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I am editor-in-chief of the Bucks County Beacon and host of its podcast The Signal. I also wrote a popular progressive column twice a month for Gannett's Bucks County Courier Times and The Intelligencer newspapers in suburban Philadelphia.
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The Intelligencer
Guest Opinion: Newspaper's Central Bucks library editorial misses the mark

The Intelligencer/Bucks County Courier Times Editorial Board, if it actually believes in the First Amendment, should have declared its strong opposition to Central Bucks School District's library/censorship policy in an editorial before it was voted on and ultimately passed by the majority members of the school board. Unsurprisingly, that didn't happen.

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: On the 'expressway to unconstitutional censorship'

When the ACLU, the American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom, the Education Law Center of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania School Library Association, and the district's own librarians oppose a proposed library policy believing it'd trample on students' constitutional rights, impede their education, and inhibit librarians and educators from doing their jobs, you'd think this would raise a red flag.

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: Don't let Big Oil, Gas cynically profit from Putin's war

The oil and gas industry and Republicans in Harrisburg aren't letting the crisis of Russia's invasion of Ukraine go to waste as they push for policy changes that'll hurt the planet, workers and consumers. The American Petroleum Institute took to Twitter Feb.

The Intelligencer
Mychalejko: Bucks County must band together to 'Ban the Bomb'

Nobody wins a nuclear war. That's why the moment we find ourselves in now with Russia's invasion of Ukraine serves as a stark reminder about why we need a resurgent anti-nuclear weapons movement. "If we had a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia ...

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: Bucks County family's hearts ache for war-torn Ukraine

A high school classmate reached out to me on Facebook last week when she saw an article I posted about Russians risking life and liberty to protest their president's invasion of Ukraine. It was an act of solidarity I thought should be recognized.

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: It's time to make Guantánamo Bay prison history

Herb Geraghty was 6 years old when the Bush administration opened Guantánamo Bay in 2002 to house detainees from its so-called Global War on Terror. Twenty years later the Saint Ephrem and Bensalem High School alumni wants this detention and torture center that Amnesty International called the " gulag of our times " finally shut down.

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: Pennridge School District dehumanizes LGBTQ+ parents, students

When I sent Lesléa Newman a message requesting an interview about her book " Heather Has Two Mommies" being taken off the library shelves in Pennridge School District, she was actually in conversation with dozens of other children's book creators who are very concerned about the current uptick in book banning and censorship.

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: How the PA GOP stole Christmas

“The message being sent to the taxpayers is that your livelihood isn’t as important as these culture war issues that they use to divide us,” said Nick Pressley, director of campaigns for the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center. “The GOP has spent all their time on issues that divide us.”

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: El Salvador offers a dark glimpse into our post-Roe future

Manuela was a 33-year-old Salvadoran mother of two when she fell and suffered a stillbirth. She awoke handcuffed to a hospital bed after hemorrhaging and losing consciousness. Hospital workers called the authorities, accusing her of inducing an abortion, and police arrived to interrogate her while she was still shackled.

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: Bucks County needs to talk about systemic racism

Black people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are incarcerated at rates over 7 and 12 times more than whites respectively, according to a report published last month. The Sentencing Project, the criminal justice reform organization that authored it, called racial and ethnic disparities in state prisons across the nation "staggering."

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: Vanguard Group must stop financing the planet's destruction

The Vanguard Group Inc. has a " Very Big Problem." The Malvern-based investment firm, the world's second largest money manager with its over $7 trillion in global assets, profits from fossil fuel industries at the expense of the planet. Vanguard is the largest global financier in coal with $86 billion in investments, and second largest in oil and gas.

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: Why is your neighbor flying that all-black American flag?

They've been popping up across the country for months, and now they've been spotted in Bucks County in places such as Perkasie, Plumstead, Buckingham, and Jamison. The all-black American flags being flown by so-called local patriots apparently means " no quarter given" and may even imply a willingness to use (lethal) violence against perceived enemies, essentially any non-Trumper who threatens their washed out, retrograde vision of what the U.S.

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: Right-wing 'media' triggers misinformed right-wing rage

For years I have felt like Republicans and Democrats live in two completely different worlds. This has nothing to do with having a disparate set of beliefs about how the economy should run, or how the country should conduct its foreign policy. Those debates should be welcome and part of the political discourse.

Erie Times-News
Mychalejko: Bucks County youth must rise up to defend education

In one of Langston Hughes' most famous poems about the Black experience in America, "Harlem," the author asks, "What happens to a dream deferred?" In school boards across Pennsylvania that dream can be found being suffocated, stifled, and suppressed as a result of a coordinated right-wing campaign to whitewash history, and education in general.

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: Rather than risk their child's life, this family left Bucks County

Ben Franklin once quipped, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Sadly, 285 years after he said that, this appeal to common sense is seemingly too profound to be understood or applied by the Central Bucks School Board which, on Tuesday night, essentially encouraged families to obtain medical exemptions from mask-wearing for students, saying the district won't actually require a medical diagnosis or signature from a doctor.

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: Join the Civil Rights movement of 2021 and beyond

Republicans in Pennsylvania and across the country are working overtime to make the Jim Crow era in this country rise again. "Our voting rights are in peril," Kadida Kenner, executive director of the New Pennsylvania Project , told me.

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: History shows root causes of Central American migration

The past is prologue for the present, especially when considering the "root causes" of immigration from Central America today. I spoke with Doylestown's Heidi Roux, assistant director of Immigrant Rights Action, and a Salvadoran immigrant herself who fled her home country as a young child in the early 1980s as it was embroiled in a bloody civil war.

Bucks County Courier Times
Mychalejko: Vote against right-wing extremism May 18

When Democrats, independents, and moderate Republicans united in November to hand President Joe Biden a colossal 7 million popular vote victory against Donald Trump I could almost feel the collective sigh of relief across the nation. However, I'm afraid voters may have gotten complacent.

Bucks County Courier Times
Hysterical social media mob targets Doylestown businesswoman

All she wanted to do was say thank you. Donna Gouldey, a Doylestown shop owner, wanted to say thanks to frontline and essential workers, senior citizens, those at high risk, and anyone else who received a COVID-19 vaccine by offering them a discount at her store Allora Gifts & Home Décor.