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Francisco Medina


Location icon United States

Born and raised in San Jose, California.
Fluent in English and Spanish.
Currently a staff reporter and sports editor for La Voz News.

La Voz News
Smaller classes are beneficial and effective

Class sizes can play a big part in De Anza College students' success with options such as a smaller, more intimate class setting or a larger setting like courses offered in the forum buildings.

La Voz News
The best places to kick back outdoors

It's time for summer! For those who enjoy the heat, check out these amazing places in the San Jose area to hang out and soak in the sun.

La Voz News
'Game of Thrones' returns to captivate its viewers

Beginning with its improved opening, the highly anticipated HBO series "Game of Thrones" premiered its first episode of the eighth season, sending chills down the spines of millions of fans.