Elizabeth Thomas

Social Media Journalist, The Times and The Sunday Times

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I have been Social Media Journalist at The Times and The Sunday Times since February 2018. My bylines include The Sunday Times, Wales Online, South Wales Evening Post, and Kettle Mag.

The Boar
'This is your starter for ten': An interview with Giles Hutchings

The Warwick University Challenge team have shot through to the quarterfinals, with Giles Hutchings as captain. After beating East London to secure their place, Warwick will need to win two out of three games to make it to the next round. Social media has been abuzz with support for the four ever since.

Kettle Mag
Gucci will hold mixed gender fashion shows | Kettle Mag

Single sex shows Marco Bizzarri, the CEO of the brand, has announced his plan to end separate sex fashion shows at The New York Times International Luxury conference in Versailles, France. Instead of holding individual shows for men and women's wear, Bizzarri said he hoped to combine the two collections into a single show held every season.

How to navigate the working world as an introvert

Many people have highlighted that the world we live in now values a Culture of Personality - the more extroverted, gregarious, and social you are, the better you'll do in your job, right? But this definitely isn't the case.

Wales Online
Super Shane is entrant 17,000 for the Cardiff Half

Former international rugby star Shane Williams has become the 17,000th person to sign up for this year's Cardiff Half Marathon. Shane will join more than 20,000 runners in the largest mass participation event in Wales on Sunday, October 2, and joins the ranks of fellow ex­-Wales internationals Ryan Jones, Ian Glough and Andy Moore who completed the World Half Marathon event in March.