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The Fashion Industry: Caught Between Two Worlds

Written by in on the 23rd October 2019 / The Fashion Industry: Caught Between Two Worlds We don't question how it got there; all we can think of is wearing that new item. The now-seemingly old one, which we so enthusiastically promised ourselves would be a timeless buy, gradually moves its way down our pile of clothes towards the inevitable.

Time to Unplug: A Call for Digital Minimalism

Since the beginning of the digital revolution, our society has seen a growing concern for individual wellbeing, a desire to define the self and project as authentically as possible one's identity... It's no surprise since we are constantly being fed a range of stories from around the world, forcing us to question our own patterns of behaviour, lifestyle and values.

Local Leo
The Art of Culinary Travel by Flora Meadmore

The Art of Culinary Travel by Flora Meadmore: Food is an essential part of daily life. It links people to place to culture, making it more than a means of survival. It marks distinctions between habitats, reflecting local produce and the history of an environment.

The Art of Eccentricity and What It Means for Women | BRONDEMA

The English language gives us an endless stream of words to describe a woman who doesn't conform to social expectations. Fierce, bossy, feisty, spinster, shrill, hysterical... While I might quickly point out that there is no male equivalent for these words and that they are both reductive and derogatory, this piece is not about that.

The Millennial Effect: Reshaping Corporates

The millennials are taking over! Millennials are now the largest demographic in the workplace, making up one third of workers. Not only has this meant changes in the workplace, but consumer habits are also dramatically different as a consequence. As each earning population holds a large portion of spending power, the demands of each generation affects trends and supply in turn.

The How-To Guide on Solo Travel for Women

Solo travelling has soared over the last few years. A study undertaken by Phocuswork found that 7 out of 10 travellers in the US in 2016 were solo travellers.

Voices of Youth
Changing the script: The gender problem in the tech industry

While the 20th and 21st century have seen massive improvement for gender equality, with previously unheard voices, perspectives and stories hitting the media. The #MeToo movement brought hidden issues to the surface and created the space to look at the reality of being a woman in the West despite the progress we've made.

Friend or Foe: AI in the Recruitment Process - LEADERS IN HEELS

As recruitment becomes increasingly complex and competitive, employers need new modes of differentiating candidates and candidates need better methods of evaluating their abilities. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being introduced into recruitment processes to save time, narrow down the number of applicants, and we hope, eliminate unconscious biases in the recruitment process.