Charne Ueckermann

Screenwriting and Creative Writing student at Open Window

South Africa

Hi! I'm a screenwriting student based near Pretoria, South Africa. I have a passion and a drive to find and create beautiful stories, through written word or animation.

Click on the name of each project, i.e. Dagmar/ The Dragon Rises, to view the script in PDF form



Copywriting for a fictional cleaning brand
Mrs Max

A series of scripts for TV adverts, radio adverts and a list of copywriting applications for a fictional cleaning brand.


A short, 45 minute script adapted from Stavros Halvatzis' novella of the same name, The Nostalgia of Time Travel. Find the original on Amazon.
The Nostalgia of Time Travel adaptation

Benjamin Vlahos must prove time travel is possible to go back in time and resurrect his dead wife. But, a cyclone approaches, one that drags with it the ghosts of his past.

A Fragment of A Future Project - A feature-length original script
The Dragon Rises

A young girl is forced to act as a nurse on the 38th parallel. She feels obliged to deliver a soldier to the UN, helping him cross into the land she yearns to return to.

A television Series Bible of an Original Series
Hotel California

When three people are trapped in a Hotel by sinister forces, it soon becomes clear that the evil outside isn’t as bad as the one within.

Original Teleplay of the Fourth Episode of an co-authored Series

A family is broken by deceit and lies, having to find their way in the politics that come with being both royal and magical.

An original episode between Episode 4 and 5 of Season 2 of Killing Eve
Killing Eve Spec Script

With The Ghost on the loose, Villanelle works in the background to help Eve.

A Feature-Length Original Script
The Last Gay Supper

An atheist brother and sister are sent to church camp when their parents grow worried for their mental states. The gay, suicidal sister must reconcile with her sarcastic, careless brother as they try and win the church camp music competition.

Creative Writing

An Original short Novella of 10k words
Memorial of Souls

When a young girl makes a bet with Death, she must travel through time in an attempt to save her father. Death has his own plans and it’s a battle to see who is more desperate for her father’s soul. In the process, tearful goodbyes are rediscovered, and secrets uncovered.


Park Acoustics Typography and Design

A brief look at a Park Acoustics brochure design, with original 3D type and designs.