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Eoghan Lyng

Freelance Writer

Location icon Ireland

Eoghan Lyng is a culture writer. Writing credits include Record Collector, We Are Cult , CultureSonar, EzineArticles, Taste of Cinema, The Irish Post and The Prague Post. Follow him on twitter @eoghanlyng.

Interviews include John Leckie (Simple Minds/Magazine producer), Colin Moulding (XTC), Steve Hackett (Genesis), Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus), Franc Roddam (Film director) and Jeff Wayne (Musical Version of The War Of The Worlds).

Roachford - Interview

Exploding in the 1980s, Andrew Roachford's 'Cuddly Toy' rocketed from the CBS Recording Studios to the upper echelon of the fiery Billboard Hot 100. With its pounding hook, jaunty chorus and colossal vocal sound, the song still remains a rock radio mainstay, accruing fans as diverse as the louche Alan Partridge to the dynamic Beverley Knight.

Film @ The Digital Fix
Cobie Smulders: Interview with Songbird and Marvel star

Canadian born actress Cobie Smulders is a fixture through television and cinematic mediums. For followers of the small screen, Smulders is known for her stellar work in the multi serialised How I Met Your Mother, for Marvel fans, she will be forever remembered as Shield operative Maria Hill, circumnavigating The Avengers (2012).

We Are Cult
A Curious Feeling: Tony Banks Talks " We Are Cult

❉ Genesis' keyboard wizard discusses his solo work. Genesis. You loved them or hated them. Give the scope, selection, size and sonics of their work, it was even easy for their most hardened fanbases to assign such devotion/derision to Foxtrot, Duke and We Can't Dance.

New Sounds
Bring It On Down - Eoghan Lyng Speaks With Original Oasis Drummer Tony McCarroll

By 2008, Oasis, a group that used every hackneyed Beatle reference outside of Revolution 9, had broken up a decade too late. How very different in 1994 with the onset of Definitely Maybe, a powerful punching record steeped in the very best of rock n'roll, a format continued on two exhilarating follow-ups.

Binders full of men? - DMovies

the_title();?> Marianne Farley is the only female director to receive an Oscar nod this year, for her short film Marguerite (about an older woman coming to terms with her sexuality); she talks to us about generational themes, representation and more!

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