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United Kingdom

Lost for words? Let me help you.

Food enthusiast, waste warrior, and all-year-round wild swimmer, I create engaging, impactful copy adaptable to your needs. The proof is in the reading so scroll down for a selection of my work.

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Currently enrolled onto an online Copywriting course by the College of Media and Publishing.

References and more samples available upon request.

The Sustainable Cooperative
SCOOPLOOP; A Transition to The Circular Economy

A policy document detailing The Sustainable Cooperative's strategy for streamlining waste management and creating more circular systems. Authors: Dominica Taylor, India Hamilton, Rosie Hill.

Demand for Plant-Based Protein Sparks Product Innovation

With the global plant-based protein market predicted to reach by 2025, food brands big and small are doubling down on innovation to meet rising demand from health-conscious consumers - and investment is rife.

Greening the Future

An in-depth exploration of earth-centred technologies for both sustaining and restoring the planet - from green power and green building to ways of cleaning the ocean and sustainable farming, we look at how we can all do what is necessary to continue living in a world truly supportive of biological, and human, life.

The Sound of Silence

Pull Quote: When we recognise thoughts for what they are, they start to lose their power over us. Meditation teaches us that thoughts are just thoughts. They are not facts. They are not the truth. The moment we realise this, is the moment we can liberate ourselves from our own minds.