E.R. Pulgar

Music Writer, Editor, Poet

Eduardo Andres Rios Pulgar | Brooklyn-based music writer, cultural critic, poet, & editor with 4+ years of experience in national & international digital/print editorial | Lover of Pablo Neruda and punk rock

Bylines: Billboard, V Magazine, PAPER Magazine, Office Magazine, etc.

United States of America


OFFICE Magazine

Office Magazine

Enter, The Voidz

An intimate reflection on the new generation of soon-to-be rock legends.


Billboard Argentina

Rey Pila: 'Hace falta una banda que tenga nuestras características'

La banda mexicana ochentosa, firmados a la seña de Julian Casablancas, hablan sobre la gira 'Hollywood Bolívar' y su disco nuevo.


How Beach House's '7' Bloomed Out of Their 'Never-Ending Conversation'

Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally reflect on a decade of collaboration and the strange pulse that beats through their new record.

V Magazine | VMAN

V Magazine

Japanese Breakfast On Healing, Hunger, and Representation

Michelle Zauner launched her solo project amidst great loss, and is still exploring her healing.

V Magazine

The Sound of The Future: In Conversation with Giorgio Moroder

The disco legend spoke to V about the invention of "the click" and the future of popular music.

V Magazine

Lana Del Rey's 'Lust for Life': Ardent, Apocalyptic, American

The V108 cover star's fourth major-label release sees her slow-dancing on the charred remains of the country she loved.

V Magazine

Tweeting Poetic: In Conversation with The Astro Poets

Twitter's premier poet astrologers blend literary references, pop culture, and the stars.

V Magazine

Remembering David Bowie's Defiant Queerness

On the anniversary of the icon's death, the gray areas he moved in remain as head-scratching as they've ever been.


Chris Baio is A Man Of The World

The London transplant is so much more than just Vampire Weekend's bassist.

PAPER Magazine

PAPER Magazine

My Life in Queer Purgatory

A personal essay on bisexual erasure, Catholicism, and coming-of-age as a queer Latinx in Miami.