Emma Nobes

Copywriter, Content Writer, Publications Editor for Non Profit Organisations

Location icon Germany

I care about women's rights and vulnerable children, particularly girl's access to education in developing countries. This is why I worked for UNICEF UK. I want to talk about why access to a toilet cubicle with a door, for example, affects girls' schooling and why educating girls has a ripple effect on society as a whole. I want to inform the general public, and persuade them to fundraise and campaign for, amongst other things, safe learning environments. This is also why I have researched, written and published articles on gender equality on LinkedIn. I want to get people fired up and to show how donating your time or skills to a women's organisation can make a massive difference to someone's life.

I am passionate about protecting non human primates and their habitats, specifically gorillas and orangutans. I have my own Twitter account @metal_monkey_ to spread awareness about laboratory tests, poaching and palm oil, and to share news articles and research in the field.

Alongside UNICEF UK, I have worked for Singapore Red Cross, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers, and Expatgiving.

I write and edit copy, and produce cross-channel publications to target policy makers, fundraisers, volunteers, campaigners, children, teachers, and the general public. These include magazines, fundraising packs, student handbooks, promotional leaflets, awareness-raising materials, brands guidelines and annual reviews.

I produce content strategies, respect political sensitivities, and can be counted on for identifying cross-selling opportunities to increase audience engagement and raise the brand profile.

UNICEF UK Fundraising Pack
Welcome to Team UNICEF

I project managed all nine components of the pack from initial brief to delivery. This was a mammoth piece of work with a challenging brief and a strict budget, I am particularly proud of: - coming up with the highlighted tab idea at the top of each page of the booklet to reflect the fundraising journey of the supporter. - my copywriting. The text supplied for this project was provided by a number of team members. In some cases, it required a complete rewrite to separate it into sections,...

Your UNICEF supporter magazine, Issue 1

Editor in Chief - Edited substantively to keep focus on Emergencies and maintain flow - Wrote original copy, including 'Emergencies: UNICEF in action' and 'Haiti: an update' - Collaborated with stakeholder to identify theme in keeping with UNICEF's current goals - Worked with designer to define look and feel inline with brand, including suggestion pop out boxes to highlight facts and calls to action - Researched and placed photographs to show the positive work carried out by UNICEF -...

Your Society Handbook

Developed cross-selling opportunities that helped raise more than £2,000 above target - Collaborated with designer and stakeholder to define look and feel in keeping with brand - Edited substantively to lead the reader on a journey - Wrote original and engaging copy - - Researched and placed images to demonstrate UNICEF's work and to show involved students - Found ways to increase interaction with university societies and push traffic back to UNICEF website - Adapted case studies to fit with...

Fundraising Initiatives Events Calendar

Project managed this series of attractive postcards packaged in a stylish box from initial idea to delivery, to remind previous events fundraisers to participate in upcoming events for UNICEF UK - Researched and identified images that would work well together in a suite - Researched and wrote original copy to describe each event in no more than 50 words to remain within Plain English and RNIB guidelines - Collaborated with designer to define look and feel within UNICEF UK and Fundraising...

UNICEF UK Church Congregation Fundraising Pack
Jar of Grace: Child Protection

Project managed from brief to delivery: Leaflet, Information Sheet, Posters, Fundraising Ideas and Distribution Envelope. I substantively edited the Leaflet to give the children's photographs room to breathe and to demonstrate UNICEF UK's work in preventing child trafficking, in line with the brand - Heavily edited the case studies in the Information Sheet to cut the word count for layout, and give a consistent tone without removing the voice of the child - Researched and placed photographs...

Women: the ongoing struggle for equal rights

As a borderline Generation Xer with a university education, who wasn't forced into marriage, chose when to become a mother, is in good health and was encouraged to do any job I wanted, I could be forgiven (and I am sure that I am not alone) in somewhat naively thinking that women's equality had more

Could you be a blood hero?

Last week, millions of people across the world took an hour out of their day, overcame their fears, and let a stranger stick a needle into their vein. In doing so, these people were helping to save a...

Volunteering: it's a family affair

As parents, we want to raise responsible and empathic adults who will think of the environment around them and the people in it, who will overcome struggles and strive to be the best they can be, and who will, ultimately, be emotionally and physically happy and healthy.

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