Caitlin Coakley Beckner

Freelance PR/Communications Professional

Location icon United States of America

Become a part of the conversation. Caitlin Coakley Beckner is an experienced journalist and media relations professional seeking new opportunities in public relations and creative marketing. Her background includes time spent in journalism, marketing communications, and as a freelancer for web sites, magazines, marketing firms, and more.

Her specialty is telling her clients' stories in a way that is engaging and accessible to their audience. Whether she's managing communications goals for media relations, digital marketing, or community outreach, Caitlin understands how to find the best angle for any piece of written content and identify the details that will draw the audience in. As a reporter, her articles have ranged from hard news, to features, to profiles, to Q&As, to fact checks, and everything in-between – the sorts of materials that translate well for website and newsletter content. She regularly meets with reporters to pitch stories about her clients and has had broad success in increasing companies' media presence. For businesses sharing their company news or trade associations and advocacy groups making their case on today's hottest issues, Caitlin can advise on the best practices to reach the public.

Caitlin has produced content for a broad range of marketing materials. She has written legal practice profiles, professional website biographies, press releases, internal communications, shareholder presentations, email marketing copy, social media copy, blog posts and much more. She regularly provides editing and proofreading assistance to her clients, checking for style consistency, grammatical errors, factual accuracy, and brand voice. The experience has allowed her to become adept at writing within various different styles and to become proficient with learning new subjects quickly and thoroughly in order to make descriptive content accessible to a layperson.

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