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Alice Hiley

Marketing Assistant at Northern School of Contemporary Dance | Freelance copywriter

Location icon United Kingdom

Graduated with a first in English Literature and Creative Writing from Lancaster University. I have previously worked as Content Delivery Manager at Copify Ltd, and written freelance for The Indiependent, Empoword, Pink Weddings magazine, Inspiring Interns and more.


Yorkshire Evening Post

Yorkshire Evening Post
VOICES OF THE FUTURE: Remote working should remain post-lockdown

Packed streets quickly emptied as the public was ordered to work from home during the first lockdown. Countless "year in review" emails waxed lyrical about companies' ability to adapt to unfamiliar ways of working. It's frustrating, therefore, to see countless job listings with their location set as "Remote (London)", the description explaining that the company will soon return to the office.

The Indiependent

The Indiependent
10 Ways to Help Your Local Theatre

No one really needs reminding that their local theatre is struggling right now, with some venues managing to open in fits and starts over Summer, and many remaining completely closed since March. But if you've been sat clutching your tickets, praying that your favourite theatre will stay open long enough for you to see your [...]

The Indiependent
Here's Why You Need to Stop Obsessing Over Taylor Swift's Love Life

2020 was a pretty good year to be a Taylor Swift fan. Her name trended on Twitter alongside rave reviews of her two surprise albums, folklore and evermore, instead of the death threats and snake emojis that followed her 2016 feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

The Indiependent
Meet The Glass Bell: A Show About The Forgotten Brontë Sister

This November, Gondal Theatre Company are inviting us into the life and works of Anne, the "forgotten" Brontë sister. Coinciding with the 200th anniversary of her birth, their show The Glass Bell aims to celebrate and honour Anne, as an ode to all women whose art was undervalued and ignored during their own lifetime.

The Indiependent
Theatre News: Coventry events announced for UK City of Culture

The first theatre performances to be hosted in Coventry, UK City of Culture 2021, have been recently been announced. New work has been produced specifically for socially-distanced audiences by Belgrade Theatre, Highly Sprung and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Empoword Journalism

Empoword Journalism
A Book Lover's Gift Guide | Empoword Journalism

It's hard to know what to buy a friend or loved one who's an avid reader. The likelihood is that they already own all of this year's major titles. So why not get extra creative this year and treat them to some of these book-related goods?

Marketing work - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Northern School of Contemporary Dance
Social Media Clippings

Examples of social media campaigns for new courses, community projects and performances at NSCD

Dancing Opportunities
VERVE 2021/22 Company Auditions

The award-winning, Leeds-based company of Northern School of Contemporary Dance is seeking dancers for its 2022 programme. Deadline for applications: Sun 3 January

Northern School of Contemporary Dance
NSCD alumnus James Rosental choreographs for CARMEN

James graduated from the BPA in 2016. His choreographic work has previously been performed in famous theatres such as Casa des Artes, Portugal ( Chapter), Opera National de Lyon, France ( La Belle au Bois Dormant), Teatro Arriaga, Spain ( Dido & Aeneas) and Theater an Der Wien, Austria ( L'enfant de les Sortilèges).

Northern School of Contemporary Dance
Mailchimp | Online Classes

This Mailchimp campaign promoting a new season of community Zoom classes received 598 opens, 78 clicks and made £305.50 in revenue.

Northern School of Contemporary Dance
Press Release | Flock Festival

Press release for Flock Festival, curated and programmed by BA students at NSCD

Future Now programme 2019

I edited the programme for Future Now: an evening of performances by students graduating from NSCD's BA (Hons) course.

Northern School of Contemporary Dance
Flyer copy | Undercurrent

I crafted copy and consulted on design for this A6 flyer promoting a student-led pop-up performance festival

Copify Ltd

Copify Blog
The best copywriting books for beginners - Copify Blog

So, you want to start copywriting. Whether it's going to be your full-time career, a part-time gig to earn you a side income, or you want to learn the craft to promote your business, you can't do it without help. Rather than jumping straight in, it's best to read up on the copywriting do's and don'ts so you're fully prepared.

Copify Blog
How soon can you make money blogging? - Copify Blog

If you're a naturally gifted writer, blogging might seem like an obvious career path. But how easy really is it to make a living from blogging? And what about if you run a business? You'll likely have heard plenty of people lauding the benefits of posting blogs, but how long will it be before you begin to notice the impact on your business growth?

Copify Blog
Content writing for agencies - What are the options? - Copify Blog

As an agency, you have a huge range of options for sourcing your copy. You can outsource to content mills, employ freelance writers, or even write it yourself. According to Hubspot's marketing statistic roundup, content marketing brings companies at least three times as many leads as paid search advertising, so it makes sense to focus on creating high-quality content.
Top tips to save money on pet supplies

Here are our top tips on how you can look after your beloved pet and buy them the supplies, toys and treats they love without breaking the bank.
Save money on theatre tickets in 2019

One of your New Year's resolutions for 2019 is to see a live comedy show, musical or play in London. But the other is to save money. There are ways to get cheap tickets for London shows. Here's how:

Inspiring Interns

Careers Blog | Internship News | Inspiring Interns
Why You Should Take a Gap Year AFTER Uni | Careers Blog

Everyone seems to be jetting across the world volunteering and backpacking straight after sixth form these days, and you might be tempted to follow suit. Here are some of the top reasons why you should take a gap year after uni.

Careers Blog | Internship News | Inspiring Interns
Keeping Fit on a Budget | Careers Blog | Inspiring Interns

There's no worse feeling than watching money dwindle from your bank account on a gym membership you're not using, or spotting sports clothes in your wardrobe with the label still attached. Here are some tips to help you keep fit at uni without breaking the bank. Keeping fit on a budget is definitely possible!

Careers Blog | Internship News | Inspiring Interns
The STAR Interview Technique: Why & How? | Careers Blog

You think the interview went perfectly - eye contact, steady voice, dashing smile - but somehow you didn't get the job. You mentioned every relevant piece of work experience you've acquired, but your chances may have been dashed by not using the 'STAR' technique. What is 'STAR'?

Careers Blog | Internship News | Inspiring Interns
Didn't Get The Job: Dealing With Rejection | Careers Blog

You get an email notification - one new message from your favourite employer, responding to your application. You open it, and your eye immediately catches the word 'unfortunately'. Your heart sinks. You didn't get the job. Here are our tips on dealing with rejection if you didn't get the job.

Careers Blog | Internship News | Inspiring Interns
10 Tips On How To Save Money On Alcohol

Drinking isn't an essential part of the uni experience. Still, for the majority of students, nights out are a huge stretch on their budget. Students spend as much as £200 on drink in Freshers' Week alone. We give 10 tips on how to save money on alcohol.

Student Life Guide

Student Life Guide
The rise of the spoken word | Student Life Guide

It might sound like stating the obvious, but spoken word poetry has been around forever. Before pen and paper were a thing people were using the catchy rhythms and clever sounds of poetry to engage and impress their audiences.

Student Life Guide
How to go gluten free as a student | Student Life Guide

Cooking for yourself at uni is hard enough as it is. If you also suffer from an intolerance to gluten or Coeliac disease, it can seem like a nightmare. Here are some top tips for making gluten free eating slightly easier on a student budget: Free from brands Ever stood staring in disbelief at the ...

Student Life Guide
Here's why the new fivers are such a dismay | Student Life Guide

When the Bank of England confirmed that the new fancy five pound notes contain small amounts of tallow, thousands of vegans and vegetarians across the country were dismayed, myself included. Tallow is a substance rendered from hard animal fat found around the kidneys or stomach of sheep or cattle, and it has been used in the polymer which lines the water-resistant surface of the new notes.

Student Life Guide
The non-western books that everyone needs to read | Student Life Guide

Inspired by The Guardian , here are nine brilliant non-Western books (books with authors, characters or settings from beyond Europe or North America) to add a bit of diversity to your reading list. Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie Saleem is born at the stroke of midnight the day India gains independence.

Student Life Guide
Are universities doing enough for their students? | Student Life Guide

As university tuition and maintenance fees seem set to keep rising, we have to start asking whether universities are really advising and supporting their students as much as they should be. CAREERS It's great that many course syllabuses are becoming more heavily careers-oriented.

Student Life Guide
Let's be honest. Xfactor needs to go | Student Life Guide

The X Factor is known for causing a stir with its token 'joke acts', but have they gone too far this time? This year has already seen female rap artist Honey G, who was initially denied a spot at judges' houses in the 'six seat challenge' part of the contest, sail through to the lives in ...

Student Life Guide
Actress' Student Gap Year Account Slammed by Africans as "Untrue" | Student Life Guide

Actress Louise Linton self-published her memoir In Congo's Shadow last April. The book includes details of the time she spent volunteering at a fishing lodge in Zambia's Ndole Bay in 1999, and talks about the strong bond she formed with HIV-positive orphan, Zimba. It has, however, caused outrage amongst hundreds of African readers who deem ...

Pink Weddings magazine

The Reviews Hub

The Reviews Hub
Barber Shop Chronicles - National Theatre At Home - The Reviews Hub

Director: Bijan Sheibani Writer: Inua Ellams As part of his research, playwright Inua Ellams spent a week in each of the six cities his Barber Shop Chronicles transports us to, listening to and recording the stories of men who passed through the doors of various barbershops. It definitely shows.

The Reviews Hub
Romeo and Juliet: Beyond Words - BBC Culture in Quarantine, iPlayer - The Reviews Hub

Director: William Trevitt and Michael Nunn Choreographer: Kenneth MacMillan Kenneth MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet is one of the play's most well-known and adored adaptations, considered a gem in the crown of The Royal Ballet. Filmmakers and Royal Ballet alumni William Trevitt and Michael Nunn, now Artistic Directors of all-male troupe BalletBoyz, have delivered spectacularly in ...

The Reviews Hub
Pride and Prejudice* (*Sort Of) - Leeds Playhouse - The Reviews Hub

Writer: Jane Austen Adaptor: Isobel McArthur Director: Paul Brotherston Jane Austen's beloved Pride and Prejudice as a gender-blind, karaoke romcom. It's the reinvention we didn't know we needed, and which might have to be seen to be believed. Dressed in plain white smocks, the talented role-switching cast kick-start the show as servants, armed with washing-up ...

The Reviews Hub
Fitting - Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield - The Reviews Hub

Co-creators: Matt Miller and Peader Kirk Matt Miller does not slot into just one easy definition or category, so it makes sense that this solo show is a little bit of everything: theatre, fashion, spoken word and a sprinkling of magic. The creators use sleight of hand and a wardrobe's worth of outfits to demonstrate ...

The Reviews Hub
Black Waters - Leeds Playhouse - The Reviews Hub

Choreography: Sharon Watson, Shambik Ghose, Dr Mitul Sengupta Music: Dishari Chakraborty In 1781, owners of the British slave ship Zong threw over 130 slaves overboard in order to claim insurance on their bodies, which were legally classed as cargo. Between 1906 and 1938, British colonial forces incarcerated Indian and Burmese convicts, revolutionary nationalists and freedom ...

The Reviews Hub
Reasons to Stay Alive - Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield

Adaptor: April De Angelis Director: Jonathan Watkins Reviewer: Alice Hiley Skillfully adapted by April De Angelis from the Matt Haig memoir of the same name, Reasons to Stay Alive tells the story of an author's battle with anxiety and depression.

The Reviews Hub
Under Three Moons - Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield

Director: Adam Quayle Reviewer: Alice Hiley It all starts with a sleeping bag drying by a campfire. It's just been pissed on, and Paul (Darren Kuppan) is pretty sure Mike's (Kyle Rowe) the one who did it. Spanning half a lifetime, Box of Tricks theatre's Under Three Moons leads us through three significant stages in the lives of two Northern men.

Creative Writing


I never knew how to explain to people That at fourteen my greatest fear was that the world outside wasn't real. That windows lied to me. That with a background of the TV's droning I became convinced the rest of the world had ceased to exist.

The Writing Squad
Midnight - Short Story

The sun rises in the winter sky - a plump orange in a cotton field - and stays there. Women stirring pots of stew wipe sweat from their brows. Children run home from school in the late afternoon: you hear them scuffing ash and pebbles with their street games.


Grandma was twenty-two when the last Doodlebugs dropped over Hull and blackout curtains began to twitch. Her days spent bent double over factory lines, attaching fins to bombs. Now she tells her carers off for wasting three good tea bags on cuppas for her visitors when one would do the trick; can recite two-ingredient cake recipes.

Notes from Quarantine
And the Daily Mail says Hurrah! - Notes from Quarantine

“I shook hands with everybody.” The last time we visited my grandma we told her we’d better not hug and she giggled as we touched elbows, my bobbled hoodie rubbing against her cashmere, like the gesture was a twerk or dab or some other cool thing kids do these days that she’d never try to understand.

Editing work - i2i Publishing

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