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Gatwiri Muthara

Multifaceted Storyteller and Content Creator

Location icon United States

Gatwiri is a compelling storyteller who uses the right voice, effective tools and multiple channels to reach your targeted audiences. Whether it's internal communications to increase employee engagement, or external communications to increase brand visibility – she is flexible and can adapt to whatever the situation requires.

Writing expertise includes:
New articles and features
Social media content
Press Releases
Web content
TV and Video


Articles and Blogs

How Technology Is Making Readers Stylish

Purchasing your first pair of reading glasses is one of the first rites of passage when it comes to aging. As early as age 40, many adults begin to experience presbyopia, or the inability to focus on close-up objects (words, most significantly).

'Death Doulas' Serve Dying Patients at Home, in Hospice

Cheri Rigby always knew she wanted to work with the dying. As a registered nurse, she was exposed to death frequently, but she believed that more support was needed for those who were facing it. Through an unfortunate circumstance, she was given the opportunity to make a difference.

Plan a Cheap Trip to Europe While Euro Is Down

In addition to taking advantage of cheap airfare, travelers can find a variety of lodging options to fit their budget. An Italian villa could turn out to be more affordable than staying at a hotel. For example, a three-bedroom house in Tuscany goes for less than $350 per night, or about $116 per couple if shared per night, according to Liberty Travel.

Sodexo Insights
Happiness by Design: Office Designs that Increase Employee Happiness - Sodexo Insights

The marketplace is flooded with articles, books and even phone apps trying to solve the question of what makes people happy. While happiness may seem like an esoteric concept, its origins are now being broken down to a science. Similarly, when it comes to employee engagement, figuring out what it takes to create a work ...

Sodexo Insights
Does It Pay for Employees to be "Always On?" - Sodexo Insights

With most of the country in a deep freeze this winter - a day off from work or school due to inclement weather may mean sleeping in late, playing in the snow or enjoying a warm drink by the fireplace. However with an abundance of communication tools and technology, a snow day might mean you ...


CARES Campaign Ecard

Wrote copy and oversaw design and production of ecard for Sodexo's CARES campaign.

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