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Meet The 17 Families Focusing The Lens On Deaths In State Custody - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. A recent exhibition in Brixton, London, focussed the lens on deaths in state custody and care. SoulsINQUEST was created in conjunction with families bereaved by deaths in police contact, prisons, mental health and care units.

MPs Hear Public Order Act Has Chilling Effect On Democracy - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. Following the arrests of dozens of protestors on 6 May 2023, the day of the Coronation of King Charles, police officers, barristers, campaigners and volunteers have been giving evidence before the home affairs select committee.

Everything You Need To Know About The Covid Inquiries - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. On 12 May 2021, former prime minister Boris Johnson announced that there would be an inquiry into the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What Rights Do Brits Have Abroad? - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. As the UK announces the final evacuation flights for British nationals out of Sudan, we ask the question: what rights do Brits have abroad?

What Could Artificial Intelligence Mean For Human Rights? - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. AI is the simulation of human intelligence by machines. It requires a foundation of specialised hardware and software for writing and training machine learning algorithms. AI programming focuses on cognitive skills that include learning, reasoning, self-correction and creativity.

Redefining Sex In The Equality Act Labelled 'Legally Illiterate' - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. On 21 February 2023, the minister for women and equalities, Kemi Badenoch, wrote to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to ask for advice on the definition of the protected characteristic of 'sex' in the Equality Act 2010.

25 Years On: Is Northern Ireland Closer To A Bill Of Rights? - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. For the last 25 years, following the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement in 1998 - which helped bring conflict in Northern Ireland to an end - there has been a call for a dedicated Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland.

The Met To Reopen Closed Police Misconduct Cases - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. The Metropolitan Police has today reported on the progress of Operation Onyx - a review of the police officers and staff against whom the Met has heard concerning reports of domestic or sexual incidents.

What Is The Home Office's Voluntary Returns Service? - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. You have probably heard about the Illegal Migration Bill, which has made most of the country's front pages recently. However, one aspect of migration policy you may not have heard of is the Voluntary Returns Service, also run by the Home Office.

'Help To Claim' Scheme Extended For People Applying For Universal Credit - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. The 'Help to Claim' support will continue to be delivered independently for another year by Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland, following a £22m investment by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Great Central Gazette
The potential impact of the bill of rights in Leicester

The Human Rights Act has been described as a vital "safety net" for people living in the UK. The law - which was by the UK Parliament in 1998 and took effect in 2000 - incorporates into domestic law the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Amendments To The Illegal Migration Bill Split Parliament - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. On 27 March, MPs were back in parliament to debate the proposed Illegal Migration Bill. Its return to the House of Commons has reportedly split Tory MPs over the issue of its hardening stance on people arriving on small boats across the Channel.

Police Accountability For Violence Against Women Is A National Issue - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. A new report from the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC), released 14 March 2023, presents the first national assessment of police performance on tackling violence against women and girls (VAWG).

What Does the Illegal Migration Bill Mean for Modern Slavery? - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. Following the publication of the Illegal Migration Bill, EachOther summarises developments in the Bill and what it could mean for victims of modern slavery in the UK.

The Public Order Bill Set To Become Law: Know Your Rights - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. The controversial Public Order Bill is receiving final amendments from Parliament and will receive Royal Assent before becoming an official Act. Here is what those amendments mean for your rights.

Sunak Plans Lifetime Ban For Channel Migrants - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. Prime minister Rishi Sunak is set to introduce an Illegal Migration Bill to remove migrants arriving on small boats and ban them from re-entering the UK .

What Is The £842m Household Support Fund? - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. The government has announced details of a household support fund (HSF) extension worth £842m. From 1 April, the additional funding will be allocated to local authorities to help the most vulnerable households across England.

One Year On: Ukrainian Refugees' Life In The UK - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. On 24 February 2022, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin ordered a Russian invasion on Ukraine. Since then, life has changed for the people who fled to the UK.

What Is In Store For Human Rights In Scotland? - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. On 15 February, Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon announced her resignation, saying the job "takes its toll on you and all around you". Sturgeon is the longest-serving First Minister, as well as the first woman elected to the role.

Church Of England Urged By LGBTQI+ Community To 'Come Out For Love' - EachOther

The Church of England has been urged to 'come out for love' this Valentine's Day. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has been asked by members of the LBGTQI+ community to come out as an ally. Following what has been called "glacial" progress by the church, comedian Sandi Toksvig has launched a campaign to show solidarity with LGBTQI+ people across the UK.

Could The ECHR Be A Battleground In The Next Election? - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. This week, news of the latest threat to pull the UK out of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) made headlines in The Sunday Times.

Children Born As A Result Of Rape Will Be Recognised As Victims - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. The government intends to amend the Victims Bill to clarify that children who were born as a result of rape are entitled to support from criminal justice agencies such as the police and courts.

80% Of Girls Say Schools Need To Do More To Tackle Sexual Harassment - EachOther

To keep telling the stories that put the human into human rights, EachOther relies on your generous support. The UK is facing a 'national crisis' of sexual violence and harassment in schools. According to new findings by the End Violence Against Women coalition (EVAW), 80% of girls think schools need to do more to tackle sexual harassment.

How Deep Does Misogyny Run In The Met? - EachOther

Shortly after arriving on the scene, Lewis posted to the A Team group an article about the discovery of the bodies, saying he and his colleagues were "living the Wembley dream". Lewis wrote: "Unfortunately I'm sat next to two dead birds full of stab wounds."

Human Rights In The UK Are In Crisis According To New Report - EachOther

Over 70 organisations from across civil society in England and Wales have provided evidence for a new report to the UN on the UK's human rights record. The report concludes that rights in the UK - including everyday rights such as to food, housing, social security, work, trade unions, health and education - are in crisis.

What Is Sentencing And How Does It Work? - EachOther

The House of Commons Justice Committee has launched an inquiry into the public's opinion and understanding of sentencing. The Justice Committee will examine their understanding of the current approach to sentencing in England and Wales. It has made us ask the question: what does sentencing mean for our rights?

What Might The Anti-Strike Bill Mean For Workers? - EachOther

On 10 January, the government introduced the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill or anti-strike Bill to Parliament. While the bill has some way to go as it makes its way through several readings and into the House of Lords, union members say that it the legislation is not necessary.

The Government Accepts Recommendations To Protect Human Rights In Care Settings - EachOther

The government has accepted recommendations made by the Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) on protecting human rights in health and social care settings. A formal response has been published following concerns about the protection of human rights in care settings which include the right to life (Article 2) and the right to be free from torture and degrading treatment (Article 3).

The Human Rights Highlighted By The Football World Cup - EachOther

Ahead of the men's football World Cup final this weekend, we look at the human rights issues which have been thrown up by this year's tournament. Attracting controversy from the outset, the competition has been played against a backdrop of human rights questions and campaigns.

What Is The Mental Health Bill? - EachOther

Kendall said: "This whole area is a major problem that has dogged mental health for years. We are currently in a position where people from Black and Black British backgrounds are subject to the Mental Health Act about four to five times more than expected.

What Is the National Security Bill? - EachOther

The National Security Bill aims to completely overhaul 'outdated' espionage laws and create new measures to allow law enforcement and intelligence agencies to deter, detect and disrupt threats to the UK. But MPs and press freedom organisations fear that the Bill is vague and could lead to journalists, whistleblowers and activists being treated like spies.

What Will The Return Of The Bill Of Rights Mean For The UK? - EachOther

It's been called 'the Bill of Rights Bill', 'the Rights Removal Bill', 'worse than useless', 'a complete mess', 'a political nightmare'. The chances are that in the last year you've heard one of these statements describe the Bill of Rights, which is set to return to parliament shortly and replace the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA).

Allowing Asylum Seekers To Work Could Generate £300m For The Treasury - EachOther

Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognises thatthe right to work is a fundamental right, but under UK law people seeking asylum are not allowed to work. With growing public support, the charity Refugee Action asked the Treasury an important question: would it accept £300m a year in exchange for lifting the ban?

Will The Asylum Dispersal Grant Help Build A Fairer System? - EachOther

Under a new scheme, local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales will receive financial support to house people seeking asylum. The Home Office has said that the Asylum Dispersal Grant will support local authorities through one-off payments of £250 per person seeking asylum.

People Seeking Asylum Forced to Live on £8.24 a Week - EachOther

News People fleeing war and seeking safety in the UK are forced to live on £8.24 a week under government support allowances. Amid a cost of living crisis, and what will be the longest recession this country has ever faced, people in our communities are struggling to feed their families.

Calls For IPP Prisoners To Be Re-Sentenced Over Abolished Guidance - EachOther

Prisoners sentenced under draconian guidance are serving sentences which were abolished in 2012 when the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found them to be "fundamentally unjust" and "unlawful". A total of 1,661 offenders sentenced under Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) continue to serve prolonged or unjust sentences.

The Victims Bill Is Flawed In Protecting Children And Survivors - EachOther

The Justice Committee has pointed out flaws of the Victims Bill in a pre-legislative report that raises significant concerns for victims of crimes and abuse across the UK. The cross-party committee noted problems in the way "victims" are defined, a lack of enforcement powers and the need for additional funding and resources for the Bill to be effective.

A History Of HIV And Human Rights In The UK - EachOther

In 1981, the first cases of 'Gay-Related Immune Deficiency', known as GRID, were identified in the United States. This disease would later be known as HIV. In 1982, a 37-year-old man named Terry Higgins collapsed on the dancefloor of the London nightclub Heaven, where he would occasionally DJ.

Religious Attacks In Leicester Disguised As 'Peaceful Protests' - EachOther

Violence broke out last weekend in Leicester, a city which has been experiencing religious tension and 'serious disorder' since August. On 17 and 18 September, large crowds formed in the east of the city after groups of young men began an 'unplanned protest', inciting tension and violence between the Hindu and Muslim communities.

Truss's Cabinet: Human Rights Records Laid Bare - EachOther

Having dived into prime minister Liz Truss's human rights record, we take a look at the records of the ministers she has appointed to her cabinet - many of whom have come under fire for representing issues they have actively tried to restrict, including the environment, migration, access to healthcare, welfare benefits and public services.

'Anti-Monarchy' Protestors Entitled to Free Speech Amid Arrests - EachOther

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and ascension to the throne of King Charles, several people have been arrested in connection to protests and criticisms of the monarchy. The 'anti-monarchy' protestors were arrested this week, for holding up signs reading: 'Not my King', blank pieces of paper and calling out messages of criticism of Prince Andrew.

High Court Set To Rule On Rwanda Policy - EachOther

Today marks the final hearing for Care4Calais's and Detention Action's cases to be heard, with a judicial review brought by Asylum Aid set for next month. Under the migration partnership that former home secretary Priti Patel signed with the Rwandan government, no deportation flights have taken off so far.

Joint Enterprise Bill Passes First Hearing - EachOther

On 6 September a Private Members' Bill calling for fairer appeal processes passed its first reading in the House of Commons. The Criminal Appeal (Amendment) Bill or 'Joint Enterprise' Bill, calls for a fairer appeals process for those who remain detained on remand and convicted by joint enterprise will now progress to a second reading later this year.

The Energy And Cost of Living Support Available This Winter - EachOther

The newly appointed prime minister, Liz Truss is reported to be considering a lengthy freeze on energy bills for homes and businesses. Awaiting the roll-out of further support amidst an energy and cost of living crisis, we look at the schemes that might be available to you now.

Liz Truss: The New Prime Minister's Human Rights Record - EachOther

Liz Truss has just been voted by Conservative peers and members to be the next prime minister. The former secretary of state for foreign, commonwealth and development affairs has a track record of voting against human rights progression in the UK and as prime minister will be involved in policy decisions that will radically change rights protections.

Episode 3: Beyond Trauma

Listen to this episode from Less than 2 percent on Spotify. In the third and final episode of Less than 2%, we hear about the impact of trauma on the lives of survivors.

Episode 2: Imperfect Victims

Listen to this episode from Less than 2 percent on Spotify. In the second episode of Less than 2%, we see what happens when survivors go to the courts, if their case even gets there in the first place.

Episode 1: 1000 Days

Listen to this episode from Less than 2 percent on Spotify. In the first episode of Less than 2%, we look at where survivors go when they experience sexual violence, their decision to report the incident to the police, and the way the police investigate the claim.

Public Sexual Harassment Could Become A Criminal Offence - EachOther

A consultation has been launched which could determine whether public sexual harassment could become a criminal offence in the UK. The government has launched a consultation to hear from organisations and local government about whether a specific offence for public sexual harassment should be created.

Calls For Evidence: How Well Are Your Rights Protected In The UK? - EachOther

Organisations are being asked to submit evidence to help the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) assess how well our socio-economic and cultural rights are protected in the UK. It's happening o n a backdrop of the Human Rights Act being replaced with a controversial Bill of Rights and a cost-of-living crisis, which is affecting people's daily lives, across the UK.

Will Trial Rape Courts Address Low Conviction Rates? - EachOther

A year after the Government's Rape Review, a pilot scheme was announced that would establish three specialist rape courts in England. But with concerns from the sector about access to justice, survivors' welfare and funding: Will specialist rape courts address low conviction rates and support survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence?

Police Strip-Searches: Know Your Rights - EachOther

The Metropolitan Police (Met) subjected 650 children to 'traumatising' strip-searches across two years and on average have strip-searched five children a day over the last five years in London. 95% of the children were boys, with over half described by officers as Black.

Virginity Testing Is Made A Criminal Offence Across The UK - EachOther

TRIGGER WARNING: Please note that this piece includes language and themes of child abuse, virginity testing and coercion that some may find triggering. The government has made it illegal to carry out, offer or aid and abet virginity testing or hymenoplasty in any part of the UK under the Health and Care Act 2022.

The Government's Net Zero Strategy Ruled 'Unlawful' - EachOther

In a landmark victory, the High Court has ruled Friends of The Earth ClientEarth , who took the Government to court over its Net Zero Strategy. Now that the policy has been deemed unlawful, the government must revise its strategy and lay out a credible plan for meeting emissions targets.

Will The Next Prime Minister Defend Our Human Rights? - EachOther

Support EachOther's independent journalism, filmmaking and storytelling to build backing in the UK for human rights. Make a donation here: Following the latest round of voting by Conservative MPs, two candidates remain in the Tory leadership race: former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, and Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss.

The Human Rights Records Of The Tory Leadership Race Laid Bare

Support EachOther's independent journalism, filmmaking and storytelling to build backing in the UK for human rights. Make a donation here All information is accurate at the time of publication. Following Boris Johnson's resignation as Leader of the Conservative Party last week, five Tory MPs remain in the running to become the next Prime Minister.

Does The Victims Bill Go Far Enough To Protect All Victims? - EachOther

TRIGGER WARNING: Please note that this piece includes language and themes of domestic, child abuse and sexual violence that some may find triggering. This week, following the publication of the draft Victims Bill , experts and MPs have given evidence at a pre-legislative scrutiny hearing brought by the Justice Committee.

Bill Of Rights Set To Undermine The Rights That Protect Us All - EachOther

The Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) is the landmark legislation that prevents people in the UK having their rights trampled by the state. It was introduced in part to 'bring rights home'. Almost 25 years later, the government proposes to overhaul it and replace it with a new Bill of Rights in a move that has been described as a 'power grab ' '.

The Public Order Bill 'Fundamentally Threatens' UK Democracy - EachOther

Article 19's work defends the right for all voices to be heard, regardless of their status. The international advocacy group works to ensure that everyone can freely express themself and actively engage in public life without fear of discrimination. Article 19 speaks with one voice, through courts of law and through global and regional organisations.

By Ending Covid-19 Support, Has The Government Breached Our Rights? - EachOther

In February this year, the government announced new plans for living with Covid-19 following the global pandemic. As part of their roadmap to living with the virus, many Covid-19 support measures that had been put in place were stopped, potentially jeopardising the right to access adequate healthcare, the right to an adequate standard of living and more.

Edinburgh's Strip Club Ban Could Violate Women's Rights - EachOther

On 31 March, Edinburgh Council voted to introduce a 'nil-cap' policy (ban) on strip clubs in the city. Councillors decided to ban such venues in the city, despite warnings from fellow councillors that they could face legal action over a decision which 'would just drive activities underground'.

Women Face 'Serious Harm' As Local Councils Move To Ban Strip Clubs - EachOther

If so, tell us about it by emailing us Mail us On 31 March 2022, Edinburgh Council will vote on whether to limit the number of strip clubs in the city or to impose a cap on them set at zero (a 'nil-cap' policy), which would ban strip clubs in the area altogether, potentially forcing the four existing venues to shut permanently.

Which Of Child Q's Rights Might Police Or Teachers Have Violated? - EachOther

TRIGGER WARNING: Please note this piece contains references to invasion of privacy and degrading treatment which some readers may find triggering. A 15-year-old Black schoolgirl, now known as Child Q, was removed by school staff from an exam she was sitting and then strip-searched by two police officers on suspicion of possessing marijuana.

Wales Joins Scotland In Protecting Children From Physical Punishment - EachOther

Yesterday, Wales saw an "historic" ruling come into force which outlaws corporal punishment, including smacking, slapping or shaking a child. Under the new law, an adult may now face criminal charges if they are found to have used physical punishment against a child, strengthening protections under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Should Access To The Internet Be A Human Right? - EachOther

A right to internet access might sound trivial to some, but for many people access to the internet continues to provide a lifeline. Even after national Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, many people remain dependant on the internet as a means of accessing medication, food, an education and a source of income.

UN To Review The UK's Performance On Human Rights - EachOther

Every five years the UK undergoes a 'human rights health check', during which other members of the United Nations Human Rights Council review the UK's commitment to upholding our rights. This year, it will take place following the government's consultation on its plans to overhaul the Human Rights Act (HRA).

"The Gateway To All Rights Abuses Is That Power Is Often Unchecked" - EachOther

She has acted for bereaved families seeking answers after loved ones died in state care. She has represented survivors of rape, domestic violence and trafficking who were failed by the police. She has brought claims on behalf of prisoners and immigration detainees who had been mistreated in custody and has challenged attempts to curb access to justice.

Does International Law Protect Your Rights In The UK? - EachOther

If your human rights were under threat, could you call on international law to defend them in a UK court? We speak to Professor Aoife Nolan, an expert on international law, to answer the question: are you protected by international law in UK courts?

A Case 40 Years Ago Led To Ban On Beating Children In State Schools - EachOther

Corporal punishment includes violence against children through any form of 'physical force' that is used to inflict pain. As well as causing harm and discomfort, the perpetration of any form of violence against children represents a violation of their rights. This includes infringement of a child's right to integrity of the person under the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Campaign Launches To Save Free Prescriptions For Over-60s - EachOther

Over half of the 3.7 million adults aged 60-65 in the UK have long-term health conditions. Under the proposals, two thirds of that age group will become ineligible for free prescriptions according to the Department of Health and Social Care's (DHSC) own analysis.

Scrapping Free Lateral Flow Tests Threatens To Cut Off Disabled People - EachOther

As Covid-19 restrictions change in the UK, so the approach to testing for the virus is set to change too, as Whitehall sources suggest the government will scrap free Lateral Flow Testing kits (LFTs) 'within weeks'. It is the latest in a long line of attempts to wind-down the response to Covid-19, as we 'learn to live with the virus'.

'Reclaim These Streets' Are In Court To Reclaim The Right To Assemble - EachOther

Support EachOther to bring you independent journalism, film-making and story-telling which put the human into human rights. Make a donation It is the first of a two-day judicial review hearing which will take place before two judges in the Divisional Court, which hears the most serious cases and appeals.

The Canary
The truth behind the UK's refugee 'resettlement' plan

Every story that you have come to us with; each injustice you have asked us to investigate; every campaign we have fought; each of your unheard voices we amplified; we do this for you. We are making a difference on your behalf. .

The Canary
Why banning the 'rough sex defence' won't change trial verdicts

The 'rough sex defence clause' - legally known as NC20 - is due for its second reading in the House of Lords. But some legal experts claim that it may not change trial verdicts. NC20 - "Consent to serious harm for sexual gratification not a defence" - is an amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill that simply reinstates the law as it stands.

The Canary
Government 'secret Orwellian unit' takes blacklisting journalists to a new level

The UK government has allegedly set up an 'Orwellian' unit to blacklist journalists and act as a clearing house for freedom of information requests. A new investigation by Open Democracy reported that Michael Gove's office set up the specialised unit which also coaches departments on how to respond to freedom of information requests (FOIs) from journalists.

The Canary
BBC attempts to 'modernise' lead to all white news board

As part of our #FactOfTheMatter series, The Canary can show that the has appointed an all-white News Board. Director of news and current affairs Fran Unsworth appointed the new board as part of the BBCs plan to 'modernise' the organisation.

The Canary
Exclusive: the UK is lighting up red as Labour's leadership is challenged by local groups

However, since the EHRC report was published, Jewish Labour Party members have come forwards to accuse Labour of 'weaponising fears'. A member of Jewish Voice for Labour, a left-wing group of Jewish Labour members, called the ban "grossly insulting": The latest edict from party HQ, suggesting that Jewish members require a wholesale ban on discussion of anything that touches on the treatment of Jeremy Corbyn in order to feel safe and welcome in the party, is grossly insulting and inflammatory.

The Canary
A left-wing Jewish group is taking legal action against the Labour Party

As part of our #FactOfTheMatter series, The Canary has been tracking increasing rebellion within the Labour Party. We can confirm that Jewish Voice For Labour (JVL) has now launched its own legal proceedings into the suspension of CLP members and an alleged ban on discussing motions relating to antisemitism within the Labour Party.

The Canary
Experts begin tests to determine whether the UK will need to be re-vaccinated

As part of our #FactOfTheMatter series, The Canary explores whether emerging mutations of coronavirus (Covid-19) will lead to people in the UK needing to be re-vaccinated. With emerging strains being reported in South Africa and Brazil, the question for experts is will people need to be re-vaccinated because of coronavirus variants?

The Canary
UK abortion services amounted to 'torture' and 'breached human rights'

As part of the #OurLivesOurStories series, The Canary has spoken to the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC) after it launched legal proceedings against the devolved government over a failure to fund abortion services. Following pressure by the United Nations (UN) in 2019, the government in the north of Ireland decriminalised abortions.

The Canary
The government doesn't have a clue where its own vaccine data is

As part of our #FactOfTheMatter series, The Canary Investigations team has spoken to three government departments in charge of the coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine rollout. We wanted to find out how the vaccine was allocated in England - but no one could tell us who holds that information.

The Canary
Private emails prove VIP lanes for multimillion PPE deals existed. And here they are...

Explosive emails seen by The Canary prove that VIP lanes for PPE contracts existed throughout the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. The emails include references to personal connections between vendors and contractors for the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC), as well as how contracts were awarded despite a lack of investigation into companies' services.

The Canary
Children among those allegedly terrorised in Nazareth police 'torture room'

Adalah - the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel - has published documents that claim police officers were operating a torture room at Nazareth police station. The documents suggest that Nazareth police, special forces, and undercover 'mista'aravim' officers targeted, attacked, and detained Palestinian civilians.

The Canary
EU governments targeted by scammers promising millions of doses of vaccines

EU governments and authorities were targeted by criminals looking to cash in on coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines. Europol has called this "an emerging trend". It says there are several cases where criminals tried to broker contracts with EU government agencies to supply millions of doses of coronavirus vaccines.

The Canary
Gavin Williamson is facing legal action for trying to censor schools

Education secretary Gavin Williamson is facing legal action following a letter he sent to schools on 28 May about "antisemitic incidents". The grassroots human rights organisation CAGE launched legal action against Williamson in a pre action letter on the 2 August. The legal action covers several grounds, including discrimination against Muslim students and breaching the Education Act.