Fiona Skeggs

Graduate - Science and Environmental Journalism, Northwestern Medill

United Kingdom

Ask anyone and they’ll say I’m a huge whale nerd. I’d say I am a huge science and environment nerd - one who is particularly passionate about marine conservation.

After obtaining a BSc. in zoology from Cardiff University in 2015, I spent time as a research assistant for various organisations in Australia, Canada and the U.S. This time exposed me to the ignorance surrounding environmental issues in our oceans, and I decided to pursue a career in communications. I recently graduated from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism with a Master of Science in Journalism with a focus on science and environmental reporting.

The Restoration of the Elwha River

The Elwha River flows through an old dam site. In the background, young alder trees bloom in what was once a reservoir, and the green mound in the foreground indicates the location of the old dam walls. Walking down the hill from a parking lot on the outskirts of Port Angeles, Washington, the sound of rushing water gets louder.

Local News Initiative
Alaskan newspaper surviving after owner gave it away for free

When former teachers Melinda Munson and Gretchen Wehmhoff took over The Skagway News in Alaska, its future looked bleak. Poor quality and bad economics had run down a newspaper that for decades served a historic port city hosting throngs of tourists in a typical year.

Planet Forward
So many nanoparticles, so much time

Particle physics research takes time. Scientists at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) know this all too well as they accelerated particles to near light speed, collided streams of them into each other and helped find several of the 17 building blocks of matter in the debris for decades.

Summer Camp Inspires, Prepares Students for Medical Careers

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