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Gaia Veenis

experienced writer with passion and attention-to-detail

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A writer with wide-reaching experience built on a foundation of higher education including a BA in Journalism, MA in English, and MFA in Creative Writing. Has worked prolifically in the online marketing, news, publishing, and PR industries for more than a decade. Check out some of my work below or contact me to request specific examples.


Literature & Travel

Airplane Reading
Reunion at Tullamarine

"You're traveling into the future," my friend typed into a Facebook chat box before I embarked on the 17-hour journey across the international dateline to his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. I was counting the final days until December 27, eager fo...

Traveling, Traipsing & Typing
Traveling, Traipsing & Typing

I'm back in California now, and although I had high expectations that I would blog about every city and country directly after visiting them as I traveled through Europe for over two months, that just didn't happen.

Writing Without Walls
The Polaroid

Writing Without Walls is a monthly submissions based reading series that takes place in San Francisco. Every month we choose a theme and invite readers to send their interpretations.

Online Marketing

Importance of Nutrition and Mealtime Care Services for Seniors

The benefits of in-home caregivers for seniors should never be underestimated, especially when it comes to mealtime. We all know nutrition is part of the basis for a healthy lifestyle along with other important factors such as sleep, exercise, and mental health. This is especially true for aging individuals.

Celebrating 20 Years of Finders Keepers on the Beaches of Lincoln City, OR

Looking for an excuse to get away to one of A1's fabulous beach house rentals? Lincoln City, Oregon residents are celebrating the 20 th anniversary of Finders Keepers, a tradition in which "Float Fairies" hide blown-glass floats along the city's beaches in a nod to the colorful spheres that used to float ashore from Japanese fishing boats in the days of yore.

2014 Content Marketing Predictions

Content marketing has been part of the online landscape for years, but until recently, it wasn't exactly a hot topic. This started to shift in 2013, though, with content marketing becoming increasingly essential to the survival of brands in the online space. Now that 2014 is underway, the content marketing experts are making their predictions.

New Online Media Specialist Joins the Team at Amour d'Art

The Amour d'Art Fine Art Gallery is making a number of changes to increase its web presence and promote its inventory of fine art. One important change is the addition of online media specialist Gaia Veenis, who will be handling various marketing and promotional efforts to revamp the gallery's image on the web.

Journalism: News & Editorial

San Diego CityBeat

Smokers in California may have an even more expensive habit come Jan. 1, 2007. If groups backing the Children's Health Initiative can gather enough signatures in the next few weeks, voters will decide in November whether a $2.60 tax should be include,Nig

Side effects of dieting.

As a result,constipation, muscle weakness and loss of bone mass, infertility, are common side effects.

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