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I am a Travel, Fashion, and Lifestyle Writer with extensive experience for both consumer and trade publications.

Having worked as Content Editor for a fast-paced digital Travel platform and as Features Editor for one of the UK's leading digital fashion publications, I have built a solid network of contacts and gained invaluable insights into publishing for both print and online.

My creative work encompasses travel, fashion, beauty, design, lifestyle, business, and Travel Retail


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Glamour UK
The best Mallorca hotels to visit in 2022, from Palma to Cala d'Or

The best Mallorca hotels (or Majorca hotels) are top of the wish lists of many sun-starved holidaymakers, guaranteed to serve-up a sunshine fix. Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic islands; its fusion of Spanish culture, Moorish and Catalan influences means that this beautiful island offers so much more than just sun for those looking for the perfect holiday on the Mediterranean.

Glamour UK
The ultimate guide to the 25 very best honeymoon hotels in the world

A good honeymoon hotel will have all the luxury basics from stylish décor, infinity pools, white sand beaches, ocean views relaxing spa treatments and even Michelin-starred restaurants. However, a great honeymoon destination will give you romance, genuine moments of joy and incredible memories to last a lifetime.

The Telegraph
'Living 100 miles apart was the only way to save our marriage'

It felt like we were reaching breaking point and so made the mutual decision to live apart. Liam wanted to be closer to his family and I wanted to be close to my London lifeline. Looking back, I think we both just wanted some space to feel like ourselves again.

Why is no one talking about the dark side of side hustling?

Nowadays, everybody wants to be described as a 'Girl Boss'. To be seen squirrelling away hours working on their second (and third, and fourth) careers, all the while holding down a successful 9-5 job, a full social life and a brilliant relationship.

Glamour UK
The best places to stay in Santorini to soak up the Aegean sunshine

Wondering where to stay in Santorini? Santorini is always high on our hit-lists for idyllic getaways on the Mediterranean, so here are the best places to stay in Santorini with friends, couples and solo this summer - including Santorini hotels, apartments and villas.

Suitcase Magazine
Travel Shaming? Don't Let it Stop Your Holiday Plans | SUITCASE Magazine

Covid doesn't mean travel is cancelled. As we enter a new wave of lockdowns, one writer shares her experience of travel shaming and why now is the best time to plan your next trip. There There was a time - between back-to-back trips to and from Asia - where I would have relished a prolonged stint at home.


House & Garden
Seven of the best rice cookers to invest in this year

A good, fragrant bowl of rice is a staple in countless Asian cuisines. However, cooking rice perfectly is no easy task. Enter the rice cooker: an easy to use appliance that can make delicious, fluffy rice without much supervision.

House & Garden
The best memory foam mattresses to buy in 2022

Nothing is more restorative than a good night's sleep, which is why investing in one of the best memory foam mattress is essential. Memory foam mattresses, while a relatively new invention, have grown in popularity over the years, offering plenty of benefits - no matter your sleeping style or sleeping position.

HuffPost UK
This Sex Toy Is The Best (And Worst) Gift My Husband Ever Gave Me

You're reading How To Get Off, our series celebrating bodies, pleasure and fantasy. In an effort to spice things up, my husband accidentally gave me the best and worst present ever: the Bed Geek Hand Held Wand Massager. This toy is so efficient, I have since gifted it to all of my best female friends, too.

House & Garden
11 best weighted blankets to help you sleep through the night

According to sleep experts, using a weighted blanket can ease your nervous system, release oxytocin and boost serotonin levels (serotonin is known as the happy hormone), resulting in a calming effect on even the most anxious sleepers. Of course, a good night's sleep can only be achieved by finding the best mattresses, pillows and blankets for your specific needs.

House & Garden
The best vacuum cleaner to buy in 2022, tried and tested

Investing in a good, reliable vacuum is a game changer in maintaining a tidy home. The very best vacuum cleaners give back hours of your free time, thanks to their powerful suction and ability to tackle pet hair.

Cent Magazine
Saturate; Your Home | Cent Magazine

Colour has taken over the runways again; with a rainbow coloured spectrum to help you transition from dreary winter into blooming spring. Bold primary hues in striking colour blocks make for head turning statement dressing, but doesn't have to be limited to your wardrobe alone.

Cent Magazine
Worldly; In a Whirl | Cent Magazine

The far-east has always been a source of both mystery and exoticism ever since Imperial Europe gained the power to sail the seas and explore new and uncharted territories. Hundreds of years have passed since he sumptuous textiles of the silk road, and the allure of Madame Butterfly captivated the imaginations of the West - and yet the Far East is still an ideal of escapism.


Citizen Femme
Checking In: Cora Cora Maldives, Maldives| Citizen Femme

There's a certain kind of ease at Cora Cora. Foregoing the usual pomp of long-established luxury island resorts, instead, Cora Cora offers guests a vibrant, joyful, and, of course, paradisical, escape and isn't afraid to do things a little differently.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Hotel Review: Glenapp Castle, Ayrshire in Scotland

There are very few places in the world that are as magical as Glenapp Castle, and even less that have so successfully maintained the delicate balance between old world luxury and modern hospitality. A balance thoroughly achieved by the team behind Glenapp Castle, which is a sumptuous 'home from home' for luxury travellers on the Ayrshire Coast.

House of Coco Magazine
Rev up, Rock Out, and Revive in California

Whether you fall in love with San Diego’s laid-back style, the wanderlust-inducing Coachella Valley, or the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, California is definitely a dream destination with a lot more to offer than the potential celebrity sighting.

The Sybarite
Through The Lens: When Anouska Met Monsieur George - The Sybarite

They say that Paris is always a good idea and this is certainly true, especially if you find yourself staying at the Monsieur George, Paris' most handsome boutique hotel. Designed by the legendary Anouska Hempel, the Monsieur George is an emerald-tinged jewel in the eight arrondissement.

Citizen Femme
48 Hours In Mallorca | Citizen Femme

Mallorca may be a favourite amongst sun-seeking travellers, but the isle offers so much more than just sun, sand, and sea for those willing to explore a little further. The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is a Mediterranean paradise that blends Moorish architecture and distinctive Catalan idiosyncrasies.

The Sybarite
Through The Lens: A Luxury Dog Friendly Getaway at The Eastbury Hotel - The Sybarite

Tucked in a quiet corner in the charming West Country town of Sherborne, The Eastbury Hotel & Spa is a rarefied countryside retreat that balances impeccable service, luxury amenities and pastoral charm. This award-winning property occupies a handsome Georgian Townhouse whose frontage is accentuated with a classic town car that warmly welcome guests inside.

How major airlines are ramping up safety precautions so you can travel again

Even as the world cautiously reopens, flights resume and lockdown measures begin to ease, there is a long way to go before people feel safe enough to travel again. This is exactly why every major airline has not just ramped up cleaning protocols, but also adopted new measures onboard and across the airport, to adapt to the 'new normal' of air travel.


Cent Magazine
Saturate; That Look

While we won't go in-depth into the correlation of hemlines and collective societal prosperity, it is worth noting that there was a glaring lack of short skirts for fall.

Christopher Raeburn on 10 Years of Sustainable Fashion

For ten years, Christopher Raeburn has made it his mission to build a manifesto for change. Disrupting an industry that has traditionally been one of the green-movement's biggest foes; and proving that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand.

An Interview with TATA HARPER

TWENTY6 MAGAZINE / ISSUE N / An Interview with TATA HARPER / THE NATURE ISSUE . Interview by Hannah Tan-Gillies

Cent Magazine

My brother and I went to the same university. He is three years younger than me, and whenever I wax poetic about my college years, the most vivid memory I have of my alma matter was going to his graduation.

Women In Menswear: Michiko Koshino

Michiko Koshino has been a veteran of the menswear industry since moving to the UK in the 1980s. mental silhouettes and a unique streetwear authenticity.


Enter the Culinary World of Jackson Boxer

Grandson of the legendary food writer Arabella Boxer and the Sunday Times' founder Mark Boxer, and son of Charlie Boxer owner of Kennington's most-loved Italian deli; Jackson Boxer has set out to create his own culinary legacy.

House of Coco
Eat your way around Salzburg

Zirbelzimmer at the Sacher Hotel Salzburg There is no hotel in Salzburg that better captures its spirit than the Sacher Hotel. Its beautiful oak panelled restaurant, Zirbelzimmer, is the best place in town for a traditional Austrian meal and stunning views of the River Salzach.

House of Coco
Eat Your Way through Los Angeles

Best Girl Located on the stunning art-deco building of the Ace Hotel DTLA, Best Girl is the perfect spot in the neighbourhood for a power lunch. Best Girl is named after the first film screened in their gothic Spanish theatre way back in 1927.


Local Businesses we Love

Round up of the local businesses we love. From neighbourhood cafes, bakeries, to independent bars in London - APLO.

Local Hero: Jamie Milestone of London Undercover

According to Jamie Milestone, 'Umbrellas are to Britain what hamburgers are to America'. It is partly this insight that led to the creation of what is probably London's coolest brolly brand, London Undercover.

An Interview with Nicolas Bos from Van Cleef & Arpels

In the often intersecting worlds of High-Jewellery and architecture, craftsmen and engineers make Palaces of infinite complexities whether its on a delicate chandelier earring, or on the steel frames of a towering skyscraper.

An Interview with Raquel Allegra

TWENTY6 MAGAZINE / ISSUE N / Raquel Allegra / THE NATURE ISSUE . Portraits by Cara Robbins . Interview by Hannah Tan-Gillies

Making Bonds with the Earl of East London

There's a special kind of earnestness to Paul Firmin that immediately captivates. I catch him mid-afternoon on a chilly London Friday, attempting to find a quiet spot for our chat in their beautiful Bonds Hackney store.