Eoghan Lyng

Freelance Writer


Eoghan Lyng is the author of "U2: Every Album, Every Song." He is currently working on a follow up book, and would like to show you a selection of his rock interviews:

In the Studio With George Harrison

Eoghan Lyng looks back at the recording of "All Things Must Pass" in this bonus to our 50th anniversary coverage of the George Harrison album. You can find much more about "All Things Must Pass" in Beatlefan #247. ... Though commonly disparaged by Beatles fans and Beatles themselves, especially Paul McCartney, "Let It Be" remains...

The two men who filmed "Don Quixote" - DMovies

the_title();?> Eoghan Lyng interviews Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe, the two documentarists who registered Terry Gilliam's very personal and Quixotic quest during the completion of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote Chronicling American-born British filmmaker Terry Gilliam's 30-year crusade to make The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2018), directors Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe demonstrate a director every bit as infallible as the character that captured his creative muse for so long.

Far Out Meets: Imelda May, from Ireland with love

In what starts off like a scene from Ballykissangel, a man and a woman meet to discuss their visions of an Ireland untroubled by past, promise or papacy. The only difference is, there's no hunky priest to mediate the conversation, and I doubt Imelda May is especially interested in discussing the secular within her spiritual oeuvre.

Roachford - Interview

Exploding in the 1980s, Andrew Roachford's 'Cuddly Toy' rocketed from the CBS Recording Studios to the upper echelon of the fiery Billboard Hot 100. With its pounding hook, jaunty chorus and colossal vocal sound, the song still remains a rock radio mainstay, accruing fans as diverse as the louche Alan Partridge to the dynamic Beverley Knight.

Film @ The Digital Fix
Cobie Smulders: Interview with Songbird and Marvel star

Canadian born actress Cobie Smulders is a fixture through television and cinematic mediums. For followers of the small screen, Smulders is known for her stellar work in the multi serialised How I Met Your Mother, for Marvel fans, she will be forever remembered as Shield operative Maria Hill, circumnavigating The Avengers (2012).

We Are Cult
A Curious Feeling: Tony Banks Talks " We Are Cult

❉ Genesis' keyboard wizard discusses his solo work. Genesis. You loved them or hated them. Give the scope, selection, size and sonics of their work, it was even easy for their most hardened fanbases to assign such devotion/derision to Foxtrot, Duke and We Can't Dance.

Sophia Lillis - imagista

Sophia Lillis’ newest project is the Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) film, Uncle Frank, in which she stars with Paul Bettany. This edgy film is set in the 1970s and was a big hit earlier this year at Sundance. It will be released on Nov. 25th via Amazon Studios.