Jacqueline Cullimore

Content Producer and Editor at Cullimore Creative Inc.


Jacqueline has more than 25 years of experience working in marketing and digital communications, producing results-driven content that focuses on storytelling and brand awareness.

Specializing in keyword-driven search engine optimized digital content, Jacqueline also writes client-centric case studies, informative consumer-focused articles and product brochures, and corporate materials.

Jacqueline excels in reviewing and optimizing content for grammar, readability, tone, and efficiency. Below is a small sample of recently published works.


Website Content

Back in Motion

Content review and rewrite for a refreshed website.


Windpower Engineering & Development
Maintaining a successful wind industry with efficient maintenance tools

By RAD Torque Systems As we move through 2021, the effects of the last year can be felt across all industries. However, despite some major disruptions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the global wind industry still managed to achieve a record year.

Windpower Engineering & Development
Case study: RAD Torque tools assist in delivering offshore wind turbine components

The potential for unlimited generation of clean, renewable energy makes offshore wind turbines a modern choice for global power production. While there are many benefits to offshore wind turbines, building them at sea poses some unique challenges during the transport and construction process.

BIC Magazine
Reliable torque wrenches offer ease of use and time savings

A leading Canadian manufacturer of pneumatic, battery-powered and electronic pistol-grip torque wrenches, RAD Torque Systems has a proven track record around the world, specifically in industries such as oil, gas and petrochemical.

Blueshore Financial Website
Choosing the right saving strategy for your business

When you first open a business, your time, energy and resources are focused on growing and building your new venture. However, just as with your personal finances, it’s important to plan and nurture a solid savings strategy for your business as well.

BlueShore Financial Website
It’s easier than you think to protect your small business

You’ve started your business and are enjoying the freedoms and independence that being your own boss can bring. Your sole source of income comes from your business and you may have a mortgage, a family, and other financial commitments that rely on that income coming in every month. But are you prepared if the unexpected happens?