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Animal Wellness Magazine
Human wellness trends for dogs in 2020 | Animal Wellness Magazine

We humans have been taking better care of ourselves lately. But some of the hottest wellness trends are going to the dogs - literally! Pet parents have plenty of exciting new products and services to choose from, all in the name of keeping Fido fit and healthy.

5 Most Common Sleep Disorders and How to Overcome Them

Sleep plays a vital role in physical and mental health. In other words, we absolutely need good sleep to stay healthy. Here we'll discuss the five most common sleep disorders - and how to overcome the problems to make your sleep more sound and enjoyable.

Shift Your Space, Shift Your Energy: Decorating Guidelines for Feng Shui | BEST SELF

When I first heard about Feng Shui, I was fascinated not only by the concept that inanimate objects have energy, but also by the stunning visual appeal that's inherent in spaces where the principles of Feng Shui have been applied. If you're curious about these principles, I encourage you to spend some time studying Feng Shui.

Marriage.com Blog
Sleep Problems After Separation or Divorce | Marriage.com

At 2 a.m. while the rest of the world is fast asleep, you are agonizing over all the details, all alone. You probably know that the middle of the night is no time to address those pressing problems, yet you find yourself suffering through the wee hours and waking exhausted day after day.


Enterprise Software: Build vs Buy

In a time where software is 'eating the world', it's no surprise that the enterprise software market is thriving. Since Salesforce.com started its mighty rise, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market has been thriving too. SaaS is a model whereby software can be licensed rather than bought.

V By Vodafone
5 Technology Trends Fuelling Vehicles of the Future

There has been a lot of buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT) recently. More and more devices are being connected to the internet, from household appliances that act as the brain of the kitchen, to ‘smart health’ wearables that can measure a person’s living conditions and health issues. But the revolutionary IoT movement isn’t confined to small, personal items. Here we reveal how the internet of things will power the vehicles of the future, highlighting five technology trends set to...

V By Vodafone
V By Vodafone

We're all becoming more connected, and so are the devices we use. But sometimes, it can feel like we've got so much technology at our hands, we've no idea what to do with it. That's why we've created the V by Vodafone blog.

Health and Wellness



Iconic and beautiful, the Seven Sisters is a series of chalk cliffs that border the English Channel between Seaford and Eastbourne. And though this circular walk over the cliffs is challenging (taking around six hours to complete), the stunning coastal views are definitely worth it. Just make sure to stay away from the edges!

V By Vodafone
Stress – How It Affects Us And How To Deal With It

Most of us aren’t dealing with life’s big stresses on a daily basis, like losing a job, going through a break-up, or grieving for a loved one. But what about the smaller, everyday moments of stress we’re encountering? Losing our keys, or a bag; just missing the train when we’re already late for work; frantically worrying over whether we’ve locked the front door… Here we explain the impact these small stresses – or micro stress – can have on our health, as well as sharing advice on how to...


London Loves Business
Where To Buy Property In 2018

Despite Brexit doom and gloom, multi-billion pound regeneration plans and transport upgrades are creating new property hotspots across the capital.

Country Living
5 Of The Best Historical British Airbnbs That Have An Amazing Story To Tell

Airbnb offers a huge range of accommodation for guests to enjoy all over the world, but some of the most interesting places to stay come with fascinating backstories. Several Airbnb properties in the UK are steeped in history and provide visitors the chance to travel back in time.

10 Things To Know Before Using Airbnb

From stunning Ibizan villas to treehouses in Thailand, Airbnb has your holiday accommodation covered, meaning you can live like a local wherever you might be. But before you start scrolling through your options, estate agent Portico has come up with ten things you need to know when using Airbnb...

Data-Analysis Report
London Property Market Review And 2018 Forecast

Theresa May gambled on a 'snap' election, Brexit negotiations have remained a top concern, and we saw the first interest rate rise in 10 years - 2017 has certainly been an eventful year for the property market.

Press Releases

Press Release
The United States Of Cyberchondriacs

A new report suggests that America is increasingly turning to the internet to assess and monitor their health, with a staggering 44% of Americans admitting they consult Google rather than a professional doctor.

Press Release
One Quarter of Brits Have Challenged Parking Tickets

Walking back to your car and seeing a ticket slapped on the windscreen is one of life’s biggest curses – and it’s especially annoying if you believe you've been unfairly hit. But unfortunately parking fines are a growing problem in Britain, with a staggering 12 tickets issued every minute between October and December 2017.So what do the majority of us do when we’re faced with a fine? Do we dispute it? Or do we pay the fine?

Press Release
Entrepreneur Will Continue the Musical Legacy at Famous Finchcocks

Finchcocks has played host to Second World War soldiers, a ballet school, as well a world famous piano museum - and now the music legacy will continue, as the new owners have revealed they will be opening the doors to the public and offering world class piano courses for adults of all abilities.


Portico Places
Emma Williams Visits LIBRARY, London's Newest Members' Club

Like Jorge Luis Borges, I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. You can understand my excitement then when I first heard that London’s newest member’s club has reading, writing and study at its core. But the five story townhouse on St. Martin’s Lane doesn’t just appeal to London’s literary crowd; it’s an unbelievably cool space promoted as your ‘home away from home’, which doubles up as a boutique hotel with views of the London Coliseum. Members come for the huge range...

Emma Williams Reviews The 'Maker's Mecca', Drink Shop Do

If, like many millennials, your hobbies consist of - and are limited to - Netflix, browsing the internet and ordering food on your phone, we've got good news for you: Drink, Shop, Do is a hipster café/bar in King's Cross that's inspiring generation avocado to pick up a hobby!

Portico Places
Emma Williams Reviews Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, MBER

This swanky pan-Asian restaurant and cocktail bar adheres to the memory of the Great Fire of London, which actually broke out on the same street back in 1666. The sleek, cosy interiors feature glowing copper, shining candles and flashes of orange, the inventive menu brings the heat, and the cocktails are designed to set imaginations alight. We headed to the City to find out why MBER is the new place to be…

Portico Places
Emma Williams Reviews New Fitness App, Gympass

Doing the downward dog hundreds of feet from the ground may not sound relaxing - but trust us, Yogasphere at The Shard is an absolute must for all abilities. Designed by yogi duo Mandy Jhamat and Leo Lourdes, the energising class involves a series of 24 poses while taking in breath-taking, panoramic views of the capital. Don’t forget to bring your camera phone!


kgb deals
Executive MOT & Motor Service Offer

As if working a 9-5 wasn’t enough, a large majority of us (parents) are fully-fledged taxi drivers too. So come evening, our time is spent ferrying round impatient customers (kids) from A to B and back again. As a fellow cabby on cue, agent k knows that it’s essential to keep your pride and joy in working order, to keep your pride and joys happy…

The Telegraph
The Phene Restaurant Offer for The Telegraph

This is what you call ‘going down the pub’ Made in Chelsea style. The Phene is the boutique gastro pub that has graced our screens as the velvet-clad stomping ground of the famous SW3 residents. Given this celebrity seal of approval, even if reality TV isn’t to your taste, it’s safe to say that the food will be. And for the fans, well, if the elite eatery is good enough for Millie and Binky, it’s good enough for any discerning diner.

Sainsbury's Nectar Deal

Sod’s Law dictates that just as you’re about to make an important call / take a once-in-a-lifetime photo / beat your high score on Angry Birds, your phone will run out of battery. Take charge of your charge for good, with this (phone)life-saving gadget. As well as keeping your phone looking as good as new by encasing it in a protective shell, the case doubles up as a charger, thanks to its built-in lithium polymer battery

Kite Clothing
Kite Clothing | Product Copy

"Quite frankly Teddy, if my lunch box isn’t entirely organic by next week I’m calling social services.” Completely natural, ethical and super planet-friendly, Kite’s pretty range of children’s clothing is perfect for kids with passion and personality.

Crochet Kids' Toys | Product Copy

This little dino is so hipster, he existed before it was cool. Crafted from acrylic wool, this beautiful crocheted toy is soft, cuddly and will make a great gift for any little cutie.


House Beautiful
This property's estate featured in Kingsman and The Bill

This three-bedroom property's claim to fame is that its estate was featured in spy action film, Kingsman, featuring Colin Firth, Taron Egerton and Samuel L Jackson, and also in the much-loved TV shows, The Bill and Prime Suspect .