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Greg Jackson is a freelance writer with experience writing in numerous different styles. He specializes in writing travel and educational focused content as well as for media production. An avid traveler, he has filed from numerous countries as well as from his home in Boston. A former public school teacher, Greg knows how to connect to any audience and transmit information in fun and engaging ways.

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Travel Beyond Excuse
Can Travel Fight Racism in the Classroom? - Travel Beyond Excuse

"What are your country's stereotypes of Mexicans?" my Spanish teacher asked.I was attending a Spanish immersion school in Mexico, learning irregular verb tenses and trying to figure out exactly what was meant by the pluperfect when this question came up. I was a bit surprised and at a loss for an immediate answer.

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North Korea Tours

On a tour of this country you will see that the people of North Korea represent much more than the rogue nuclear regime that is portrayed in the news. This is a land with a rich and proud history. It is a landscape with impressive vistas and natural monuments.

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Archaeology Tours

The ancient civilizations of Mexico left behind many mysterious and fascinating cities that await your exploration. Massive pyramids aligned to track the movement of the sun and moon, enigmatic hieroglyphics of a lost age, and world-class museums make Mexico a great destination for archaeology enthusiasts.

Podcast Shownotes
How To Write Copy That Sells -

Even if you don't think of yourself as a marketer, you still have to market your business. Marketing comes in many forms, but pretty much all great marketing involves having great copy. As today's guest told me, being more mindful in how you write and present your copy will make all the difference and set your brand apart from the others.

We create inspiring and motivating documentary style video content; including Corporate Video Production for Business and Non-Profits and Agencies
001: How To Find & Retain Top-Level Talent In Your Company - We create inspiring and motivating...

How do you build a business team from scratch while making sure you get the best talent on board? That's a major concern for most companies. But how can you do this while also putting people, both your employees and customers, first? I'm incredibly excited to have a guest who has been answering these questions for decades.