Dominika Kubinyova

Freelance Journalist

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I'm a freelance journalist and recent magazine journalism graduate interesting in travel and lifestyle writing.

Atlas (EN)
A guide to Istanbul street food | Atlas (EN)

Get to know your Kokorec from your Simit - life in Istanbul is lived on the streets, and with influences from the Middle East, Europe and the Mediterranean, these are the best delicacies to try Hus Vedat is a London born chef with Turkish origins who has previously worked as an Executive Chef at the St Ermin's hotel and AA Caxton Grill and Jamie's Oliver's BBQ restaurant Barbecoa where he put his butchery skills into practice.

Atlas (EN)
Seven European cities with urban beaches | Atlas (EN)

When the city heats up in summer, waterways are transformed into urban beaches. Here are the best cities in Europe to cool off in Dominika Kubinyova | April 2018 The trend of urban beaches started right here in the heart of France in 2002.

Made in Shoreditch Magazine
Blanco Beach club Algarve; where the sun meets fun and luxury life - Made in Shoreditch Magazine

White sandy beaches, majestic cliffs, breath taking views and comfort of an extravagant hang-out location. You've reached your final destination. Freshly new opened Blanco Beach club in the heart of Algarve is the perfect place for all the luxury holiday goers who believe that vacation doesn't just mean sand and a sun, but it's a combination ...

Made in Shoreditch Magazine
Review: A Classy Night Out At Archer Street Cocktail Bar - Made in Shoreditch Magazine

You don't have to visit the famous and extravagant Mayfair to experience a classy night out anymore. The more touristy Soho will do just fine, especially when it hides away little gems in form of luxury bars in its streets. Archer Street is one of the posher places, which make your night-out an extraordinary experience, without ...

Made in Shoreditch Magazine
Review: Peckham Rye Music Festival - Made in Shoreditch Magazine

Artists from across the electronic and instrumental music spectrum met on the weekend of 12-14th of May to bring exclusive tunes to South London, for the latest edition of Peckham Rye Music festival. If there is anything that proves that Peckham is quickly becoming an art hub, "the next Shoreditch of London", it is its ...