Dominic Lincoln

Freelance Writer, Editor, and Proofreader

United States

I am a Freelance Writer, Editor, and Proofreader. I love the entire writing process and I am rigorous when it comes to making everything perfect.

In addition, I am an aspiring screenwriter, which gives me experience as a creative writer as well.

I live in Los Angeles, CA, where I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, taking my dog to the beach, and eating all the wonderful food LA offers. I love everything Star Wars, reading Jack Kerouac, and rooting for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

*Some of my samples may be under pseudonyms used by the companies I worked for.

Nonprofit Growth
Google for Nonprofits: The Ultimate Guide - Nonprofit Growth

Google is one of the largest, most profitable companies in the world, so it may be strange to learn that they have a program within the company dedicated entirely to nonprofits: Google for Nonprofits. This program offers useful tools for nonprofit organizations to use... all for free.

The Ultimate Guide for Adopting a Dog

Dogs are referred to as "man's best friend" for a reason: they enrich our lives. Dogs provide a loving, loyal companion to play with, go on adventures with, and share our lives with. Owning a dog as a pet is very rewarding. Dogs are loving, loyal, funny, and everything

Nonprofit Growth
How Nonprofits Use Facebook Analytics - Nonprofit Growth

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are already using Facebook for your nonprofit organization. If you're not, you should strongly consider setting up a page. While Facebook's reputation has dipped in recent years, the social media giant is still the largest platform on the planet with 1.82 billion daily active users.

How to Rank Higher on YouTube SEO

4. Video Description Many YouTube users overlook this simple step and type only a few sentences in the video description. This is an opportunity for you to describe your video in greater detail (with those ever-important keywords you came up with!) so the audience can really learn more about the topic.

Nonprofit Growth
10 Unique Ways to Shine the Spotlight on Your Volunteers - Nonprofit Growth

Volunteers form the backbone of many nonprofit organizations. They are the people who fill in the gaps when there aren't enough staff members and they are the people who do all the little tasks that no one else wants to do. That's why it's so important to recognize and thank volunteers for the work that they do.

Nonprofit Growth
A Guide to Obtaining Nonprofit Status - Nonprofit Growth

Starting a nonprofit is a great idea. You want to help a certain cause and make the world a better place. It's exciting thinking about making a real difference in the world and we can't wait for you to make it happen!

Texan By Nature
Eco-Friendly Pest Control for Your Texas Garden - Texan By Nature

Written by Richard Gillespie, LawnStarter Most everything's bigger in Texas - except when it comes to garden pests. The worst garden pests in Texas tend to be the smallest, such as aphids and spider mites. While these tiny creatures threaten our plants, and sometimes our health, using synthetic pesticides to get rid of them can be more dangerous than the pests.