Daryl Farmer

Associate Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks

United States

Daryl Farmer is the author of BICYCLING BEYOND THE DIVIDE, which received a Barnes and Noble Discover Award and was a Colorado Book Award finalist and WHERE WE LAND, a collection of short stories. His recent work has appeared in The Whitefish Review, Hayden's Ferry Review, and Gingerbread House. He is an associate professor at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks where he is director of the creative writing program.



After the Art
The Chapel of Man and All That Endures

by Daryl Farmer Bookstores, for me, are sacred spaces and it's my practice to visit them wherever I go, even in countries where I don't speak the language. I hold the books in my hands, open them, look at words I don't understand. In Quito, Ecuador, we - my wife Joan and I - discovered...

Grist Online Companion
Triptych: Penance, Remnants, and I Breathe on Glass and Write My Name

As boys, we ran wild. Creeping back alleys, cutting through neighborhood yards, hurling crabapples at cars from safe concealment behind trees and hills and night. The park near our house had a stagecoach in the playground. We chased away the younger boys and rode like movie Western cowboys, shooting-down Indians as we hurtled madly down the dusty tumbleweed roads.


The flowers are orange...


Inversion - Terrain.org

On the town floor, below the hillside duplex where Breckenridge Autry lives, an inversion holds ice fog and smoke particulate captive. It's January in Fairbanks, the season of darkness. Forty below, or what locals just call forty, the below here implied.

Gingerbread House Lit Mag
The Chestnut Trees, The Wishing Well

He feels the creaking in his aged knees as he ascends the steps onto the porch upon his return from a walk that had found him, despite the autumn rain, passing the beachside park where his habit had long been to turn around, but instead, today he had walked into the town on the other...


Dusk when the plane lifts, and I look down at the country below. Cross hatched land in colors of brown and green, a dull red barn with a silver roof. This flight is carrying me back to where everything began. Home, though that word is a complicated one for me.


Apple Valley Review
A Denali Narrative

The Apple Valley Review is a semiannual online literary journal. It features fiction, poetry, and essays by emerging and established writers.

Green Hills Literary Lantern