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Why I'll never live through another renovation

Moving out of a home during a renovation seems like an obvious decision, but when you weigh up the costs of relocating and renting, it's not so clear-cut. The truth is a renovation is never a straight-forward project, and when it comes to knocking out the kitchen and ripping up those vinyl floors, tempers are tested, budgets are stretched and time-frames blow out.

Five simple yet effective ways to cut the cost of your renovation

There's nothing quite like a renovation to transform a home, but it can also be a sure-fire way to drain your bank account. Before you take out that second mortgage, consider if your home - and wallet - will benefit from a straightforward update rather than a full-scale renovation.

Five ways to fail when renovating an investment property

Renovating an investment property is often considered a foolproof plan guaranteed to boost rental return. The truth is it's not always as straightforward as it seems and when you're dealing with an unstable market, the financial gains of renovating can be outweighed by the loss in equity.

The pitfalls of renovating in winter and the watertight solutions

If a home renovation is on your winter to-do list, there's more to consider than just fixtures and fittings. Bad weather can cause damage, prolong the building process, and potentially put an unexpected dent in your wallet. However, if you're aware of what can go wrong, a basic plan can help to avoid the pitfalls of renovating during the winter months.

The key ingredients to a cost-effective bathroom renovation

Before you rip up that worn out shower base or lift off those '70s tiles, take a minute. There are some key ingredients to consider before you take to your bathroom with a sledgehammer. To reduce the shock and keep your budget in check, implement some of these cost-effective tips.

OnPoint Designs
The Malvern East Project

Principal designer at Belson Designs, Sharyn McBride, describes her style as “Transitional-Hollywood glam.” And it is this style that has inspired the Malvern East triple storey designer home.

OnPoint Designs
South Melbourne Apartment

Antoinette, an interior designer at Moss Melbourne, knows luxury. The recently awarded with House & Gardens top 50 rooms with the impressive bathroom design within a South Melbourne apartment converted from a commercial space.

7 ways to revamp your living room without spending a fortune

If your living room feels dull and lifeless it's time for a new look. Using a balanced combination of light, colour and texture, you can transform a tired space into a room you don't want to leave. And the best part? It doesn't have to cost you a fortune. 1.

5 tips to a home you won't grow out of | SmoothStart

When designing a home, it is important to think about the future. If you see yourself in the same home for the next five years does it include kids, a pet, or a certain lifestyle? We have put together five tips to ensure you own a home you won't grow out of any time soon.

OnPoint Designs
The Mermaid Beachside Renovation

The 'Scandi' inspired apartment in Mermaid Beach, Queensland invites you in with its cool crisp colours and earthy timber tones. Donna Guyler from Donna Guyler Design drew on the clients need for functionality and desire for a minimal fuss home to create this desirable piece of real estate.

SmoothStart Homes
Innovative study nooks - SmoothStart Homes

A large room can be hard to furnish. However, breaking the space into zones can allow you to create a study nook within another room without it feeling odd or disjointed. It's a practical way to use the space. Creating a study nook under a raking ceiling can be a creative way to make use of an odd sized space.

SmoothStart Homes
How to choose a floor covering that's right for you - SmoothStart Homes

Carpet is usually used in bedrooms and theatres. It makes for a warm and comfortable feel to these areas. It tends to be avoided in hallways and living areas due to wear and tear, and discolouration. Be sure to be mindful of manufacturers recommendations to keep your carpet looking its best for longer.

SmoothStart Homes
6 Kitchen design ideas for 2016 - SmoothStart Homes

Cabinetry does not have to match. The base cabinets can be different from your overheads cabinets and your drawer facings may differ from your swing doors. This creates interest and gives personality to your kitchen. Note: There is a difference between mix n' match, and mismatch, so try to keep the styles matching to nail the look.

SmoothStart Homes
Best fireplace ideas for your new home - SmoothStart Homes

Double sided fireplaces are primarily used to heat two areas of the home, but they also work to separate the spaces while still creating the illusion that the rooms are connected. It is the perfect solution to a small space.

SmoothStart Homes
5 tips to lighting your new home - SmoothStart Homes

The kitchen is a great area for downlights. They create a strong light for working areas, so you can see grease or dirt, and also check if that delicious meal is cooked through. Pendant lights or under cabinet lighting also work well in the kitchen to create focus to a work bench or food preparation area.


Speller International
Fall in love with your SAP job again - Speller International

Although you may enjoy what you do, even the most enthusiastic employee can fall out of love their SAP job. So what can you do to reignite that spark? Here are five ways to get out of that rut & fall in love with your job again.

Speller International
Monthly SAP placement trends revealed - Speller International

When it comes to SAP recruitment, timing may affect how you feel about job chasing, but should it always sway you when it comes to searching for your new position? Find out the highest and lowest ranking months and why.

Zib Media | Australia's Leading Digital Marketing Agency
Using Chatbots to Convert - Zib Media | Australia's Leading Digital Marketing Agency

As a website owner, it's important to be up to date with technology that can impact customer experience, improve time management, and save money. And a chatbot can do all those things. So what is a chatbot? A chatbot is an interface that can interact with your customers.

Speller International
5 strategies to manage workplace politics as a SAP contractor - Speller International

A new job, a new environment, right? Well, sort of. Yet workplace politics are more common than you think. You may have seen first-hand the workplace rumour-mill churning, or irrational outbursts, however working as a SAP contractor does not mean you're immune to the political stuff. So how do you deal with it?


'How I Travelled To 50 Countries Before I Turned 30'

I have never had a bucket list. It just happened. Staying in one place was not for me and the more I travelled, the more I discovered I could go anywhere. I took bigger risks, I did without certain luxuries and I got savvy with my money.

The Big Bus tour and travel guide
Ten top things to do in Lorne, Victoria | Plan Your Stay - The Big Bus

For most people, the whole point of visiting Lorne on Victoria's Great Ocean Road is to do as little as possible. However, this relaxed coastal centre offers plenty to keep visitors occupied. Located just two hours from the Melbourne CBD, Lorne is also the ideal holiday destination for those looking to combine a quaint coastal town atmosphere with many of the luxuries of the big smoke.

The Big Bus tour and travel guide
Ten Top Things to Do on the Mornington Peninsula - The Big Bus

Victoria's Mornington Peninsula is famous for relaxed coastal living, but there's plenty here to keep eager holidaymakers on the go. Elle Vidovich checks in suggestions for ten top things to do... The Mornington Peninsula in Regional Victoria offers access to a wide diversity of stunning coastal landscapes and some of the state's best gourmet food and wine experiences.

The Big Bus tour and travel guide
Top Things to Do in the Dandenong Ranges | Book Online - The Big Bus

For years a favoured retreat for Melburnians in search of rest and relaxation, the stunning Dandenong Ranges offers so much for visitors to enjoy. Just thirty-five kilometres east of the CBD, the air dampens, the soil is richer, the trees are noticeably taller, and the lush landscape is dotted with quaint towns.

Visit Gracetown in the South West

Elle travels, takes photographs and explores ideas for new things to write about. Gracetown is 270 kilometres south of Perth, hidden amongst the bushland and endless stretch of coast line in the South West. This small country town encompasses both the beach life style and the layback country attitude.

Trigg Beach

Elle travels, takes photographs and explores ideas for new things to write about. Trigg and surfing seem to go hand-in-hand, yet Trigg Beach has more than just waves to offer. It is complete with a BBQ area, children's playground, and plenty of parking. The playground area is tree-clad, providing ample shade on a hot summer's day.

Explore South Fremantle - Top Things to do

Elle travels, takes photographs and explores ideas for new things to write about. When someone suggests Fremantle, images of Little Creatures, the Café strip or Fish and Chips may come to mind. Yet five minutes down the road, South Fremantle exists.

Cape to Cape Trek - Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park

Elle travels, takes photographs and explores ideas for new things to write about. The Cape to Cape is a hiking track from Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. The track hugs the stunning South Western Australia coastline. It is approximately 135km in length, yet beware, the track varies in terrain and hiker's ability should be taken into account.


Five reasons raising kids in an apartment is pretty awesome

To those that have said to me, "You'll need to move into a house when the baby is born," you were wrong. Whether the dream of a big backyard is financially unobtainable or the lure of the big city life outweighs the suburban streets, raising children in an apartment is reality for a lot of people.

Why I won't let my 18-month-old watch television anymore

"At 5 pm everyday he says, 'Peppa,' points to the television and drags his highchair directly in front of it." If you had said to me three months ago, "Don't let your child watch television," I would have laughed, "What's so bad about television?" You see, I love television.

'Why I changed my mind about baby number 2'

"I always thought another baby was on the cards, yet the older my son gets the more I find myself changing my mind about baby number two." Can you relate? Once you've popped out baby number one, it's not uncommon for people to ask, "When will you have your second?"

The surprisingly emotional process of decluttering your baby's room

Many items in your baby's nursery signify 'last times'. There will always be a last time for something. And you'll never know when it will be. I'm in the middle of Marie Kondo'ing my son's room. And out of all the decluttering acts of my life, this is by far the hardest.

The big Easter debate: To give or not to give chocolate to your toddler

"We have told our parents not to give our son chocolate just yet. But they laugh and say, 'chocolate won't hurt him'." When did your little one experience their first taste? "We can give him chocolate," my partner says. Not a question but not quite a confident statement.

'I cried myself to sleep every night. Now I know why'

At first, Elle assumed she was just tired. But her aches, pains and lethargy were all symptoms of something far more sinister. If you asked me two years ago, I wouldn't have been able to explain why I cried most nights.

Childcare is a living hell for me

Four bouts of gastro, two ear infections, conjunctivitis, two rounds of bronchiolitis, tonsillitis, countless colds, and hand foot and mouth disease. I've had more days off work than I have been at work this year.So I have to ask myself, is childcare really worth it?

Six perfect responses to your 'know-it-all' relatives

If you're a first-time parent, you've heard the words, "we never did that when I raised my kids." If you're a first-time parent, you've heard the words, "we never did that when I raised my kids." Gone are the days a three-year-old can sit in a car without a seatbelt or a newborn sleep in a cot with fluffy blankets and pillows.

7 benefits of having a sister (and it's not borrowing clothes)

According to research, growing up with a sister shapes your life for the better. Turns out all those tedious fights about borrowing clothes and tantrums about the last chocolate biscuit, weren't for nothing. Sisters rule! That's not me throwing out a ridiculous comment. According to research, growing up with a sister shapes your life for the better.

These are my 9 biggest pregnancy regrets: Here's how you can avoid them

We all have regrets, but what really matters is how we learn from them. Being pregnant for the first time is daunting. A lot of advice is thrown around, but not everyone acts on good advice. Well, I don't. I will listen and nod, yet I know that I will never do any of the things suggested.

5 reasons why I prefer to raise my child far away from family and friends

One mum shares how living away from family and friends isn't ALL bad. Raising my child far away from family and friends is hard, yet when I listen to other mothers speak about their family frustrations, a part of me thinks, 'gee, I'm glad I'm on the other side of the country'.

What's in a name? The issue of having a child out of wedlock

If this is a situation you have been in, you'll probably recognise the options that I put forward to my partner. "What surname do we call our child by?" I understand the indecisiveness involved with first names, the sentiment with middle names, yet with surnames there is a bigger issue.


'Hey Yuppies, Stop Bastardising Yoga - You're Missing The Point'

From HIIT yoga to rage yoga and everything in between, this is why we can't have nice things. Traditional yoga lovers across the world are fuming while everyone else seems to be happily enjoying not so 'yoga' practises. Think heart pumping, laughter inducing, and booze filled yoga. Weird, right?

'I Became A Vegan Purist And It Ruined My Social Life'

It probably wasn't the best idea to become a Vegan Purist when your fridge and pantry aren't properly stocked. But with much of my newsfeed focused on Vegan Activists protesting, I wanted to know what it was like to choose a lifestyle for a cause.

'I tried waking at 4am daily for productivity, and oh lordy'

What do Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Mark Wahlberg all have in common? They're highly successful people who claim they wake up at an ungodly hour each morning. My first thought is, "What the hell?" But according to the Wall Street Journal , 4am is the ideal time to start the day.

'I tried Kourtney K's strict keto diet for a week, and loved it'

Avocado smoothies, lean meat, and bone broth. These are some of the staple foods Kourtney Kardashian thrives on, according to her recent blog. And by thrives, I mean lost a ton of weight eating. My first thought was, "could I eat like that?"

'I did a 72-hour water fast, and things went sour

I've tried a handful of diets over the last ten years. From Atkins to Keto, intermittent fasting to Paleo. But there's a new diet doing the rounds amongst influences and celebs, and I want in. The 72-hour water fast claims to clear your mind, detox your system, improve immunity, and emotionally cleanse your system.

Acland Street - St Kilda
Pop-up Ice Skating Rink on Acland Street - Acland Street - St Kilda

Entry to the area is free. You'll have to pay for your session but skate hire is included. Once you're in St Kilda, why not enjoy what the suburb has to offer. Acland Street has some great bars, shops, and cafes that are busy all year 'round.

Acland Street - St Kilda
7 hot spots to eat out in St Kilda - Acland Street - St Kilda

Although Acland Street is St Kilda's hub, the food scene doesn't stop there. You can find some great little spots scattered across the area. For a health kick try 'Matcha Mylkbar', 'Sister of Soul' pumps out quality vegetarian, '7 apples' will give you your ice-cream fix, and 'La Roche' is packed with value for money.

Blossom Costumes
Toga costume ideas for men and women

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 3:46:14 PM What's not to love about toga parties? They're one of the oldest of party traditions, and that's why when someone says, "toga" we know exactly what to expect. But at Blossom Costumes it's all about keeping the sheets on the bed and standing out with toga costumes the Roman gods will envy.

Blossom Costumes
Costume party themes and ideas

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 9:06:46 AM You're hosting a costume party but you don't want another Great Gatsby shin-dig, right? It's hard to be original, but the crew at Blossom Costumes have compiled a list to help you get through this dark time, and plan a party even Beyoncé will want to go to.

Acland Street Village, St Kilda
Top 10 reasons to visit Acland Street this Christmas - Acland Street Village, St Kilda

Let's throwback to the '70s and 80's when the easy-going sounds of John Denver made their way into Australian households. And guess what? He's playing at the historic Palais Theatre in St Kilda on Saturday 22nd December. If you're desperate to hear Leaving on a Jet Plane, Thank God I'm a Country Boy or Take Me Home Country Roads, this is your chance.

SmoothStart Homes
Live the Café Lifestyle in Regional Western Australia - SmoothStart Homes

Hodge Podge Cafe & Pizzeria is just a short drive out of the Busselton Centre. It serves a hardy breakfast and a damn fine cup of coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. If you want a café closer to the main drag try More café, The Goose Beach Bar and Kitchen or The Pantry on Prince for your morning caffeine hit.

The Fremantle Esplanade Youth Plaza

Elle travels, takes photographs and explores ideas for new things to write about. Gone are the days of skate parks with less than friendly bitumen paving and welcome to The Fremantle Esplanade Youth Plaza. Located just where it says it is, the Fremantle Esplanade, the Youth Plaza has been a hit for the small kids and the big kids of Perth.

El Rincon Tapas Bar

Elle travels, takes photographs and explores ideas for new things to write about. The man behind the popular Spanish Gourmet Caterers and Running Bull Sangria at the Queen Victoria markets, Manuel Jimenez-Navarro, recreates the flavours of Spain in an inviting glass frontage amongst the bustling streets of Melbourne's CBD.

Health Freak Cafe

Elle travels, takes photographs and explores ideas for new things to write about. The Health Freak Café in Subiaco has a new sister café. Thursday 11th September saw the opening of the new Health Freak Café on the Scarborough Beach Esplanade. The Scarborough venue is opened from 6.30am until 7pm, Monday to Sunday.

SmoothStart Homes
Five ideas for your best mates home - SmoothStart Homes

The dog tipi takes the standard tipi design and shrinks it to a suitable size for a dog. All you need is some thick material, some lightweight timber and fixings, including rope. It's an easy fix for Rover's new indoor home. This dog's house combines all the luxuries of a mansion, in an easy transportable dog kennel.

Beerland - Northbridge Brewing Company

Elle travels, takes photographs and explores ideas for new things to write about. Introducing Perth's newest microbrewery. Beerland- The Northbridge Brewing Company officially opened on Wednesday 6th August. The microbrewery, located adjacent to the Northbridge Piazza on Lake Street, brags the craft beer of master brewer Ken Arrowsmith.

SmoothStart Homes
Why living in regional Western Australia is so appealing - SmoothStart Homes

It is no secret that living in regional Western Australia is an opportunity to have more space. Whether it is for the kids and pets to enjoy a big backyard, the sense of wide open spaces and endless roads, or just having that space between you and your neighbours, regional areas offer this luxury.

Short Stories

Needle In The Hay
The Personal Ad | Elle Vidovich | Needle In The Hay

The Personal Ad By Elle Vidovich For the What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Award Seeking a relationship. I am Conrad, a single, 41 year old man. I am fun, 6 foot 3 inches, and I ...

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I stumbled out onto the coarse sand eager to explore the world. I watched myself grab at the surroundings, take in the air through my skin, the greenery into my nostrils and absorb the prickle of plants and the silky water with my eyes. I remembered the day I was born.