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Chloe Perrin


Location icon United Kingdom

I'm a writer of fiction with some experience in journalism and comic art.

Brunel Writer
Creative writing - Brunel Writer

Friday I sit on the green velvet couch in my third floor flat staring out of the closed door to my Juliet balcony, sweltering in the sky-blue heat, and I've got no idea why they call it a balcony when it's just a door that opens onto fresh air mediated

In The Corner with... Chloe Perrin

When I really think about what living a creative life looks like for me, one word keeps popping into my peripheral, a word that sometimes jars me, sometimes empowers me - puts a hand on my shoulder to stop me then shoves me forward again. The word is responsibility.


Martin Jago, Founding Artistic Director of RAZE THE SPACE is an interdisciplinary stage director, instructor, and writer from Great Britain who specializes in Shakespeare and the retelling of classical texts. Educated at University of Oxford and the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, he is the author of several books on Shakespeare and classical text .

Bramble Brain
Bramble Brain

None of you asked for this, and although I know you must care on some vague level (why else are you reading this?) it seems somewhat self-indulgent to write an entire blog post, on my very own blog, about WHY I started writing this blog. Surely this is what an author bio is for, right?

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Young Critics North Wales
Young Critics North Wales

Young Critics North Wales is based at Venue Cymru, Llandudno. It is supported by the Arts Council of Wales and is the first scheme of its kind in North Wales. The scheme aims to give young people aged 16-30 the chance to learn some of the skills of an arts critic.

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