Alice Hiley

Marketing Assistant at Northern School of Contemporary Dance | Freelance copywriter

Graduated with a first in English Literature and Creative Writing from Lancaster University.
Previously worked as a copywriter for Inspiring Interns and Accommodation for Students, and as Content Delivery Manager at Copify Ltd.



The Reviews Hub
Reasons to Stay Alive - Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield

Adaptor: April De Angelis Director: Jonathan Watkins Reviewer: Alice Hiley Skillfully adapted by April De Angelis from the Matt Haig memoir of the same name, Reasons to Stay Alive tells the story of an author's battle with anxiety and depression.

The Reviews Hub
Under Three Moons - Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield

Director: Adam Quayle Reviewer: Alice Hiley It all starts with a sleeping bag drying by a campfire. It's just been pissed on, and Paul (Darren Kuppan) is pretty sure Mike's (Kyle Rowe) the one who did it. Spanning half a lifetime, Box of Tricks theatre's Under Three Moons leads us through three significant stages in the lives of two Northern men.

Editing work

Future Now programme 2019

Future Now is an evening of performances by students graduating from NSCD's BA (Hons) course.

Personal blogs

Copify Blog
The best copywriting books for beginners - Copify Blog

So, you want to start copywriting. Whether it's going to be your full-time career, a part-time gig to earn you a side income, or you want to learn the craft to promote your business, you can't do it without help. Rather than jumping straight in, it's best to read up on the copywriting do's and don'ts so you're fully prepared.

Copify Blog
How soon can you make money blogging? - Copify Blog

If you're a naturally gifted writer, blogging might seem like an obvious career path. But how easy really is it to make a living from blogging? And what about if you run a business? You'll likely have heard plenty of people lauding the benefits of posting blogs, but how long will it be before you begin to notice the impact on your business growth?

Copify Blog
Content writing for agencies - What are the options? - Copify Blog

As an agency, you have a huge range of options for sourcing your copy. You can outsource to content mills, employ freelance writers, or even write it yourself. According to Hubspot's marketing statistic roundup, content marketing brings companies at least three times as many leads as paid search advertising, so it makes sense to focus on creating high-quality content.

Student Life Guide
Lancaster - City Guide | Student Life Guide

Lancaster - City Guide Hi, I'm Alice, a first-year English Literature and Creative Writing student at Lancaster University. If you're looking for a suntan, Lancaster is probably not the city for you. But if you want to study at a small city packed with entertainment, history and culture, it's the perfect place for you to ...

FASS Placements & Internships
FASS Internship Experience: Alice Hiley, Content Delivery Manager at Copify

We recently spoke to Alice Hiley, a recent English Literature with Creative Writing graduate, who has spent the summer working as an intern with Copify as a Content Delivery Manager. Alice is continuing to work with Copify until December! Why did you choose to undertake an internship?

News/ Opinion

Careers Blog | Internship News | Inspiring Interns
Why You Should Take a Gap Year AFTER Uni | Careers Blog

Everyone seems to be jetting across the world volunteering and backpacking straight after sixth form these days, and you might be tempted to follow suit. Here are some of the top reasons why you should take a gap year after uni.

Student Life Guide
The worst cases of Fake News we saw in 2016 | Student Life Guide

Surely all news is real news? Well, not anymore. A whole new category has been introduced somewhere in the middle of the 'facts' and 'opinions' we all learnt the difference between in primary school, and its name is 'fake news'. 'Fake news' can be anything from poorly-researched articles to news websites that are created with ...

Student Life Guide
Here's why the new fivers are such a dismay | Student Life Guide

When the Bank of England confirmed that the new fancy five pound notes contain small amounts of tallow, thousands of vegans and vegetarians across the country were dismayed, myself included. Tallow is a substance rendered from hard animal fat found around the kidneys or stomach of sheep or cattle, and it has been used in the polymer which lines the water-resistant surface of the new notes.

Student Life Guide
Are universities doing enough for their students? | Student Life Guide

As university tuition and maintenance fees seem set to keep rising, we have to start asking whether universities are really advising and supporting their students as much as they should be. CAREERS It's great that many course syllabuses are becoming more heavily careers-oriented.

Student Life Guide
Actress' Student Gap Year Account Slammed by Africans as "Untrue" | Student Life Guide

Actress Louise Linton self-published her memoir In Congo's Shadow last April. The book includes details of the time she spent volunteering at a fishing lodge in Zambia's Ndole Bay in 1999, and talks about the strong bond she formed with HIV-positive orphan, Zimba. It has, however, caused outrage amongst hundreds of African readers who deem ...

Listicles/ Tips
Save money on theatre tickets in 2019

One of your New Year's resolutions for 2019 is to see a live comedy show, musical or play in London. But the other is to save money. There are ways to get cheap tickets for London shows. Here's how:

Careers Blog | Internship News | Inspiring Interns
Keeping Fit on a Budget | Careers Blog | Inspiring Interns

There's no worse feeling than watching money dwindle from your bank account on a gym membership you're not using, or spotting sports clothes in your wardrobe with the label still attached. Here are some tips to help you keep fit at uni without breaking the bank. Keeping fit on a budget is definitely possible!

Careers Blog | Internship News | Inspiring Interns
How to have a Productive Easter | Careers Blog | Inspiring Interns

Christmas break was all fun and games and eating your body weight in mince pies and pigs in blankets. But then exams and deadlines start to creep up on you until, by the Easter holidays, you just can't ignore them anymore. Here's how to have a productive Easter.

Careers Blog | Internship News | Inspiring Interns
10 Tips On How To Save Money On Alcohol

Drinking isn't an essential part of the uni experience. Still, for the majority of students, nights out are a huge stretch on their budget. Students spend as much as £200 on drink in Freshers' Week alone. We give 10 tips on how to save money on alcohol.

Student Life Guide
The non-western books that everyone needs to read | Student Life Guide

Inspired by The Guardian , here are nine brilliant non-Western books (books with authors, characters or settings from beyond Europe or North America) to add a bit of diversity to your reading list. Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie Saleem is born at the stroke of midnight the day India gains independence.

Student Life Guide
How to go gluten free as a student | Student Life Guide

Cooking for yourself at uni is hard enough as it is. If you also suffer from an intolerance to gluten or Coeliac disease, it can seem like a nightmare. Here are some top tips for making gluten free eating slightly easier on a student budget: Free from brands Ever stood staring in disbelief at the ...

Humour/ Lifestyle

Student Life Guide
The rise of the spoken word | Student Life Guide

It might sound like stating the obvious, but spoken word poetry has been around forever. Before pen and paper were a thing people were using the catchy rhythms and clever sounds of poetry to engage and impress their audiences.

Student Life Guide
Let's be honest. Xfactor needs to go | Student Life Guide

The X Factor is known for causing a stir with its token 'joke acts', but have they gone too far this time? This year has already seen female rap artist Honey G, who was initially denied a spot at judges' houses in the 'six seat challenge' part of the contest, sail through to the lives in ...

Careers/ University

Careers Blog | Internship News | Inspiring Interns
The STAR Interview Technique: Why & How? | Careers Blog

You think the interview went perfectly - eye contact, steady voice, dashing smile - but somehow you didn't get the job. You mentioned every relevant piece of work experience you've acquired, but your chances may have been dashed by not using the 'STAR' technique. What is 'STAR'?

Careers Blog | Internship News | Inspiring Interns
Didn't Get The Job: Dealing With Rejection | Careers Blog

You get an email notification - one new message from your favourite employer, responding to your application. You open it, and your eye immediately catches the word 'unfortunately'. Your heart sinks. You didn't get the job. Here are our tips on dealing with rejection if you didn't get the job.

Student Life Guide
The Pros and Cons of Living in Halls | Student Life Guide

Once you've narrowed down your uni choices, the next big dilemma is deciding where to live. Moving away from home and applying to live either on campus or in uni-approved flats seems to be the obvious choice, but it isn't always right for everyone. Here are some of the biggest pros and cons of living ...

Student Life Guide
Should I Do a Masters Degree? | Student Life Guide

Choosing whether or not to do a Bachelors degree after leaving sixth form seems like the biggest decision of your life... until you reach your final year and you're presented with an even bigger dilemma. Should you stay at uni to do a Masters?

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