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Christopher Mannino is an at-home dad, a published author, parenting blogger, former educator, and a freelance content creator.

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Silliness Helps Reset the Most Difficult Parenting Days

Many fathers aim to be as inventive and fun as Bandit Heeler from the cartoon . Most of us wish we also had a way to easily hit the "reset" button on our kids when they misbehave. Recently, I've discovered you can combine the two ideas: spontaneous silliness meets the simplicity of the "Nurtured Heart Approach" reset.

The Vegan Life
It's Vegan Pumpkin Spice Time!

The weather's turning colder, the kids are back at school, and some of the leaves are starting to change. It's the best time of year- time for pumpkin spice! While the pumpkin spice craze spans many, many products, one unfortunate theme among many popular pumpkin spice foods is the addition of milk or eggs.

Christopher Mannino

I havent been blogging much on this site. In fact my last post was in January. Yet, that's not to say I haven't been writing. In fact, I'm about to finish the first draft of my 22nd book, (and that's not counting two discarded novels that made it to beta readers).

Gen Z Video Insights: The Appeal of Plant-Based Meats - Knit

A decade ago, meat came exclusively from animals, as far as most people were concerned. Most Americans hadn't even heard of plant-based meats, although meat alternatives and "meatless meats" have existed in some form as far back as the 1800s .

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Every Child Unique Even If Parents Remain The Same

Three years ago, my wife told me the news: we were expecting our second child. We were thrilled. We also knew exactly what to expect. After all, we'd been down this road before. The famous book What to Expect When You're Expecting is a classic guide for new parents.

A Guide to Gen-Z Fashion Aesthetics - Knit

From Cottagecore to Y2K, it's time to dive deeper into some of Gen-Z's fashion choices. Spanning from both in-person clothing and metaverse digital purchases, these aesthetics can help provide needed insights into the Zoomer aesthetic and mindset. With a keen eye for sustainable products and a love of fads from earlier eras, the Gen-Z aesthetic is both familiar and unique.

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Cutting the Cord to Mom Not Easy for At-Home Dad

Three years ago, my daughter was born. The magical (screaming, agonizing and exhausting) miracle of birth ends with cutting the umbilical cord. I'm aware some dads do this themselves. I am not one of those dads. Blood grosses me out. Cutting an actual flesh-tether connecting my wife to my daughter ...