Duncan H. Ros

Freelance writer

United States of America

Duncan H. Ros is a writer and musician originally from Oregon. He has contributed to many online publications including Prefix, The Know Magazine, and Sound Scene Express.

The Know
Doomtown Sounds: Interview - The Know

Portland wasn't always a go-to spot for young creatives chasing their version of the post-hipster American Dream--it was more of an incognito dark industrial town somewhere between Seattle and San Francisco. It was a tightly-knit artistic community that birthed a special brand of overcast rock 'n' roll.

The Know
The Reverberations: Interview - The Know

Few musicians have experienced the changing Portland music scene to the extent of Dave Berkham, front-man and guitarist for the psychedelic garage rock band The Reverberations. Since 2008, Berkham has had his boots on the ground in the city. He has had the opportunity to front two of his own bands, play bass in the...

Students pitch top ideas in Korea

Three graduate mechanical and materials engineering students returned to Portland victorious in the science of sustainability last week. Nicholas Hamilton, Jeff Lauck and Santiago Rodriguez where chosen to compete in CORE 2013, an international design contest held in Mokpo, South Korea.

The Know
Interview: Kill Rock Stars on 'Either / Or: The Expanded Edition' - The Know

In the same way Shakespeare's use of words have since become casual turns of phrase for the English language, the music of Elliott Smith--with its soft haunting melodies and thoughtful introspective lyrics--has informed the very essence of overcast coffee-infused Portland music culture for generations. In commemoration of its 20th anniversary Kill Rock Stars is releasing...

The Rise of St. Dude

St. Dude "The Rise of Riff City" Released February 26, 2017 By Duncan H. Ros St. Dude, an amalgam of a few local Pittsburgh musicians from what is known as the Duquesne Light Orchestra, began as a Halloween set as the Hives and quickly morphed into a sonic stoner rock playground.

Hearken "Carte Blanche" EP Review

Hearken Carte Blanche Released January 26, 2017 By Duncan H. Ros Hearken's short album begins with the inundated sound of a fuzzy guitar riff laced with chorus, coupled with these raw drums that completely lack decoration in terms of production.

Inside the Mind of Spacefish -Rock Awards Preview

By Duncan H. Ros Few bands have the will to delve into the strange and avant-garde with the veracity and magnitude of Spacefish. Perhaps it is because of guitarist and singer Nate Dibert's leanings as a creative writer-a career which began with so much optimism for the fledgling novelist, until his senior year in college, when his financial aid was dropped.

PayPal Sues Pandora Over New 'P' Logo - Prefixmag.com

PayPal is suing Pandora over their new logo. The new logo is essentially a big blue "P" with no space in the body of the letter. The only differences between the two logos are the shadowed effect that PayPal uses along with a slight italicization.

Bragi Dash Pro Takes Wireless Headphones to the Next Level - Prefixmag.com

The German startup Bragi-who have managed to raise over 3 Million dollars since the beginning of a Kickstarter campaign in 2014-are releasing new wireless headphones. This new development comes in two versions: the Dash Pro and the Bragi Dash Pro tailored by Starkey. They take wireless headphone technology a few steps further than their previous ...

Wavves - 'You're Welcome' Album Review | Prefixmag.com

The sixth studio album You're Welcome from the San Diego rock group Wavves will be the band's first release since V and the 2015 collaborative effort No Life for Me with the Cloud Nothings. This twelve song album has a lot of momentum.