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Narcotics Anonymous | LoveToKnow

Narcotics Anonymous, otherwise known as NA is an international organization with the goal of helping those who want to remain clean from drug use. This program is made up of people from all different backgrounds who are trying to stay clean and are looking for an abstinence only approach to doing so.

6 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied | LoveToKnow

A child who is being bullied may not know how to ask for help or feel too ashamed to do so. As a parent, be aware of the signs so that if you seem them in your child, you can have a conversation and find appropriate help.

Can Stress Cause Asthma Flare Ups? | LoveToKnow

Research suggests stress directly impacts asthmatic symptoms and can cause flare-ups in both adult and children. Managing symptoms of stress can help ease and prevent stress induced asthma attacks. Studies have shown stress can not only induce asthma attacks, but it also worsen asthma symptoms in general.

Niche Writing for the Advanced Blogger - BlogPaws

As an avid writer, you may have reached the point where you're looking to take your writing to the next level. You have found the topic that speaks to you, that's easy to write about, and that excites you to continue exploring. For many writers, this may eventually lead to a plateau.

Crane Safety Tips for Crews and Equipment | LoveToKnow

Cranes are incredibly efficient pieces of equipment when it comes to lifting heavy loads, but they can create a serious safety issue if misused. Following basic safety instructions can help keep the operators, bystanders, and the equipment unharmed and undamaged.

How Natural Pregnancy Mentors Support Mothers | LoveToKnow

A natural pregnancy mentor provides spiritual and emotional support during your pregnancy, but is not present during the birth of your child. They can be used in addition to doulas and midwives as part of your pregnancy support team.

Depression and Social Anxiety | LoveToKnow

Social anxiety and depression are mental health disorders that commonly co-occur. Social anxiety and depression each play a role in intensifying the other, but keep in mind there are several treatment options that can help those experiencing these symptoms cope in healthy ways.

How to Find Your Expertise as a Blogger |

Figuring out what to write about can be frustrating, especially because there are already so many great blogs out there. The trick is to better understand why some blogs succeed and some fail. I have spent some time delving into this topic, and I have found a few key things to help get you started with finding what can set your blog apart from others.

According To Science, Jealousy Really Does Mess With Your Mind

We all experience jealousy at one point or another, but when you feel it intensely, you might notice yourself feeling particularly weird both mentally and physically. Believe it or not, there's actually a good bit of science that proves that jealousy really does have an impact on your brain.

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