts About Barracudas (Writing)

Reading Level: 2-3; Interest Level: 2-5. I wrote all six titles in this series. "Series Review: Fun Fact File: Fierce Fish! With graphics designed to look like file folders, these volumes present fascinating fish facts in concise but detailed chapters. Colorful, action-filled photos and captions that resemble Post-It notes clarify and add additional information, as do charts listing data about the featured fish or their friends. The series is well suited for reports, and its fearsome covers...

Enslow Publishing
Opossums After Dark (Writing)

Grade Level: 3-5; Ages 8-10. Take a walk through the wild world of that marvelous (and slightly mysterious) marsupial, the opossum!

Gareth Stevens
Wild Wheels: Porsches (Writing)

Reading Level: 3-4; Interest Level: 3-6. I wrote a number of titles in the first and second Wild Wheels sets. "Series Review: Wild Wheels: Set 2...The books in the Wild Wheels series deliver on all counts, with nary a spread lacking in a full-body photo and a peek at vital engine specs...this series offers a guilt-free opportunity to wallow in the speed, muscle, and sleek profiles of high-performance, star-power vehicles. Booklist"

Rosen Publishing Group
Sophie Scholl: Student Resister and Anti-Nazi Political Activist (Editing)

Reading level: 6; Interest Level: 5-10. This biography showcases the short life of the smart and ambitious Sophie Scholl, whose work in a secret anti-Nazi group resulted in her arrest and execution. I worked closely on this book with this experienced teacher and first-time nonfiction educational writer.

Britannica Educational Publishing
Archaeology: Excavating Our Past (Editing)

Reading Level: 8; Interest Level: 7-12+. On this title I worked with an editor at the infamous Encyclopedia Britannica, using their archives and other vetted resources to create a well-rounded approach to the topic.