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#MillennialPocalypse | ®┊STAT®REC

TWITTER @BBCnews why are the millennials dying en masse? One week since the epidemic began, here's what we know so far #MillennialPocalypse TELEGRAPH ONLINE Few noticed it at first, the initial wave of deaths. Perhaps there were a few less Deliveroo drivers clogging up the streets. A dearth of mocha-choca-calorie-free-free-range-organic-fairtrade-edamame-latte pop up vendors.

Visual Verse
Humbug - Visual Verse

She arrives just in time for advent, my Christmas Companion. I place her on the sofa and we count down the days on the calendar. I eat the chocolate, she stares at the pictures with icy eyes twinkling. A star. A king. The Baby Jesus. She doesn't give a shit.


"Social Media Si." That's what they call me. "He's a nice guy," they say, "if a little quiet." I guess they can't hear my blood boil over the kettle. Largely, I'm ignored. Email communication is preferred. They flick titbits at me from across the room, which are beamed briefly into space before appearing on my monitor.

The Forge
Útlongsul - The Forge

Fiction by Daniel Ayres None of it is hers. Not the thundering sea. Not the teasing pale light lingering on the horizon. Not the wind in its infinite onslaught upon this scattering of islands sitting in forgotten seas. Her feet venture a little forward. Her hands, two shades lighter now, dig into his cagoule and ...


Is this thing bloody working? I can't see fuck all. S'all black. What? Which button? Alright, clicked that. Ah, there you are you ugly little fuckers. My God, what do you call that kinda haircut? Your generation really has hit rock bottom, hasn't it boys? Who you calling baldy? Me?

transnational queer underground
Pixie ⋆ transnational queer underground

Paul's booze-sodden brain was at the beck and call of an indecisive octopus, pulling on levers protruding from the neurological coral that sent his body conflicting messages. Some of these were organic - sensible motions willing him to eat, to drink water, and most prominently of all, to sleep.

Leopardskin & Limes
Keyboard Cat - Leopardskin & Limes

by Dan Ayres Image: Ana Thompson The retirement home for viral animals is a bleak place, as you might expect. We're a bunch of washed up critters, faded stars with nowhere to go. But don't render us redundant just yet, good viewer. We may still surprise you, like we did before.


'Give u a handjob'. This was the unassuming, a little confusing, suggestion-cum-question-cum-directive that changed the world, or at least the gay one. It was the only information on the Grindr bio of Johnny Armstrong, along with a close up avatar showing plump lips, sea-green eyes and freckles aplenty.

Read Longshorts
Back in the Saddle

Follow the trials and tribulations of one time character actor Bruce Tanner when he's forced back into sitcom work. (with the whole story happening on Twitter and in the LongShorts app)


What is Your Meditation Posture?

Meditation is an ancient practice with its roots in the East, but it is increasingly becoming a global movement. People are waking up to the astonishing benefits of regular meditation practice, which include increased focus, concentration, peace of mind and many more. But with so many ways to meditate, how do you know if you're doing it right?

Could You Run An Empire?

Can you run a thriving empire? Do you know how to expand your territory and deal effectively with the numerous challenges that empire-running involves? Time to mount your steed and ride amongst your people! To victory!

Detective Quiz: Who Murdered Mindy Rogers?

You'll have to use your powers of deduction to figure out who murdered Mindy. For the first part of the quiz, you will gather clues, then you will answer some questions about the crime. Let's see how good of a detective you are!

Which Ashram Is Your Spiritual Centre?

How far are you along on your spiritual journey? Maybe you're just getting started, or maybe you're well on the way to achieving enlightenment. Either way, finding your spiritual centre will undoubtedly make a huge impact along the way.


Japan Centre & Shoryu Ramen
Copywriting Portfolio

Clippings taken from my time as Copywriter & Social Media Editor at Europe's foremost supplier of Japanese goods and London's most successful ramen restaurant.

The Reader Berlin
The Reader Insider – Top Places To Write In Berlin

Whilst Berlin is undoubtedly a fantastic place to be a writer, there is one thing we can all agree on - distractions abound! From the constant lure of the city's many lakes to the techno music pumping incessantly from your next door neighbours, it can be hard to find the right space to stay focused on your writing.

The Reader Berlin
The Reader Insider – Literary Events in Berlin

If you're anything like me, it's not just Berlin's wild nightlife, liberal attitude and abundance of cheap booze that keeps you captivated. The city is also a positive Shangri-La for those of a literary persuasion, with more reading nights than you can shake a battered old Christopher Isherwood book at.

How Wild Was Freddie Mercury?

The iconic Queen frontman has gone down in history as one of the true entertainment legends of the 20th century. But he was also a man of dichotomies: a rock 'n' roll god who was intensely shy and self-conscious; a flamboyant, ultra-camp star who was teasingly secretive about discussing his sexuality; a lover of fine art and culture known for his decadent lifestyle.

Travel Magazine
Reborn in the Forests of Yakushima

To the south of Kyushu, Japan lies an extraordinary island - a place of UNESCO heritage listed forests teeming with life, vibrant folklore and epic hiking opportunities. Its name is Yakushima. Yakushima is a mysterious island where the unexpected can happen at any time. It's the only place in the world where monkeys casually ride [...]

Proof Eurovision is the Gayest Show on Earth

With all the terrifying force, momentum and glamour of a lubed-up glitterball on the loose, the legendary Eurovision Song Contest is rolling its way towards us at speed. This hypercamp, often eye-poppingly bizarre and occasionally momentous pan-European celebration of music has been broadcast annually since 1956, and continues to delight Europeans and baffle the rest of world in equal measures.

Britain's Coastal Gay Capital - How Brighton rose to take the crown

British coastal towns are seldom known for their glamour. Picture old biddies rattling along the cobbles, unspeakably beige fish and chips soaking sadly in vinegar, teenagers in tracksuits huddling beneath a half-rotten pier chugging cheap cider, all to a sinister soundtrack emanating from the trippy never-ending neon swirl of the obligatory carousel.

Travel Magazine
Jewels in Jiufen: Finding Treasure in an Historic Taiwanese Town

On a trail of treasures in the Taiwanese town of Jiufen, the mountain town that experienced a gold rush and inspired more than one cinematic masterpiece. It remains my most precious possession from all my travels. It is pocket sized, makes a lovely melodic noise when blown and tells a quite a story.

Travel Magazine
Exeter - Like a Local

Discover Exeter - a characterful jewel in England's South West offering historical sights, outdoor activities, a cracking cream tea or a top night on the town. The provincial capital of Devon, Exeter is simultaneously a charming old Cathedral town, a buzzing student city and an enticing blend of rural and urban.

Top 7 Legendary Queens From Herrrrrstory

The equivalent of the World Cup for queens has kicked off in true drag style in this month, stilettos flying all over the place. Rupaul's Drag Race is back with a bang, draggin' in a gaggle of girls ranging from funny to fishy to... Kim Chi!

Travel Magazine
Osaka's Amerikamura - Culinary Hot Spots

In the beating heart of the giant metropolis of Osaka lies Amerikamura, an urban wonderland of quirky shops, hip bars and cafes; where ultra-fashionable youth go out to see and be seen. And like anywhere in Osaka, food is never far away. We take a look...

GAYme of Thrones - The Gayest Pairings

So whilst one glittery Game of Thrones climaxes with the crowning of the almighty Bob The Drag Queen, there are still a bunch of sassy kings and queens battling for power over in Westeros, with the arrival of the much-awaited Season 6 of GoT.

Travel Magazine
Discovering the True Meaning of Hakuna Matata in Malindi

Kenya's dazzling East Coast is made up of the stuff you dream about: wildly patterned shells lapped by warm sea-waves; wind-swept palms framed against an ocean of stars; exquisite fresh seafood served with the spices that coloured the history of the ...

Urban Challenger
Run Lola Run

A red wig. Techno music. A sat nav brain. A 90s outlook. These are just some of things that will help you conquer the Run Lola Run challenge. But most of all, you'll need relentless energy and a cracking pair of legs. Run Lola Run Remember the movie Run Lola Run?

Travel Magazine
Berlin: Neukölln Like a Local

Once overshadowed and undervalued compared to its hip neighbours Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, Neukölln is now very much on the map as one of Berlin's most exciting neighbourhoods. Located in the southeast of the city, Neukölln bristles with character, from scruffy flea markets to shaded canal-side walks.

Travel Magazine
Soho, London: Like a Local

The name Soho is said to derive from a time when hunters galloped through the area, using "Soho" as their powerful hunting cry. Today Soho calls out far and wide as London's primary entertainment district. Penned in by Oxford Street, Regent Street, Shaftesbury Avenue and Tottenham Court Road, it's a much loved square mile brimming [...]

Japancentre blog
Hakata Gion Yamakasa - 5 Things You Need To Know

One of Japan's most boisterous festivals is now underway in the Hakata district of Fukuoka city. Join Japan Centre and find out the fun facts you need to know... Celebrated annually in early July, the ancient celebration of Hakata Gion Yamakasa sees tourists pour in from all over Japan to witness opulent floats, late night revelry and...

Japancentre blog
Izakaya - The Heart of Japan's Drinking Culture

You can find them throughout Japan, in diminutive rural towns and in the roaring streets of neon glazed cities, from the hinterlands of Hokkaido to the frenzy of Osaka. Izakaya are the pubs of Japan, where comfort food and beverages go hand in hand with convivial atmosphere and inebriated relaxation.

Travel Magazine
Ghost hunting in Dejima - Japan's International Island

Hidden among bustling Nagasaki Harbour lie the remnants of what was once an extraordinary island which served as the one single gateway to a very different Japan. There is a ghost that resides in the harbour of Nagasaki, and this ghost is distinctly European. Curious to uncover this intangible yet historically important spectre, I resolved [...]

Japancentre blog
Explore Japan - Hokkaido

If the southern islands of Okinawa represent Japan's tropical paradise, Hokkaido is its rugged wilderness. There are a multitude of reasons to visit Japan's northernmost island: its exhilarating array of outdoor activities, its distinctive history and its phenomenal food being a very fine few...

Japancentre blog
Top 5 Music Festivals in Japan

With the party-loving people of Britain riding high after the almighty Glastonbury, we at Japan Centre are still in the festival spirit. Join us as we take a look at some of the most vibrant music festivals throughout Japan... Fuji Rock Inspired by Glastonbury, Fuji Rock has been going since the late 90's and has now reached worldwide acclaim as a...

Japancentre blog

The calendar in Japan is brimming with colourful cultural occasions. One that's particularly special is Shichi-Go-San, the festival on the 15th of November that serves as rite of passage for kids all over Japan. Join Japan Centre as we look further into this charming event. What is Shichi-Go-San?

Japancentre blog
Explore Japan! Kumamoto

Kumamoto is a castle town with a rich culinary history that makes it a top-draw for any foodie visiting Japan, but that's not all... Kumamoto Castle The castle is quite literally the heart of the city and serves as a useful method of orientating yourself if lost in the streets below.

Urban Challenger
Take the FKK Plunge

It was a liberating - and unusual - experience, to be sure. Stood on a platform with the mid-summer sunshine beating down on my naked body, preparing to leap into the dark lake that soared before me.

Japancentre blog
Explore Japan! Sapporo

The city of Sapporo sits in the midst of the great northern island of Hokkaido. Holding the dubious honour of being one of the world's snowiest cities, this is a modern, vibrant and exciting place that celebrates the annual plethora of white stuff. Join Japan Centre, as we cast our eye over splendid Sapporo.

Urban Challenger
Berlin Waterways by Bike

The conditions weren't looking too good. Just as we cycled to our start point of Wildenbruchbrücke bridge in Neukölln, an ominous collection of dark clouds gathered to the west, bruising the blue sky. We looked upon it with a combination of trepidation and resolve.

Japancentre blog
The Art of Onsen- Hot Spring Bathing in Japan

Bubbling up throughout the Japanese Archipelago, hot spring pools pepper the landscape. Join Japan Centre, as we submerge ourselves into the steamy world of Japanese onsen. We love a bath. There's nothing quite like stewing in a hot pool of water until your fingers inexplicably wrinkle up, with a cheeky bit of Dido blasting out of the...

Japancentre blog
Explore Japan! Okinawa

A world away from the neon frenzy of Tokyo or the ancient temples of Kyoto, Okinawa is a subtropical smattering of jaw droppingly gorgeous islands situated far south of Kyushu. Okinawa is known for its easy living and healthy lifestyle, resulting in some of the longest living folk on the planet.

Urban Challenger
Top 5 Things to do at Tempelhof

Ahh, Tempelhofer Feld, an immense 'only in Berlin' wonderland that is as unique, surprising and glorious as the city in which it lives. This vast park was once Berlin's foremost airport, its origins dating way back to 1923. The vast and imposing hangars are an ominous reminder of fascist-era architecture, but are now being used to temporarily house refugees.

Japancentre blog
Explore Japan! Yamagata

Embrace a calmer Japan, one of remote tranquil beauty, ancient wonders and sleeping "monsters" nestled in the snow. This month the Japan Centre team uncover one of Japan's hidden secrets - beautiful Yamagata Prefecture... Yamagata Highlights A world away from the frenzy of Japan's megacities, Yamagata is peace personified.

Japancentre blog
Explore Japan! Chugoku

As we're celebrating the annual food festival with splendid, limited edition items from Chugoku, we thought we'd cast our eye over this amazing and multifaceted region in Japan. Join the travel lovers at Japan Centre and be wowed by Chugoku... With rolling sand dunes, soaring mountains, vast lakes and vivacious cities, Chugoku is a varied...

A Night of Pachinko

They can be found throughout the Japanese archipelago, great, hulking behemoths that sit squalid and innocuous in towns and cities. They are pachinko parlours, mighty arenas where great warriors come and... watch a load of balls fly around a machine.

Urban Challenger
Bowie in Berlin

In an unassuming apartment block on Hauptstraße, Schöneberg, David Bowie once lived. Not only that, the icon shared an apartment with rock-god Iggy Pop.

AJET Connect
Compassionate Travel - A Kuala Lumpurian Christmas

The second-to-last issue of Connect is one of our best ever! Aside from a smorgasbord of wedding food, fashion, culture, and etiquette for when that young teacher or friend invites you to their special day, the April edition features tons of great Spotlight subjects, a jam-packed Sports section, an update on JETs Rally for Tohoku, information on donating blood in Japan, and plenty more!

Japancentre blog
Explore Japan! Kyoto

Steeped in history, awash with charm and boasting more tear-jerkingly beautiful sites than any other city in Japan, Kyoto truly is one-of-a-kind. It's a city of seasons, spectacular year round but at its glorious peak when smothered in the pink bloomage of Spring and the fiery foliage of Autumn.

My Two Yen - Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium Review

Nestled away to the east of Nagasaki City lies scenic Himi, where lush green hills and a sparkling bay afford stunning views. The jewel in the crown of this suburb is undoubtedly the Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium.

Japancentre blog
Explore Japan! Top 5 Osaka Street Eats

Osaka is Japan's good-time city. A frenzy of neon lights and greasy street food, easy-come beer and all night parties, world-class shopping and boisterous locals. It's everything a metropolis should be and more - alluring, enticing, overwhelming, gritty, vibrant, tough, mysterious... and that's just the love hotels.

Urban Challenger
Bonjour Les Aristocrates

On entering Charlottenberg Gardens, it was clear we had stumbled upon the 'French' section of the garden. It was an aristocratic riot of colour, intricacy and lavish over-the-topness. Looked over by the ostentatious bordering on gouache palace, the French garden is unmistakably one of designed beauty.

Japancentre blog
Explore Japan! Cherry Blossoms

The time has finally come. Winter is behind us and the canopies of sakura trees all over Japan are set to come alive with beautiful pink blossoms. At this time, the people of Japan come together to trace the journey of the cherry blossoms from the shores of Okinawa to the tip of Hokkaido in...

General Knowledge Quiz

Clowns, lemurs and Mary Poppins, this general knowledge quiz has it all! Let's get started, shall we?

Bruce Tanner (@RealBruceTanner) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Bruce Tanner (@RealBruceTanner). washed up character actor trying to get 'back in the saddle' in a cool new sitcom. Accident prone

Wonder Woman Quiz

Are you a die-hard Wonder Woman fan? Time to put your knowledge to the test, with this 10 question quiz on Wonder Woman - the old and the new.

Little Red Riding Hood Memory Quiz

Welcome along to our special Little Red Riding Hood Memory Quiz! We're going to give you a rather modern retelling of the story, showing you pictures and giving you details that you'll have to remember.

RuPaul Drag Race Quiz

Hey kitty gurlz! Welcome along to the ultimate RuPaul's drag race quiz! Do you know your Ki Ki from your Kai Kai? Your Laganja Estranja from your Bendelacreme? Time to use your uniqueness, nerve and talent to see if you can come out the queen on top. Good luck, and don't....

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