Graham Womack

Freelance writer and editor

I'm a freelance writer and editor based in Sacramento, California. I've written for Sporting News, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Sacramento Bee, Sacramento News & Review, Gold Country Media, The National Pastime Museum, Sports On Earth, USA Today Sports Weekly, Hardball Times and many more.

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Sacramento News & Review


Few African-Americans play baseball these days. A look at why this is-- and the fight to change this.

Sporting News

Bobby Grich on Baseball Hall of Fame chances: 'I'm not optimistic at all'

By stats, Bobby Grich nearly ranks as an inner circle Hall of Famer. Voters haven't seen it that way.

The National Pastime Museum

The second coming of Joe DiMaggio

Few baseball fans know of Joe Marty. But many once considered him a better prospect than Joe DiMaggio.

Sporting News

Dale Murphy would like to see a bigger Baseball Hall of Fame

Dale Murphy and many former greats are struggling to get in the Hall of Fame. He has an idea to change this.

Sporting News

The 25 best players not in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Many good baseball players aren't in Cooperstown. I polled Sporting News readers on the 25 best not enshrined.

The National Pastime Museum

When Hank Gowdy was a popular Hall of Fame candidate

Strangest voting story ever.

Sports On Earth

Race against time

Minor league statistician Bill Weiss died in 2011 with an invaluable baseball history collection. This is what became of it.

The Hardball Times

How Hall of Famers rank for salary in 2012 dollars

Even adjusting for inflation, famous baseball players have often been underpaid.

San Francisco Chronicle

Unfortunate tale of S.F. shortstop Tony Gomez

Tony Gomez might have excelled in the Pacific Coast League. The problem: His skin was too dark.

Baseball: Past and Present

An interview with Robert Creamer

Six months before he died, veteran baseball author Robert Creamer gave a surreal, powerful interview.