Georgie Trenwith

Freelance Writer


Based on the beautiful NSW Mid North Coast, Georgie is an emotive, engaging and passionate writer. She has a particular interest in poetry, and writing that allows the expression of opinions and emotions. She has been published in a number of publications, including Kidspot, Her World NZ, Essential Kids, and

Georgie is also the author of the popular blog, Not Another Supermum, where she shares her thoughts on.....well, whatever she feels like!

As a mum, wife, educator, and passionate creative arts advocate, Georgie is a writer with heart. She has a Bachelor of Education, as well as a Masters in Educational Leadership. She is also a graduate of the Australian Writer's Centre.

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Her World NZ

Her World
Decorating your home with feels

I am a sucker for home and lifestyle magazines. I can spend hours scouring pages and pages of perfectly styled living rooms and bedrooms. Throw rugs, scatter cushions and bedside lamps, that link seamlessly to a stunning colour scheme, or stylish mood board.

Her World
5 winter fashion essentials for 2018

Our Winters can be brutal. Cloudy, rainy and sometimes icy Antarctic winds. Months spent wishing for the return of Summer, sun and the ability to spend more than a few minutes outside! But I have to admit, when it comes to fashion, I am all about the Winter months.

Her World
Tea... it's so much more than just a cuppa

It's Winter. It's 6:30 am and it's foggy. Looking out my window as I drag myself out of bed, I struggle to think past the next ten minutes. Dressing gown, kettle on.....then it's just me, the morning news and a hot cup of tea. Sounds like heaven, right? However,

Her World
Green thumb or not - it's thyme to get a herb garden

My mother is a gardener. Not just a front flower patch sort of gardener. I'm not talking about a woman who heads out and weeds her front garden bed once a month, when it has become something akin to the Amazon Rainforest. Gardening is her lifestyle.


Port Macquarie Seaplanes - A Whole New Perspective

I may be a local but it's time I started experiencing Port Macquarie instead of just living here. I've never been the best flyer but the opportunity to take a scenic flight along the coastline of Port Macquarie and beyond was just too good to pass up.

Salty Crew Kiosk

Everyone needs time to chill and when you throw in the beach, a beautiful healthy meal and coffee, who can possibly resist? I love coffee. Actually, scratch that. I love good coffee and when you throw in a breathtaking sunrise, dolphins and the mesmerising rhythmic crash of the waves, I'm in heaven.


The most popular piece of marriage advice, and why it's utter bullsh*t

How a catch-up with friends turned into a debate about self-worth in marriage. I recently caught up with a group of friends from my uni days. You know how it goes ... the general first few hours of catch up conversation: "Are you married? Do you have kids? How's the career?"

Why I say no to sleepovers before they're 10

No matter how many people tell this mum she's being too harsh, she's sticking to her guns. After years of begging, tonight is the night! My 10-year-old is finally being allowed to sleep over at his best friend's house.

'Why I let my 14-year-old daughter watch Bachelor in Paradise'

"What she taught a country full of young girls was absolutely invaluable.'' I am raising a teenage girl in 2018.... and that's tough. In a world where I am trying to teach her to respect herself, her body and her sense of self, my efforts are constantly being contradicted by half-naked Instagram selfies of girls that she sits next to in class.

New approach to bullying that empowers the victim

It gives kids practical and, almost scripted responses to throw the bully off. But does it work? As she walks through the front gates Mia's stomach begins to turn. She has dawdled her way to school, eating up every spare second so that the time she spends on school grounds is at an absolute minimum.

EEK! Your baby is starting school. So now what?

A primary school teacher tells us the best things you can do to prepare your pre-schooler. Source: iStock. So, you've filled out the enrolment form. Some of you may have sat through the nerve-wracking enrolment interview, hoping to God that your crazy child doesn't come out with something completely embarrassing or inappropriate.

'Resilience starts young. You need to let them struggle'

A teacher explains why the struggle is so important for your child's resilience - and why resilience is so necessary in today's world. Image: Stocksy I get so frustrated when I bring up the concept of resilience with parents and I am met with a roll of the eyes.

My kid's an introvert ... and that's OK

In a world that celebrates collaboration and social involvement, it's easy to mistake introversion for a lack of engagement. But, this teacher thinks we might be looking at it all wrong. Classrooms are different in 2016. Kids are questioning, kids are working together and kids are moving.

How do you go about picking your child's primary school?

Choices are a wonderful thing, but they can seem overwhelming. I've been through hundreds of Kindergarten enrolment interviews. No, not my own children! As a school leader, who has worked in a number of different schools and in a range of systems, I have sat on the other side of the desk.

Puberty at eight? Yep, it happens

How do you help your daughter through early-onset puberty, when she may not be mentally or emotionally ready? Image: Stocksy "Year 2!" she moaned, head in hand, "I thought I had at least another three or four years before I had to deal with this!"

How I got my sex life back after kids (yes, it's possible!)

Georgie shares the ups and downs of sex life after the birth of two children, and her tips on how to bring your sexy back. Do you remember when you and your partner first got together? How good was the romance? How good was your social life?

'You know best.': Mother's instinct proved the ER doctors wrong

The doctors said her baby had gastro, but this mum knew it was something far worse. As the mother of a three-month-old baby, I was used to crying. I wasn't the type to pick him up at the slightest whimper, and with a toddler hanging off my other hip, there were times when my beautiful bub just had to wait.


The power of yet: Help your child build a growth mindset

The power of yet cannot be underestimated. When it comes to parenting, it's possibly the most powerful word. The power of yet helps a child understand that perseverance and practise will help them do whatever they need to do. Yet abolishes words like 'can't' and 'I'm no good at'.

Essential Kids

Essential Kids
Why I refuse to give my kids any pocket money

My children still have jobs to do, we still have a chart that they can tick off, but instead of getting a $5 note for their effort, the end result is that we all have a lot more time to spend as a family.


Not Another Supermum

Not Another Supermum
My New Years Resolution for 2020 Change Nothing.

It's that time of year again. Starting afresh, setting goals, aiming high! Last year, it was about self care. I will take more time out for myself. I will meditate, or go to yoga or do one of the million other hippy things that the internet tells me that, as a working mum, I should be doing to keep myself sane.

Not Another Supermum
Going Beyond the Academic - A Teacher's Pride

When I first became a teacher, I was bursting at the seams with enthusiasm. Vivacious and ready, straight out of university. I was desperate for my own class, and ready to take on the world. I still am. I still love the world of education. Love working with kids and teachers.

Not Another Supermum
In Four Years........She'll Be Gone

I was a third year uni student when hubby (then boyfriend) and I fell pregnant with our girl. It was a very full on time in our lives, but one that I look back on now and think, "What were we so...

Not Another Supermum
And I Found my Home in the Arts, A Place that Celebrated Difference - Samuel Johnson

Like half (probably more) of the population of Australia, I am in love with Samuel Johnson. He appeared in my life when I was a teenager and entertained me with a long line of quirky and lovable characters. But last week, during his Gold Logie acceptance speech, the reason that I love Samuel Johnson was expressed in his heartfelt and genuine words.

Not Another Supermum
Graduate Teachers of 2017.....A Letter From Me to You

So, an article popped up on my FB feed tonight about a woman who quit teaching after 30 years....for a variety of reasons, but number one....was burnout. And there was one line in this article that really grabbed me. Shocked me. Made me feel desperate.....that I had to do something.